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The Magician – The Magic of Life is in your hands!

The Magician, the second card in the major arcana, holds many of the keys to life. A man stands before a table with all the elements of life around him. His role is to bring it all together. To learn how to work it’s magic. To create. To develop. To feel. To learn. For me The Magician is card of power. The Fool began the journey and now The Magician must be the driving force.

Standing so tall and proud and in control the card speaks volumes about the need to take control, to get back your power within the situation or in life in general. It is far too easy to follow other peoples lead, other people’s advice and think because others are giving you the same opinion that it must be right, it must be so. No, this card represents the need to be in control once again of your own life path, your own energy and your own thoughts. After all what we think, we create.

As above so below, as the Magician points to the sky he shows how there is the need for you to create your own version of heaven here on earth. This translates to the need to make your life your own, to do what brings you joy, what brings you love and happiness even if the choices you make may require the need to upset others or displease others, so be it. Yes, the choices you make will affect others but this is all part of the journey of life, part of the learning and a necessary step in order to enhance the powerful energy that is that of The Magician.

As the infinity symbol placed above his head shows, energy is endless when we are driven and on path. When we are fulfilling a purpose, no matter how big or small. There is a need to keep your eye, your focus, on what it is you are trying to achieve.

He brings everything together to create the end result desired. He stands in power of his emotions, as represented by the cups, he takes control and finds the solutions for the challenges he faces, as represented here by the swords, he embraces and creates the changes necessary, as represented by the wands and he creates his own success, as represented within the image by the pentacles. He is strong, he is intuitively guided and he is stood firm in his decisions and choices. He is using all that he has and all that he has learned to get back in charge of his life path.

When The Magician card appears in a tarot reading you are being asked to be all that The Magician is. To embrace this energy, this power, the divine power that is in all of us. It is about creative visualisation, self-determination, will power, taking action, learning the new skills necessary, creating new projects, new careers, taking action and being in charge of your own destiny. For me, as a reader, this card truly is a card of empowerment. If you will only embrace the power that lies within you.

With over fourteen years of experience of working with the tarot cards as an intuitive reader, for clients around the world, I love the relationship between energy, love, life and the energy of the tarot. I use the insight revealed to me through the energy held within their images and their magical connection with the energy of the sitter to translate into the words needed from the spirit world, guides and angels to assist those who sit before me with their journey. Tarot is about the journey of life. Life is after all a journey of moments strung together through our thoughts, actions and expectations.

The Magician card embraces all of that. It depicts the need to bring together the physical life needs, the spiritual life needs, our need for love, our need for happiness and our need to be achieving the things that are purposeful in our world. No one else can ever truly do these things for us. The Magician card is a reminder of that. A reminder that to have the life we want, we too must take control of our destiny. We must play our part.

Samantha is a fifth generation Romany Tarot Reader, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Tutor and Author of several columns in various publications. She has appeared on Sky TV, radio and has been interviewed numerous times about her work. She is a published Author of a variety of self coaching manuals and has been providing workshops and training as well as private readings for over fourteen years.



Samantha is a fifth generation Romany Tarot Reader and Psychic and has appeared on Sky TV, radio and interviewed numerous times about her work. She is a published Author of may self coaching manuals and provides workshops and training as well as private readings for over fourteen years.