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Déjà vu

How many times have we all uttered the following words in our life, “Why do I feel like I’ve been here before” or “Why do I feel like I’ve met you before”??

Sound familiar? Feels like Déjà vu doesn’t it?

For many years there have been different theories as to why we have all had the words ‘Déjà vu’ come out of our mouths. Some have theorized that maybe we are experiencing a past life of sorts but what if the person or place we feel we have been to or met before is relatively new, then what?

Are we to speculate that it’s simply our imagination playing tricks on us? Or do we dare be a little more adventures and really look into other compelling possibilities?

I have never been one to lend too much into past lives, being that I never bought into the past life theories; this forced me to look at Déjà vu from a different angle.

What if Déjà vu is the result of all of us having a premonition dream that has been stored away by our subconscious mind, forgotten by our conscious mind until we experience a trigger situation in where our subconscious mind is forced to unlock it’s vault and release that premonition dream in bits and pieces making us feel as if we have been to a place we’ve never been to before or spoken to a person we’ve never spoken to before that moment and time. Could this be what Déjà vu truly is?

I think it is and if you think about it, it makes sense. Studies have shown that a person dreams six to ten times a night during REM state (Rapid Eye Movement) as a matter of fact, the chances of someone remembering all they dreamed in one night are very improbable.

Another theory; There are some that believe that Déjà vu is a glimpse into a multi universe, a replica of the reality we live in but not quite the same. It is the opinion of some that there are many multi dimensions of our reality with multi versions of us in each one of those realities. Could the experience of Déjà vu be our other self, viewing through our eyes or vice versa? This also would explain the similarities of the experiences, people and places as we take that peek behind the Déjà vu curtain. The possibilities are endless considering that these other dimensions could also have other creatures or technology that we could only dream of in our wildest dreams. Fabled creatures like unicorns, fairies, angels or demons or the ever elusive Bigfoot or aliens from outer space. What if the glimpses we have had of these beings could have been just that? Think of it, they are glimpses “One minute there, the next minute gone”. But I digress from the subject at hand, this symptom from what we call Déjà vu and the Multi Universe can be discussed at another time and article.

In the end, we have many possibilities with many paths to choose from when it comes to reaching our own conclusions on this phenomenon we call Déjà vu, if you wait long enough….who knows? You may just feel as if you’ve read this article before.

Rich Valdes

Rich Valdes

Rich Valdes has been a paranormal investigator for well over twenty years. He’s been mentioned in the books “Ghost Hunters of the South and State by State” He’s Lead investigator for his own team out of South Florida the Paranormal Consulting Agency, Administrator for Bishop James Long’s team the Paranormal Clergy, Investigator and Florida rep for John Zaffis’s team PRSNE and Host of his own radio show “Greetings from Beyond Radio”