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Understanding a Parasitic Entity

In order to understand a negative haunt and how to deal with it, it helps to understand how it is, more so than to know what it is. There are several components involved in the mechanics of what allows an aggressive attachment. Many believe these entities are haunting the home in which they occupy at the moment, however, in all actuality, they almost always are haunting an individual or several people. In this article I will breakdown the mechanics of what initiates and allows a connection with a Parasitic Entity. I will also explain how to break the connection to disallow the nasty haunt as well as explain why popular techniques work sometimes and fail sometimes.

I have dealt with hundreds upon hundreds of Parasitic Entities over the years and have locked down my diagnosis and treatment of these cases with a one hundred percent success rate. I will tell a story to paint a scenario and then we will go into further detail about the inner workings of a parasitic attachment.

About the year 1998 I was contacted by a gentleman that resided in Woonsocket, Rhode Island in the United States of America. He reported objects being thrown in his home as well as directly at him. He would also awake in the early morning hours with a “disfigured” female hovering, face to face, inches from him. He would have things go missing just seconds after putting them down. He had a figure that would rise up through his floor frequently in the corner of his bedroom. He also told of being attacked in his living room on many occasions. Every time he attempted to call me so we could discuss his situation on the telephone we would be interrupted by crackling, voices we couldn’t understand and eventually we would get disconnected. He had sought the help of a Roman Catholic Priest with his problem. The Priest made his initial attempt, but was soon called back to return as the problem persisted and intensified. On the Father’s second visit, he approached the door where he was met out on the porch by the afflicted. The Priest apologized and stated he could not enter back into his residence. This is when he eventually reached out to my now, good friend, Paul Eno, who lived in the very same town and is a longtime Paranormal Researcher. The afflicted man also heard about me in an online chatroom on the topic of hauntings. After passing emails back and forth Paul and I decided to join forces in helping this gentleman. During my initial in-person interview with the subject I asked him, “How long have you lived in this house?” He responded that he had lived in the home for 6 years and his girlfriend had lived there for the past 11 years. I then asked him, “How long have you been dealing with this haunt?” He said, “Only for the last 2 years.” I asked him, “What happened 2 years ago that changed this environment? Something must have happened that altered your emotion and was potentially life altering.” He looked at me a little surprised and stated that it all started several weeks after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. With this diagnosis the doctors put him on medications that impaired him to the point he could no longer work. He was now stuck at home dwelling on the fact that he would probably succumb to his illness, not to mention the bad memories of his time in the Vietnam War and the friends that were killed in front of him. This pot of negative emotion became the desired ingredients for a Parasitic Entity to feed. These cowardly beings love when we are down and vulnerable. When we are depressed and afraid we are most susceptible. I will elaborate into the mechanics further proceeding this story. We had to change his internal dialogue, his thinking and the emotions he was broadcasting. We encouraged him to get out of the house and do things that made him feel good about himself. Volunteer at a homeless shelter, soup kitchen or do things that were positive. This was to simplify the actual prescription we were giving him. He acted on our advice immediately and joined a fight to save a very old stone church from being torn down. He made it in the paper as well as news television. He now had drive, purpose, but most importantly his negative thoughts were distracted and purged with more positive emotion. With this new direction his nasty Parasitic haunt, that once ruled his life and daily routines, vanished just as fast as it materialized. Not only did his Entity leave, his cancer also went into remission. Most surprisingly, there was no sign whatsoever that he ever had cancer. It vanished from the x-rays just like the Parasitic Entity. In the spring of 2015 I did a radio show in the very same town and learned that the subject was still alive. He now lives in a nursing home but remains cancer and problem free.

Now let us go deeper into the mechanics of an attachment. Everything, I mean everything, has an equation and is comprised of certain elements or necessary components. Yes, that means even a haunt. Everything can be explained through science, even spiritual interaction. Preconceived theory has programmed most to believe that if there is a nasty haunt they have to use the paranormal to fight the paranormal. This is applied because of lack of understanding of the root cause of the haunt itself. Fighting a nasty parasitic attachment with different forms of religion is only a tool that will work if the afflicted has faith in the process and it helps them to inadvertently break the connection by changing their emotion and internal dialogue. So many times it does not work even though the person is religious and follows a certain faith. Why? If the religion was going to work to get rid of the nasty entity, why when religion was in place prior to the haunt, did it not disallow the haunt to begin with? There is more at play than angels and demons and these classifications only get applied when parties attempting to provide relief do not have a thorough understanding of the true mechanics that initiated and allowed these connections between the entity and the afflicted. I am currently working on a book so I don’t want to give away too much within this article, but I want this article to serve as a teaser. The following will be a brief description of what evokes these entities and allows them to become more active, aggressive and nasty.

These mechanics are fueled by a drastic change in emotion and impairment on our mood. This does not mean if we have a bad day we are going to be attacked by vulture like beings. We all have bad days. Certain natural elements, occurrences or processes being nearby can drastically strengthen these connections and the possibility of interaction. The most common and strongest is rivers or streams near these environments in question. Not just rivers or streams though. There are certain characteristics and/or behaviors of these rivers that I will save for my book. When our emotions are changed our frequency output in turn is changed and lowered substantially. This lowered frequency we are emitting seems to connect with these entities almost like a pair of 2-way radios operating within the same bandwidth. The connection is now established. They will do things to ensure that you will give them attention and will continue to do so. This is why the Ouija board works. You are focusing your thoughts on the possibility of an interaction. If they know you are willing to play, they will make sure it is a game you will regret. Otherwise, negative emotion usually kicks it off. The emotion that typically follows is fear. They become more aggressive and nasty to increase your fear, keeping your frequency rate low but now more turbulent. When all these ingredients start to congeal, the victim now starts to obsess on their situation. “What’s it going to do next? What’s it going to do?” It forces you to change your daily routines and encourages you to let them rule your domain. The fact of the matter is, you are more in control of this things ability to stick around than you think. Afterall, it was the afflicted that opened the door and established the connection, without knowing it, to begin with.

Not every case is the same in what caused their personal haunt, but my treatment for fixing a Parasitic haunt is to reverse engineer their personal haunt and break the connection, and it has worked everytime.

The aforementioned processes have worked for me for over twenty five years, without fail. Please keep in mind I am omitting some very crucial parts as to not give away all my secrets.

Shane Sirois

Shane Sirois

Shane Sirois has been helping families and individuals with Haunts and disruption most of his life. He uses his intelligent scientific side, his advanced understanding and his gifts to diagnose and treat any disturbance in any home. Shane’s abilities are not just limited to healing homes…...he heals people and lives as well.