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New Year

29 Dec, 2016 What has happened to you this year? Would you say that the experiences and situations that you have been through have made you a stronger...

The Tunnel

09 Aug, 2015 It was back in 1995 when I was living and working in London, I can remember it so clearly as if it were yesterday. I had...

Déjà vu

14 Jun, 2015 How many times have we all uttered the following words in our life, “Why do I feel like I’ve been here before” or “Why...

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A dream is defined as: “a succession of images, thoughts or emotions passing through the... 20 Oct, 2014

A Presence In The Kitchen

There was the time when I experienced something strange in my kitchen, (this time it... 03 Oct, 2014

Mind Games

Many years have passed since I’ve been in touch with Isaiah*, or ‘Izzy’ for... 08 Sep, 2014

The Lottery House

A true tale from the personal files of Lynne M. Nickerson Where do we go... 08 Sep, 2014