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Life after Death

Life after Death What happens to us when we die? A question which has haunted the majority of... 08 Feb, 2018


Angel Angels have been part of our history since time began. They are often associated with... 04 Jan, 2018


Haunted West Sussex

Haunted West Sussex West Sussex is a place of outstanding Natural beauty, and beautiful old buildings. However upon... 19 Dec, 2017

The Dragon of Horsham

The Dragon of Horsham I should howl outright to tell of the rest, How this poor a maid was... 12 Dec, 2017

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Greek Mythology

The Centaur, a creature which traditnally has the torso of a man and lower half... 05 Dec, 2017


Autumn is a time of reflection but also a time of new beginnings. Personally I... 27 Oct, 2017

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Black Dog

The Black dog Ghost, which is mainly associated with British Folklore (Even though some people... 14 Oct, 2017


What do you think when you hear the word Mermaid? A mythical creature who is... 18 Aug, 2017