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The High Priestess - Are You Using Your Intuition?

When we are presented with The High Priestess we are being reminded to use our intuition. To let our inner self, our guides, our Angels, our higher beings to steer us and nudge, to open our eyes to the things that are currently being hidden. For not everything is as it seems.

High Priestess
High Priestess

This card depicts a strong woman, a ruler, a woman who sees between the black and white of life as depicted in the image on the card by the black and white pillars. One who listens to her soul and whilst guiding herself she also guides others. Known for her wisdom, known for her knowledge and known for her insight, this woman is highly regarded. This knowledge is represented in the image by the scrolls in her hand. She sits strong and solid as a ruler in her world. Her faith is strong and this is represented by the cross around her neck just as the bull’s horns in the front of the image depict her strength deliberately placed at her feet to show she walks forward in strength.

Tarot is a story. The story began with the fool, who perhaps a little foolishly took a leap of faith and started out on this new journey. After time passed he soon moved into a new phase, the phase of the Magician, a phase where decisions needed to be made and acted upon if he was to succeed in the journey. A time where being in control of his own path mattered. Now though he finds himself in a new phase. A phase where deep down he senses that all is not as it seems, that the opportunities may not be as they are presented, that there is more to the situation or the person stood before him than meets the eye. In his quest for knowledge he seeks a woman, A High Priestess, to tap into that sense of knowing and bring insight into what the Fool is already sensing. He needs her guidance.

So how does all this apply to you? When I see this card, depending on where in the spread it appears, it whispers to me that something is amiss. That there is something still as yet to be revealed, something or an aspect of a situation is yet to come to the surface. This can be something positive or something negative so it is important to follow your intuition, your gut feelings. To feel your way forward rather than simply accept what is presented to you at face value and make choices from there. Perhaps the person you are involved with somehow is not as true as you might think. There are things they are keeping to themselves, something going on behind the scenes. Or the job you have been offered is more than they are presenting it as. Perhaps what doesn’t seem like an opportunity on paper actually will turn out to be one of the best moves of your life if you will only trust your intuition.

When this card appears in the section that applies to you often it is you who needs to keep things a little hidden or perhaps you too are coming across as aloof or keeping feelings or things to yourself. Alternatively if it appears in the past then it can mean that in addition to events that went on in the past where something was revealed there is a need to not allow the hidden aspects of the past to interfere with your present.

When looking for advice through the tarot cards the High Priestess not only advises you to follow your intuition but to also be aware of the many ways your guidance can come to you. Pay attention to your thoughts, the words on the radio as you jump into the car, repeated numbers and their meanings, overhearing conversations that contain an answer and to the messages your dreams carry. Take time to sit in meditation or prayer and ask for guidance. Ask and it is given. There is something to see and something to learn through this experience.

Samantha is a fifth generation Romany Tarot Reader, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Tutor and Author of several columns in various publications. She has appeared on Sky TV, radio and has been interviewed numerous times about her work. She is a published Author of a variety of self coaching manuals and has been providing workshops and training as well as private readings for over fourteen years.



Samantha is a fifth generation Romany Tarot Reader and Psychic and has appeared on Sky TV, radio and interviewed numerous times about her work. She is a published Author of may self coaching manuals and provides workshops and training as well as private readings for over fourteen years.