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Divine Rules

What is the divine not allowed to do in order to condition you to have a Kundalini awakening? What if you feel you have given enough, sacrificed enough, surrendered enough, trusted enough, practiced enough, and still there remains levels of refinement that you are being forced to recognize and correct.

Is God required to recognize and honor your comfort levels? Is there a rule in a divine book somewhere of appropriate interaction with five sense humanity? What do you think happens when you throw down the gauntlet to God? What do you think happens when you draw the line in the sand that says no more refinement for my awakening. “I have had enough! I don’t want any more pain, correction, education or amelioration of my past faults, trauma, issues and erroneous ideologies. Give me my awakening now! I don’t care if I have more refinements to do! I’m not going to do them! I have done enough.

“I have cried and tried and pulled myself into a position where I know I can have this without a problem. I know myself better than God knows me. I will have it my way because I know what’s best for me.”

What happens when we approach the divine in such a way? NOTHING. Yet if something did happen in response to such hubris it may look just like a fragmentation of the individuals emotional and mental psychology. No need to go to fear here. Fragmentations can be survived but more importantly they can give us the best education and refinement opportunities that we ourselves would never ever in our lifetime consider appropriate for us.

Is there anything that the divine is not allowed to do in order to awaken itself within us? Is there a trauma or lack of truth or timed response that is not allowed? If we are all individuals and we are all different in our individuality are there areas were we must treat everybody just the same within the Kundalini context? Does that rule also apply to God? To Goddess?

Is it not a human being that is responsible for being strong enough and able enough to do the difficult work that the Divine has set in front of them? Where in our extreme egotistic self validation would we get the idea that divinity has to mold itself to our special rendition of political correctness or appropriate behaviors? How is it that we can feel so strong in our opinion about what must happen and what must not happen to us and for us as we strive for the divine awakening within us

We know so little to have such high opinion of ourselves and our expectation of gentle kind and courteous conditioning and what we think in our limited awareness is appropriate for us to endure, suffer through, work through, forgive, tolerate, and bring balance to within our own individual awakening equation.

We must do what we dare not. We must feel and be shaken emotionally to our foundation. That foundation is being changed and improved and strengthened to hold a being that is of earth and of heaven at the same time. This is no small task. And the only laws that govern this transformation are the laws of God as understood by the divine “that God is” not as it is understood by humanity.

Chrism is another person like you, a consciousness clothed in flesh, who uses a set of protocols entitled the Safeties he guides students in a loving and safe manner through the Kundalini process. He offers seminars in the Twin Cities and around the world. FB: Kundalini Seminars and Events with Chrism



Chrism came into life with a fully awakened Kundalini energy and speaks from his authentic experience. Through his many years of interaction with the awakened Kundalini he was guided to live a life of helping and teaching others that they may have a safe, supported and full expression of their own Kundalini energy and