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The Falling Stone

I have been researching ghosts, poltergeists UFOs and various other forms of ‘strange phenomena’ for over 20 years now and although I have seen some quite startling things, I have not been overly impressed as to where the validity of such things lies! That may sound a strange statement especially from a researcher, but I do question my own mind from time to time when I am in an environment in which strange things occur. Did they really happen? Did I really see it?

What if my perception of these events was wrong and I was looking at them in the wrong way! Maybe it was only psychological things that I have experienced in the past rather than spiritual!

As a researcher I certainly question everything. So to have someone more or less give me everything on a plate was just too much of an opportunity not to take. I had to go. I had to find out for myself whether independent voice and physical mediumship really happens or it’s just all wishy-washy claptrap of people trying to impress one another and perhaps even make a name for themselves.

I say all this to get through to you the reader of this article that it is very important that we all question things. Never accept anything on face value alone. Facts are what’s required not supposition and probabilities!


Anyway the day finally arrived (February 18th 2003) and I duly headed off on a cold miserable February night to North London. Monique met me at the door of her lovely house and ushered me in. My anticipation was rising and I knew that many of my colleagues would love to have been with me this night. But as it was, it was agreed that only one ‘new’ person would be accepted into this group of 5 people.

After a welcome cup of tea, Monique took me upstairs firstly to inspect an array of apports (objects that come from somewhere else and materialise into a séance room). She opened up a small glass cabinet in which she took out various objects from coins to an old scout button, to a Military officer’s coloured braid, which I inspected with awe. She explained that each of these objects had ‘teleported’ into the séance room when they were conducting their physical mediumship. Apparently spirit had told her that none of these small objects had been stolen, indeed, it was explained to her that they had been ‘lost’ and that spirit had claimed them and brought them forward into her house !

Monique had labelled and dated these objects with a small sticker placed on the back of each object stating when they had appeared fascinating stuff. Much more happened on this eventful night, all written up in my second book, ‘Paranormal Case Files of Great Britain (Volume 1) but that was my second taste of viewing apports, my first time looking at such ‘gifts’ from the spirit world occurred in 1998. Here is how it all came about.


The early part of 1998 saw Bonnybridge Councillor Billy Buchanan and I attend a haunted house in Dunfermline in Central Scotland. At this time in my life I was working closely with Billy concerning the Bonnybridge UFO sightings which were occurring all over Central Scotland.

Billy was receiving all sorts of telephone calls to his council office in Falkirk. One call he took which was not UFO related was from a lady who said that he home was haunted and could he help. ? Billy called me as he knew that we at SPI also dealt with cases of this nature.

Anyway the night arrived and Billy and I arrived at their house in Dunfermline just your ordinary council house it wasn’t nothing fancy. During an audio recording with one of the ladies, the other lady kept going back and forth to the kitchen to provide us with tea, cakes, biscuits, you name it and she delivered it. I must have eaten more cakes that night that I have ever done in all my life before.

It was just a wee bit over the top. It soon became apparent however what their real intentions were! One of the ladies was chatting up Billy not about ghosts but about her love life or rather (her lack of one) There were more sexual innuendos coming from them both than you would get from Les Dawson on a Saturday night. From being a normal ghostly investigation it was now turning into a scene from Up Pompeii as both women sat closer to us on the settee.

At one point both women disappeared to another part of the house, it was at this point that Councillor Buchanan leaned over to me and said, “What the heck’s going on here Malcky, can you believe this”? I gave him a smile and replied along the lines that things like this just seem to follow me around but I certainly didn’t expect it tonight. And although the situation was funny, Billy was for getting out of there pronto.

The ladies re-appeared into the living room and Billy went on about the time and that it was getting late and that he had to get home. “Me too” I said as I saw both ladies looking at me as if to find out what I’d be doing. “Don’t be silly” one of the ladies replied, “It’s still early yet, do you fancy another cup of tea”? Well Councillor Buchanan was up and out of his seat in seconds, “No we really must be going” And with that we made our move for the door. Outside as we made our way to Billy’s car Billy stopped dead in his tracks and could hardly move for laughing. He tried to speak but couldn’t, the tears were rolling down his face as he tried to say, “I can’t believe it, I just can’t believe it”. He eventually regained his composure and we drove off into the night.

Now that story probably doesn’t seem much in the telling above, but it’s like the true saying, you just had to have been there, talk about female predators! Anyway where’s the apport story I hear you ask? Well for all that happened as you have read above, they did actually convince us that their home was haunted and that things would disappear then reappear in completely different places.They also found things in their home which didn’t belong to them and they couldn’t for the life of them fathom out where they had come from. And this is where the apports come in.

They had taken us on a tour of the home and whilst in the bedroom we had a good look around, everything was as it should be just your normal ordinary bedroom with a bed, chest of drawers etc. (There was nothing on the bed except for covers and pillows!) Anyway we left the bedroom and returned back to the living room as we sat and chatted, we heard some noises which appeared to come from the bedroom that we had just been in. “That’s funny, what’s going on here”? one of the lady’s said. At that the four of us got up and walked towards the bedroom door, opened it up slowly and peered inside, all appeared normal ‘EXCEPT’ what was on the bed. For their, on the bed, were two soft fluffy toys and eight old coins! Now these had ‘not’ been there a few minutes before yet another example of gifts from spirit. (see photo)

OK moving on to the main stay of this article, the ‘falling stone’.


I get asked to lecture at many venues across Europe and the good folks of Paraforce invited myself and some other guest speakers to attend and lecture at the Nottingham Halls of Justice, Nottingham England over the weekend of 21st to 23rd of October 2016.

The following is a short history lesson on the Nottingham Halls of Justice (taken from Wikipedia)

The Galleries of Justice Museum, was once a Victorian courtroom, Gaol and Police station, and is therefore a historic site where an individual could be arrested, sentenced and executed. The courtrooms date back to the 14th century and the gaol to at least 1449, the building was used as a police station from 1905 to 1985, and the courts closed in 1986.

The earliest confirmed use of the site for official purposes was by the Normans, who appointed sheriffs to keep the peace and collect taxes; hence the site was also referred to as the Sheriff’s Hall, the County Hall or the Kings Hall. The first written record of the site being used as a law court dates from 1375. The first written reference to its use as a prison is in 1449. There has been a court of justice on this site since 1375, although over the centuries the courts and prison have been developed and enlarged. The building houses two courtrooms, office space, and underground jail and a site used for executions.

The Victorians closed the jail due to appalling conditions and it lay empty between 1878 and 1995; however, the Hall continued in use as Nottingham’s civil and criminal courts until 1991, when Nottingham Crown Court was opened at Canal Street.


There endeth the history lesson so, back to the apport story. Part of the weekend was allowing delegates and speakers an opportunity to go down into the bowls of the Halls of Justice at night after the day’s conference to experience the place ourselves.

A number of people formed groups to do their own ghost bust! I myself attended a party of people where we all went into an old jail cell and sat around on benches where a psychic medium in complete darkness asked any spirits to make themselves known to us. The lady had one of those voice activated spirit gizmos where if a spirit is in the room with you when you ask a question, a red light will flicker on the device. And, needless to say it did! quite a number of times. Anyway I’m digressing.

After we exited the room I met up with fellow seeker of the truth Dave Young a nice chap who has attended my lectures both in Hastings and elsewhere in the U.K. We talked quietly as we made our way around the underground complex and after a short while it was just Dave and I making our way back upstairs. As we were chatting an extremely sharp sound came from behind us both. Needless to say we both jumped and well, if truth be told, crapped ourselves thankfully not literally (lol) I turned around knowing that something had fallen behind us and I wanted to know what.

We moved our torches around on the floor and there lying against a wooden door was a very smooth stone (see photo) I picked it up and it was quite hot, not burning hot but hot nonetheless.I knew full well that this might just be an apport one of the many apports that have allegedly been found thrown at people down near the cell area. Both Dave and I looked at this stone in disbelief, I passed the stone over to Dave and he confirmed that it was indeed hot.

We then started to make our way up a small stairway at which point two men, Gary Bradfield and Michael Rouse from East Anglia Para Investigations came towards us asking what that noise was. I quickly showed Gary the stone and he too confirmed that it still felt hot.

Now let me make this clear readers the floor area was flagstones and not a dirt or stone corridor, there were no other stones anywhere in this area. The dilemma I have is this. We had passed a member of the Halls of Justice staff just a few seconds before this stone crashed to the floor, could it have been him throwing the stone in our direction for effect? I have to bear this in mind, after all, it’s in the Halls of Justice best interests to keep their spooky reputation alive as they get many visitors paying a lot of money for ghost tours etc so maybe, just maybe it might have been him and the reason the stone was hot might be that he was keeping in warm in his pocket holding it clenched in his hand then threw it.

I may of course be doing him a major disservice and it might not have been him at all. Then there were Gary and Michael to think about it. They were at the top of the stairs and came rushing down to see us seconds after the crash of this stone. Might they have thrown it?

I asked both men if they had thrown the stone and they both denied it, but I had to ask them and they accepted that I had to ask them. What I am embarrassed about and I will come clean about it, was that I didn’t ask that Halls of Justice staff member if it was him,

I do regret this but of course even if I had have done, I’m sure he would have denied it. Then there was Dave Young himself, might he have thrown it just for a laugh, I doubt it as both Dave and I were very close to each other going up this narrow stairwell. Even if somehow he did throw the stone to get an amazing sharp crash like that then he would needed to have thrown it from a great height with terrific velocity, no I don’t think it was Dave either. Dave accepts that as a researcher I had to ask him the question as well.

So there we have it three tales of possible spiritual apports. They say that there are many reports of apports from the Nottingham Halls of Justice and to be right at the centre of one of them not only made me jump, but gave me a sense of awe and wonder at spirit at work. The world sure is a strange place.

By Malcolm Robinson (Strange Phenomena Investigations)

Malcolm Robinson

Malcolm Robinson

I’ve been interested in the strange world of UFOs and the paranormal for as long as I can remember and in 1979 I formed my own research society entitled, Strange Phenomena Investigations, (SPI). Since forming this society, I have moved down to Hastings in East Sussex where I have started up a sister branch to SPI, entitled, Strange Phenomena Investigations England). SPI Scotland is now in the hands of a fellow researcher.