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Living with a Poltergeist - An Interview With Keith Linder

As a long time paranormal researcher and investigator I have never come across a truly aggressive spirit.That’s not to say such phenomena doesn’t work exist.Over the last decade I have heard numerous stories from very credible investigators, who claimed they were hit, bit and scratched by some unseen entity.In some rare instances these attacks were life threatening. We can debate and speculate how something that lacks the necessary hardware is capable of physically harming the living. It may see unimaginable but it does appear to happen and can be truly terrifying. And nothing is more terrifying than the Poltergeist.

Stories of poltergeists are as old as recorded history, the first being recorded in a Bavarian farmhouse sometime in the 4th century AD. Those who claim to have experienced this anomalous activity all report the same thing, dishes and furniture where being moved and even thrown about the house by unseen hands.Puddles of water forming in strange places, and in some rare cases physical attacks and firestarting.

Although many believe that this bizarre activity is best left to a time when superstition ruled the lives of Common man, it would appear that this anomalous activity happens even in our technologically advanced society. And one man, Keith of Bothell, Washington knows all too well that this kind of activity persists to this day. Keith has come to know the very definition of fear.

Keith, here are the questions for your interview. If you could give as much detail as possible it would be most helpful. Also I have numbered them and if you could answer then correspondingly that would be helpful as well. Thank you.

1. When did you first realize that something beyond comprehension was going on in the home?

Beyond comprehension? I would say reality began to set in the night my girlfriend and I were watching a movie on Netflix. My girlfriend has a 4 foot artificial plant sitting next to the TV and entertainment center. Its dead center in front us.

One night while watching TV, it rose up about 6 inches, etc. and did a 360 degree turn and fell over. Just out of the blue. Prior to that there had been sounds, subtle BANGS, and waking up finding cabinet doors open. The night we saw the plant levitate and spin around was the moment of truth for both us. There was no more denying the fact our house was haunted. Something was here.

2. You live in the home with your girlfriend who was the first to have an experience?

You know that’s kind of an interesting question. Early on we began experiencing things pretty much at the same time. I mean we heard the kid cough on the day the land lord gave us the keys to the house. House was 100% empty. We sat down and were sort of getting a feel of the house - when out of the blue a kid cough came from upstairs. We heard it at the same time and asked each other at the same time “was that a kid coughs?” Weeks and months after that I’d wake up and go down stairs and every door down stairs would be wide open, even the cabinet doors. I’d call her down to verify if she did this and some morning she would do the same for me.

Three months living in the house things happened that your mind would rule out as coincidence. Small thuds, taps, and items neither of us owned began popping up. Then the loud bangs which I later learned are called Rapping. I didn’t know this at first but the sounds were loud. The house would shake. Or feel like its shaking. Felt like something was hitting the base boards or foundation frame of the house.

3. Have you ever experienced anything like this before moving in? Any previous psychic experiences or Ghost sightings?

Neither one of us ever experienced this before. I was always 50/50 about ghosts, and etc. I was raised in the church so demons I knew about. Ghosts were something we’d watch on TV to scare ourselves. In every house or apartment I’ve lived in nothing close to this has ever happened.

4. Did you contact any previous residents to find out if they had experienced anything?

After the plant rose and after objects began appearing and some items went missing. I immediately began looking for the previous tenants of the home. I remember emailing the land lord requesting the names of the previous tenants. I had some letters that arrived that wasn’t ours and I felt this would be a good alibi in discovering the location of the previous tenants. He said he was not allowed to give me their contact info but instead send him the letters, bills, etc. and he’ll give it to them. His explanation seemed reasonable and I didn’t want to push it. After all we were new tenants and we liked the house a lot. I did a google search the names and did come up with addresses but the address was the house we now lived in.

Spring 2014 I struck gold. I found one of the previous tenants on Facebook. When I emailed her and told her who I was and more importantly where I was living and that we were experiencing weird things in the home. She panicked and was very hesitate to go into detail about their experiences.

I’m paraphrasing but basically she told me needed a few weeks to get her thoughts together and had to clear it with her husband. After that it took nearly 3 months before she would reply. And what she told me spoke volumes. She describes the house as a “living hell.” Her words not mine. They had issues with cabinet doors, patio doors, and electrical issues. Her son saw dark shadows out the corner of his eye. He became very ill while living in the house. He had developed meningitis and was near death and had brain surgery and etc.

while living in the house. Everything she’s telling me I can relate because it’s happening to us now. She’s been locked out of the house when going outside to get something. So have we. So have friends who’ve come to visit us. So her account matched mine and her son’s room while living in the house is now my office the most haunted room in the house. The office is two fires erupted. And wall markings. They now live in East Washington and her son still bouts with his condition and still see’s dark shadows on occasion.

It should be noted that doctors and specialists do not know the root cause of his meningitis. I too have seen the dark shadows or minions as I call them. 2 feet in height. From August to February of this year they lurked everywhere.

5. Can you discuss in detail the level of activity in your home? I know the activity has been terrifying to say the least.

Whew – Taking a deep breath literally. This is the section of interview were the skeptic and the thrill seeker both say “show me.” My accounts the activity we’ve seen. I’ve seen is 100% true. My account will never waver. You can drag me on hot coals for 10,000 miles my story. Our story will forever be the same.

Those who research this stuff and others who have lived through something similar will tell you the activity begins rather slowly. It’s almost like the entity is testing you out. I can say we were observed from day one. Items went missing on day one.

It’s weird how the brain shrugs off stuff it can’t explain till you get to the point where logic and reason no longer apply. We’ve seen pottery go flying across a room. Friends have been over and have seen the same thing. We had a house warming party were a plant in a clay pot flew from one side of the room to the other. 5 of us saw it. It happened right in front of us.

The summer of 2012 for about 3 months or so. Every night after 8pm, the bangs would start. Company or no company the bangs would start. After that lights would go off and on. Sometimes lights going off and on would be the precursor to something else about to happen. Sometimes you’d leave a room and come back and the light be off.

At night we’d be sleeping and something would come by and slam the bedroom door shut. This happened every night till we finally had to put a pillow in between the door and the doorway. My girlfriends have had the bathroom shut on her while taking a bath numerous times. There’d be a bang and she’d scream. I dart upstairs and find the door closed. Something shut the bedroom door while she’s either in the bathroom, bath tub or in the bed watching TV. I’ve had it happen to me in my office. Bar stools have been knocked over or thrown.

The first night I sagged was the night my girlfriend was out of town. I came home and immediately started sagging. I didn’t know what I was doing but I wanted to be proactive and have some since of empowerment. I started sagging in the master bedroom and when I got the hallway landing area the part of the second floor where I can see down stairs I literally saw the front door open by itself and slam shut. And by shut I mean a loud thunderous shut. Something ran out of the house.

That same night I placed a Bible on the lamp table in the den and opened the book to Psalms 91. I went to bed. When I woke up the next day the I noticed the Bible was gone. This was summer/fall 2012. The next time I would see that Bible would spring 2014 in the doorway of our bedroom and it would be on fire.

We’ve seen candles thrown. Beer bottles have been thrown. Beer bottles have traveled through several walls only to land on the other end of the house. Cologne bottles thrown, A butcher knife was thrown twice in the hallway and landed right outside my office. Vases have been thrown. An Amour in one of the bedrooms has been thrown so many times I’ve lost count. It took 3 men to carry it upstairs when we moved in. I’ve seen it thrown like a rag down from one side of the room to the other.

The infamous poster fire, I called the fire dept. that morning and even they could not determine what caused the fire. A note to the scenic, Posters don’t catch fire ladies and gentlemen and neither does a Bible. Let alone 3 Bibles. Every Bible that’s caught fire in this house has gone missing and returned scorched. The first Bible was missing for over a year and came back to us on fire. It wasn’t the fire that woke us up. The door was closed. The fire alarm woke us up and when we opened the door there was the Bible. That’s nuts.

TV’s have come on by themselves or channels turn by themselves and the remote is in clear view neither my girlfriend nor I are even near it. One night the TV kept coming on upstairs so much I finally unplugged it. Minutes later after we left it came on again. This time it was on but the cord was not plugged in the wall.

I’ve seen objects go through walls. Objects fly across a room and the sound of the crash arrive minutes later. We’ve heard loud crashes and the broken object is nowhere to be found. Sometimes it appears within minutes. Sometimes it appears within hours or days. The crash is loud but the object is nowhere to be found. When it does appear you know it’s the crash you heard minutes prior.

Before this stuff began happening teleport and apport were words I heard on Star Trek. They were not in my everyday vocabulary. They are now. The cross we had on our bedroom wall went missing one day. It was a gift from my cousin. She gave it to us for protection. Well one day it went missing. Had to have been gone for about a week, It re-appeared in the washing machine. Now there are three things weird about that scenario.

1- A cross gone missing.

2- A cross re-appearing in the washing machine and the kicker of all – the cross re-appearing in the wash machine while

3- The cycle was running. The more I tell you the more I feel I’m leaving stuff out. Each account we’ve lived deserves its own hour of discussion. But to tie it all together I will say once again things happen very slowly. Then they pick up. I can honestly say once it became official the events we were experiencing were paranormal. Once that mental, and verbal acknowledgement takes place. The entity raises the level of activity.

Things happen more frequently and frustration sets in and once frustration sets in be it from being sleep deprived or from trying to gather evidence so someone can come over and help, us the gloves really come off then. Its doing things to us. And we react and then it raises the bar and does something far worse. The way these things hook you and make you be a willing participant to your own torment is frightening.

6. Not only have you experienced classic poltergeist activity in the home but you have seen an apparition as well. Can you tell our readers about the gray lady?

Ah the gray lady. Well she’s gray alright. This was summer of 2012. I was in my office aka man cave. For about a week or so I kept having these my lights go off and on. I’d leave the room and come back the lights would be off. I’d shrug it off. This particular night I was sitting in my chair at my computer desk, When suddenly the light just goes off on its own. Or so I thought. I had heard the “click” sound. We all know that familiar sound the light switch makes when we turn it off or on. Soon as I heard it I turned towards the doorway and there standing in the door side not looking at me but standing sideways next to switch was this gray long haired lady.

But what will forever haunt me about that whole ordeal was her reaction. I don’t know if she used too much energy, and accidently manifested because she looked worried and startled and was trying to dart aka go through the door of the wash room which is the room left of my office. But for some weird reason she couldn’t. It’s like the door not being an actual wall was preventing her from going through. This is all happening in nano-seconds but it’s happening before my eyes. She then darts around the corner and I still being shock, amazement, or puzzlement rise up from my chair and give chase. I could’ve not been more than 1 second behind her. When I turned the corner she was gone. I then ran into the bedroom and while I’m doing this my brain is trying to process the data.

One part of me is saying that had to have been Tina and she’s playing tricks on me. But the other part of me is saying no Keith that was a gray, petite size, shoulder length hair, woman. So I get the bedroom and I see my girlfriend neck deep in buddle bath. She’s taking a bath. And she’s not gray. Tina looks at me and the cliché holds true. The look on my face was the look of someone who’s just seen a ghost.

The thing I remember about that whole experience is her face. The gray ladies face. She had a look of mischief. But she also had a look of being tired, confused, and scared. I truly believe when she turned off my light switch. I heard the switch go off and it made a sound. That sound reached my ears. I truly believe she was either not aware I was going to see her or that she would manifest and in doing so thwarted her own attempt in disappearing immediately.

Why does a Ghost have to run? They can just disappear right? It’s obvious she didn’t need to turn the light switch off manually. We’ve had lights go off on and on and the switch is un-moved. But in this instance she felt a need to turn the light off manually and in doing so revealed herself to me. I’ve caught her on video and posted it on YouTube. I’ve seen her about 3 times as the gray lady. The last time I saw her literally would be in the same hallway. This time she was all white. This was the same night the infamous controversial candles got thrown. Fall of 2014.

7. Have you done anything to kick out whatever is haunting you and has it worked.

You know when you go through something like this the resources you have available are friends, family and the internet. The solutions being suggested are vast. And we must have tried all of them. And the things we’re told when trying to get rid of things is “there is no silver bullet.” What we found out later was some of the things we tried made the situation worse.

The first Bible was taken on the first night I sagged the house. The day the poster caught fire was proceeded by a night of intense sagging. We’ve had the house blessed in 2012 several times, Blessed a few times 2013. And blessed so many times in 2014, I lost count.

After the poster caught fire in 2014 Tina and I drove to the local Parish and sat in the lobby until the Priest agreed to see us. Does this look like someone who’s faking it? Over a year of being ignored, The poster catching fire was the last straw and after firmness the local Priest got involved. He held communion at the house. And he blessed the house 3 or 4 times himself. Other churches have come over. The day the two ladies from a nearby church came by to bless the house was the first time ever the entity proactively tried to prevent someone from entering the house.

Ghost Adventures does a decent job with that re-enactment. Has any of it worked? That’s almost impossible to answer because at different stages of us living in this house. Multiple entities have resided there. When one entity occupies a home for this long you can best believe others know about it and will show up.

The gray lady I’ve seen is not the only thing living in this house. The shadow beings I call minions. I’ve seen them and drew pictures of them to. At one time while living there something rather huge and dense lived there. I say huge because certain times of the day or night you hear these stomping footsteps. You feel this huge invasion of your personal space. Something with huge amount of mass is standing at your bedside hovering over you or pacing back in forth in the upstairs hallway. I can’t prove it but I believe this huge thing whatever it was; was sort of the ring leader or bully at certain moments. It just felt that way. But to answer your question I think most of what we tried made the situation worse. I’ve recently learned that Poltergeist hate being told what to do and more importantly hate being told to leave. They tend to raise it up a notch when threatened. That being said we had to try. After all we came to live in a house and go about our everyday lives. Objects have been thrown in our house at the early stage of when we were doing absolutely nothing. Poltergeist don’t need a reason to haunt you they just do but they are extremely appreciative when you aide in them doing so.

8. You contacted the local news media concerning your story.

You know everyone has his or her own agenda and the news media are no different. I don’t fault the news media. I had emailed several media outlets and I don’t feel an ounce of shame for doing so. I did it because no one would help us. Months and months of no help what else can you do? Things were happening in the house on a daily basis to where it was time to go public. Everything has risks and this would be no exception.

The media contacted me near Halloween and we all know why they did that. I had contacted them many months prior. They sat on it and come end of October reached or showed interests. But I’m pretty sure when they got the green light to come to our house all they were thinking was this is just a Halloween piece let’s get in and let’s get out. We’re not going to dig too deep into this. And that’s understandable.

What they didn’t expect and its captured quite well during the interview was the loud bang. My girlfriend and I experience this every day. The reporter’s reaction is priceless. I even invited them upstairs and they said “NO” rather abruptly. Priest, news reporter, paranormal investigator or family member you’re going to get the same information from me. Whether you take it seriously and or not is on you. I have nothing bad to say about KOMO news. The news reporter sent referrals to me from people who saw the story. So in all honestly she lived up to her bargain. She said she would try to get us help and help did come. You only have to see what she tweeted on Twitter minutes after leaving my house to know she felt very uneasy after the loud bang. The next day Dave Schrader called.

How was it received and were you treated fairly?

Like all things about ghosts, UFO’s or Big Foot. The skeptics thought it was BS. Those who have an open mind and are curious remained curious and those who believe in this stuff already were like WOW! I have no ill feelings about the media. They treated me well and I had already done my risk assessment on them. I wanted the word out so help would come.

9. You also contacted paranormal investigator and radio host, Dave Schrader about your haunting. Was he able to help in any way?

Well actually Elisa Jaffe of KOMO news contacted Dave Schrader. I truly believe her having her own story to tell about the noise she heard and the overall feeling of the house and me helped get Dave’s attention. It seems KOMO or she in general had a pre-existing channel open to him already. It was almost like she was his scout. But you asked the question about was Dave able to help? (Let me count to 10 first, is my Zen when I need it). Dave was not able to help and I’m shocked about that.

Actually I’m disappointed. You know when all of this stuff started happening. my IQ about ghost, demons and Poltergeist was a negative zero. I’m not the same person I was when all of this started happening. I can hold my own with the best of them now and by best I mean the Dave Schrader’s of the world.

What shocked me or what disappointed me about Dave I will share this and I want to be as blunt as possible. Dave has a radio show and he’s the DJ of that show and by being the DJ of a radio that deals with this subject matter he comes into contact with people daily who’ve lived this. Who’ve studied this and who’ve investigated stuff like this. Dave after seeing all the videos and audio files I’ve sent him should have been able to say without a shadow of a doubt what this couple has is a very intelligent, extremely powerful, somewhat elusive Poltergeist. And if it’s indeed a Poltergeist and its doing all this stuff and until proven otherwise I’m going to say it is a Poltergeist guess what Zak conventional ghost adventure methods are not going to work here.

Dave never said that. I have a hard time believing Dave doesn’t know that. He had been in this field to long. I research everyone who comes into my house. I research who they’ve come in contact with and the people Dave’s come in contact with I have to think for all practical purposes should have educated Zak or anyone involved with this case for that matter on the mischievous actions of a Poltergeists.

No two hauntings are the same but when you take into account Poltergeists they all have core similarities. I did not know the similarities back then because I’m the house occupant. My day job is IT project manager. Dave’s and those like him who do this daily I have to think can detect almost instantly the validity of such claims. “Stuff happening off camera” my ass.

The documents and research papers out there on the web says the one thing all Poltergeists excel in is evading detection. They love to throw objects but rarely are you privy to the object lifting up and being thrown. I’ve seen objects get thrown and I when I put the object back in its place it begins to sort of vibrate the minute my back is turned as if it wants to launch again. What am preventing it from re-launching is me looking at it. When people like Dave say why any of this being caught on camera isn’t they forget two things. It’s not because we haven’t tried. I have countless cameras missing. I have had cameras destroyed and I have the power to the house or the room the camera is in cut off. Something with that extreme level of intelligence and will is not going to allow itself to be caught on camera.

If Poltergeists are what I think they are and if the 800 documented cases are true – even if just 20% of all documented cases are true then what we shared with Dave and GA has a 100% level of consistency with other previous Poltergeist cases. Either way Dave should’ve known better. Instead of being the skeptic he should have been our ally. This reasoning he gave of people sometime try to fool the investigator is BS. That’s a cop out. And instead of helping he made matters worse. By making we look like we don’t know what we’re talking about thus creating angst within the home just aides the Poltergeist even more.

You’re either a believer in this stuff or you aren’t. You can’t have it both ways. I’d rather be a believer who at times gets taken in and fooled on occasion verse’s be a believer who puts on the skeptic hat in doing so injures some really descent people. Ironically those who know about Poltergeists and have studied them for years are now onboard and openly admit or will openly admit soon the events in this house are indeed real and more important are so rare.

Poltergeist related cases that extend 4 years are extremely rare it’s also safe to say there unheard of. If you include the previous tenants testimony and Ghost Adventures have that testimony it’s on Photobucket. If you take the accounts of the previous tenants then you have over 8 years of Poltergeist related activity. That’s unheard of in the 21st century. None of this makes me the big kid on campus but facts are facts. Instead of trying to judge the source why don’t you try to analyze the material and statements of friends, tenants, and etc. who’ve seen and been to the house? Dave was no help at all.

10. Your story was featured on the wildly popular, yet controversial TV show Ghost Adventures.

Dave and Ghost Adventures are a package deal, I think the title given is Dave is GA researcher, go figure. So when Dave contacted me it was to be on Ghost Adventures. Remember Dave got his report or debriefing from Elissa Jaffe at KOMO news. The reporter who heard with her own ears, the loud Banging and when offered refused to go upstairs. What reporter you know refuses to do anything for story. Well she did and with good reason.

The very next day after Elissa interviewed me Dave called me and our conversation must have lasted about 15 minutes. Our conversation when he came to our home must have lasted about 3 minutes. How does that work? You come to the home of the occupants that are being tormented and you spend only 3 minutes with them. If I’m an investigator and I have my own radio show and I’m in your house and we got some down time while the production team gets there gear together. I’m pulling you off to the side asking you all kind of questions. I’m slipping you my business card so you can contact me when all of this is over.

If I’m enthusiasts and if this my calling them you the house occupant just became my new best friend. You’re now target zero on everything. All R&D equipment gets vetted and filtered through your house. As an occupant living a house that’s severely haunted by a Poltergeist my role is not get involved in the paranormal communities politics, its cliques and its silos and trust me it has tons of them. We just want help and we just want the problem solved. If it can’t be solved just tell us. But don’t BS us. Don’t make the situation worse.

How was your experience with Zak Bagans and his crew?

I found my experience with the GA B team to be cordial, fun and up-lifting. Those guys know there stuff. I’m speaking about the producer and the production team. There not here to approve or disprove anything. In their world this is just a TV show and they got a schedule to meet. I will say the producer of the episode was really impressed and relieved that I had everything so well documented. When it comes time to do reenactments the ability to recount stories is important. The ability to remember what, how, where and when. Each time he asked me something or needed more info I just handed him a flash drive.

It was so seamless the process of providing the GA production crew with dates, times and evidence and for the record Ghost Adventures was handed a 500 GIGS of data. Videos, audios, pictures, sounds, images, etc. all on a portable hard drive. On it was pictures and videos of the gray ghost lady and other weird stuff. None of that made it on the show.

There were so many true stories we provided then that they had a hard time determining which stories to do a re-enactments for. I mean I’m sure they wanted to do the cross re-locating to the washing machine but that would just eat up their budget due to the special effects. They ran out of time when trying to re-enact all the lights exploding in the hallway one night when Tina was home by herself. They wanted that re-enactment so bad. They just ran out of time. Over-all they were very professional.

When you say how was my experience with Zak I will I will ask what experience? Zak told me in my bedroom and this part got edited was believed me. He knew about the teleport and apport capabilities of entities. He said “he could tell I was telling the truth, by the fact that he’s done enough of these to know when someone has to search for answers.” Zak knew I wasn’t lying but he has a TV show to do and this TV show is viewed in many prisms one being the paranormal community. But Zak suffered from some of the same pit falls Dave suffered from.

How does a believer believe and still remain objective? My biggest pet peeve with Paranormal Investigators and I include Ghost Adventures on this as well. Everyone has an ego to protect. Most of them think that way. Not all. But most investigators I’ve met seemed to think they knew there shake brings all the girls to the yard. They think just by walking into the house, walking into the property that the ghosts, demons or Poltergeists are going to shake in their boots and bow down and just come out and reveal themselves. And if that doesn’t happen that must mean there are no ghosts here.

I can’t tell you how many times my girlfriend and I have allowed teams into our home with that very mindset. They don’t want to listen to anything we have to say. All they want to do is try out their new gadgets and go poking around. It’s not we become an afterthought. There are two things about the Demons in Seattle episode that made it horrible to watch from any perspective and there is one thing that made it great to watch from a scientific perspective.

It was horrible to watch 3 to 4 investigators sit around a table ask each other questions they already knew the answers to or should know the answers to way before they even got to the house. I think Aaron asked the question “why would a demon just burn the edges of the cross instead of the center.” I hope that question is rhetorical because it’s a stupid question. Be it a demon or Poltergeist and for the record let’s agree to it being Poltergeists.

Its motive is not to burn the house down. A cross on a wall burned significantly poses risk to the house and exposure to the Poltergeist. Poltergeists are kings and queens of doing crazy stuff but they seem to know instinctively how to not go over-board. Their goal is to torment the house occupants, not get them evicted. Why are you spending minutes sitting around a table in your hotel asking asinine questions? I just shared with you how a cross that was hanging on a wall re-materialized in a washing machine while the washing machine was on rinse cycle and that’s the only question you got? Then Zak’s ask the question to Jennifer from No Bull Paranormal, someone in his own field a fellow colleague, if she thought the markings on the wall could’ve been spray painted? Once again why are you wasting time asking asinine questions?

If you thought the markings on the office were done with spray paint then where is your spray paint expert? Each skeptical question you’re asking sitting around a table should have individuals on standby ready to descend on the house and investigate your very question. Take the Bible with you? Investigate the Bible for accelerants. Investigate the wall markings and see if that’s paint. To this day we still don’t even know if the black marks are even paint. But instead you walk in with the all too familiar equipment and if the equipment can’t detect anything then nothings here. But deep down you know Poltergeists are notorious for being elusive. But ego prevents you from just saying that. Why not say to your audience this is going to require bigger guns or more time to investigate. If this is truly your calling why couldn’t you say that?

Like I said I’m not into the politics within the paranormal community I think such politics is at the detriment of the house occupants. People like me who need help and are going through some real stuff. If you can’t make the situation better then definitely don’t make it worse and if you feel you’re going to make it worse then don’t show up to perform an investigation. It is true that entities make matters worse for the house occupants the minute the Paranormal Investigator leaves. If you aide in that then that’s on you. An opportunity to educate your audience was lost so many times I can’t begin to tell you where. Yes the audience wants the ooh and the ahhh’s and they want Zak to save the day within 30 minutes of the show. But let’s try to raise the bar just a little.

Advance the discussion. Just because the entity doesn’t come out and play with your expensive equipment doesn’t mean it’s not there. Truth is told. The day I knew Dave and Zak were coming over was also the day the entity knew. That’s me keeping it real. So the entity had 2 months advance notice and I’m sure it done its entire home works on every individual stepping foot in that house. I know this because even Dave had a bracelet specific for this investigation as a means of protecting him. The part about this episode that was enjoyable to watch was the science aspect severely being over-looked. The guys had equipment malfunction but no one wanted to call attention to it. Fully charged batteries just dying all of a sudden. Do you know how many times that’s happen to me? To my cell phone? To my girlfriends cell phone. Teams have come in this house and every battery in their equipment dies.

I think they teach that phenomenon on day one. In trying to satisfy their critics within the field I think they made matters worse with other critics because they had the opportunity to advance the dialogue to educate the audience into believing not only does all investigations end with Zak and the ghost riding into the sunset together but they failed to tell the audience there is so much here that’s going on and the fact that we didn’t find much doesn’t necessarily mean nothing ever happened. Sometimes the lack of evidence especially in this sort of format is the most profound evidence of all.

11. Your case is now being handled by a colleague, psychic medium and investigator, Karissa Fleck. How is she handling your case?

Karissa Fleck and two other investigators came on board this summer and she’s been very helpful. Karissa is a trooper. I call her a true authentic investigator who based on getting in this from the ground up see’s things different than most. I don’t know if it’s the Medium portion of her that allows her to have empathy with her clients but let me tell you being empathetic are helpful. You know a lot of discussions, arguments and back in forth communication has to take place before Tina and I let anyone in our home. Your home is your home and it shouldn’t just be open to anybody and it certainly shouldn’t be open to people who are not on your side. And being on our side doesn’t mean you can’t be objective. But it certainly doesn’t mean you suspend common sense. We’ve been going through this for 3 years. Do you know how long 3 years is? Karissa saw our footage and immediately she began asking pertinent questions. None of her questions were accusatory. She didn’t enter the investigation with her arms folded mentally like Dave and others. Some investigators come in with the mindset – Ghost Impress me! And that’s not Karissa. She’s one of the good things that have come from the Ghost Adventures airing.

She and a priest, A priest who did an exorcism on the house this past July. He told me before and after the exorcism if it doesn’t work and these things rarely work the 1st go around, or the 3rd go around but if it doesn’t work we might want to begin entertaining the thought of this being a Poltergeist. That’s honesty I can respect. No Bull Paranormal team the same way. They were the 1st team to investigate the house. They spend 11 hours here. After the 1st Bible burning there founder openly admitted this was beyond their expertise. How many television personalities do you hear saying that? or local investigators for that matter?

Karissa has become a true friend. She’s a warrior and is a credit to the field. She understands theirs a science piece involved and she knows a majority of her colleagues is looking at this whole thing wrong. A near 15% of all Paranormal Investigations are being handled correctly. 85% are being handled incorrectly. Would you fly on airplane that had an 85% crash rate? There’s not an industry alive today that could survive based on those numbers. But the paranormal community is thriving. Business is good, but how cases are being solved. The questions today resemble the questions 50 years ago and that’s sad. Karissa is a credit to the paranormal community and I base that on how she has helped me. Has helped us. Others have helped to and for now will remain nameless.

12. Your story has met with a considerable amount of skeptics. How do you handle the skeptics?

You know it’s hard to witness and live the things we see and not get frustrated when skeptics question you. I’m just going to put it out there. There are skeptics and there are ass holes. Sometimes the lines between both can become blurred. I have a hard time telling the difference.

It was hard at first because even so called believers in paranormal weirdness can be skeptics thus being ass holes. Everyone seems to want to see the smoking gun. I’ve had Priest, self-proclaimed Priests tell me they won’t get involved until I show them an actual object flying. Don’t they know me attempting to film that puts me in greater danger? Put’s the house in greater turmoil? Some investigators are the same way. They see the videos and audio and either want more or disavow only because it comes from me. I’ve learned to ignore them now and disavow them. Skeptics will always be skeptics because until a demon or ghosts bites them on the ass they will never believe. And even then they will still question and assume its hemorrhoids.

13. And lastly, the two questions that everyone seems to have when hearing a story such as yours, how has this affected you psychologically?

Whew that’s an emotional and sensitive question. You know about 8 months the entity took its focus off the house and put solely on me. Instead of the house being haunted my immediate surroundings began to be haunted. Tina would leave for work and even while backing her car out of the drive way objects in the house began to be thrown at me. The poster fire was when I was in the house alone. When I sleep something invisible climbs in the bed with me. There are pokes and prods coming from inside the mattress into my rib cage. The dreams I have now are so movie like and real. I sometimes wake up and thank the heavens I’m back in the real world. Knowing that being back in the real includes the possibilities of an object being thrown at me.

My wallet has been taken twice. One time it was taken from my cast iron safe. It’s still missing. These things love to inconvenience you. I mean my videos are on YouTube for all too seeing. It’s not easy keeping your day job and maintaining a work schedule and etc. when just a few hours prior you woke up to find the words “Die KL” written on your office wall, house lawn and the inside of your car. I’ve had sheets yanked off me while asleep when staying in hotel rooms, my bedroom. Toes have bit numerous times while sleeping, objects thrown at me that miss by inches. And an occasional gremlin like shadow creature jump and leap on the coach and love seat while watching TV. How has it affected me psychologically? Honestly I don’t know.

My job just gave me a raise for a job well done last year. I have good rapport with friends and family. I have an active social life. I’m not withdrawn or some hermit. I have the same amount of core friends. I speak to my mom twice a week. She prays for me. Half the stuff I could never tell her half of it she wouldn’t understand or begin to comprehend. It’s been tough. It’s been tough on Tina. When I was afflicted and tormented she had to watch it happen. The man you love has the words “Die KL” written on the walls of his office. A fire erupted in his office while he was taking a shower and the front door wouldn’t open. This and more took a toll on Tina as it did me. Being tormented is rough and tough. You have no idea what sleep deprivation is until you are the victim of a malevolent entity. I’ve fallen asleep at the red lights. Stop signs and etc, It’s gotten way better now that the activity has subsided, But it’s still heard.

The entity is still here. I don’t plan to be here for Round 3.I don’t think I will survive Round 3.Poltergeist doesn’t or can’t commit murder perse but they can break you down to the point you make life-threatening mistakes. And why don’t you just leave? So why don’t I just leave. Truth is told I ask myself that question every day. Several times a day that question gets asked. I think if we were to ever actually leave that time has come and gone. What I mean is when the plant rose up or the object got thrown that was probably the best time to get going? Some people think the fact that we’re still here or still alive means all of this stuff must be fake. That I’m doing this for attention. But let’s look at the facts.

There is no well document case of a Poltergeist committing murder. The experience is frightening. Let me be 100% clear living through this has been pure hell like the previous tenant told me. And that’s why they got out. Had I had children or an I would’ve been gone to. But it was just me and it was my girlfriend and we made a conscious decision over dinner one night we would not be scared out of our own home. This is the 1st house I ever lived in that I paid for and got by myself. I’m in my mid-40 and I’ve always grown up in homes. But this home I got through my hard work. Through dedication and sacrifice. One can say the two have to somehow somewhat linked together.

The 3 years prior to moving into this house was me being 100% focus on achieving goals that allowed me to afford and acquire a house such as this. The house if you see it on Ghost Adventures is a beautiful house. But it has some interesting disturbing history around it that needs figuring out. Somebody has to get the answers. The house is new and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Whoever gets this house after me will experience their own level of Poltergeist activity. I’m sure of it. What degree will depend on what type of occupants they are what history they bring with them. I talked about Dave, and Zaks mistakes and the mistakes other paranormal investigators have made it’s only fair I include some of my own.

Bringing in wall mounted cameras and positioning them throughout the house was a mistake. The activity did seem to spike when the cameras came in. I should have done better research or better yet have expected a spike in activity. Another thing I should have done better was the vetting of paranormal investigators. Thrill seekers know this but I didn’t know this and I should have known this after all this is my house.

Thrill seekers run the risk of making a situation worse. Making a situation worse had dire consequences that I wasn’t aware of at the time. My only defense for that will be we needed help and genuine help wasn’t responding. My 3rd mistake one I’m still battling from time to time is ignoring skeptics. The things Tina and I have seen probably are never going to be believed by the masses and in a way that’s a good thing. It’s not supposed to be. It just puts us in a unique category of “what if.” “What if” what they are saying is true?

That topic of discussion can happen long after we’re gone. And it will trust me. This is house is not done. Not by a long shot. And when the paranormal community does decide to get its head of its ass and investigate this house, the land and interview all occupants the right way it’ll end and begin with the information I thrown out there on the web.

I’ll close with this, You see aside from No Bull Paranormal team every other investigative team I’ve brought to the house my reason for bringing to our home is not for you to tell me we have a ghost living with us. I never needed you to tell me. I didn’t need David to tell me that or Zak.

The land lord knew we had a Poltergeist or feisty entity living with us not because of something Zak or David said. He got his information the same way everyone else did. From me and the way I gave it to him made him 100% sure something malevolent lives here. Teams investigating this house will only better themselves as investigators. Don’t waste your time trying to tell me what I already know. Couches don’t levitate or float by themselves. I invited you here to document and learn with the hope of removing any paradigms you currently have. And as you can see with my experience with Dave and others the paranormal community is littered with paradigms. Many severely outdated.

Rick Hale

Rick Hale

Rick Hale has spent his life in the pursuit of the unknown after witnessing an apparition at his grandparents’ house on the north side of Chicago.

Over the past 20-plus years, Rick has been on dozens of investigations with large paranormal groups to being completely independent.