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The Paranormal Experiment

The field of physical research is a mixed bag of many elements. Some happenings can be explained, proven or become unknown variables. Either which way, when dealing with this work one must look back to our history.

For example communication with the other side has many added tools today that field researchers utilize. As in the past, any form of communication is a stepping stone but not the ultimate form itself.

All forms must be considered when talking with past lives. Even with today’s advanced technology, we find ourselves re-examining tools such as ESP, our own energy, manifestations and of course reincarnation as it sometimes ties into spirit conversations.

It is when and only when we open ourselves up in today’s modern, fast-paced world, that we can honestly and earnestly deploy information in our experiments. Just because the world changes does not mean the older foundations of study should be ignored or dismissed for a new shiny toy.

In one of the Seth Speaks Book Series, it is explained that via a tool such as doing Ouija sessions, when conducted continuously with notes and recordings taken, you create something. Seth believes that you make a blueprint yourself and your various incarnated selves aren’t aware of this blueprint. Why? They have free will. You give this and that is why it is a challenge.

Experiments are the only way to advance, learn, grow and see things from different perspectives. As with any means of communication, each can yield varying results. We would be and are foolish to think or believe that there are only a couple of set ways to research the unknown. And what should be known, we simply aren’t aware enough, yet.

Much of today’s world and technology has created a secondary challenge. The challenge is to decipher even more so, what is real to what is not due to the internet age, manipulation of photo’s, software, apps and of course the You Tube generation of flooded videos and groups.

In a Seth Session the author, Jane Roberts, states, “From our third Ouija Board Session, I believe I anticipate words, phrases then complete sentences. I would know in while or part what the board would reply.” Is this our psychic and/or intuitive abilities which we all posses, coming thru the sessions to forecast ahead some data?

In theory, if we are capable of knowing information ahead of any experiment then that must be accounted for as a possible way to connect as well while talking to the board. It becomes irrelevant because when you look at what is really happening in that moment, you’ll begin to realize it’s all about connecting the dots that lay in different time zones if you will. But, were all energy and are all interconnected perhaps thru other life times as well. Hence why reincarnation is also part of the Paranormal Experiments.

Strive for a balanced acceptance of our inner offerings that are very natural. There’s no magic spell one receives over another to be more psychic. Some souls are more heightened and aware and can reach the depths for deeper communications with the other side. All this catapults each generation intrigued by life after death as well as other life forms in securing useful and meaningful data.

If one were to ponder on it for a moment, and research, one will realize there is much going on in the field. It is not one-sided or a little here and there but rather a whole that we are all a part of, living, the dead and in-between.

By increasing one’s scope of awareness, you are able to broaden those ESP training sessions in conjunction to the tools used for spirit communication. One can co-create a natural happening thus yielding a stronger connection for communicating quicker. Thru Telepathy and ESP Training we will pick up on other’s energies and emotions creating a vibrating link to the living and the not-so-dead.

Much of what we seek must also come from within our own souls recognition to reconnect…again. A film may touch upon a few areas or subject matter in this arena. A television program may focus only on specific areas, but in the end neither will ever cover the real identity of the paranormal and all that it encompasses.

It is not say they are not interesting or even useful benefactors for drawing more attention to what it is we do time and time again. However, that being said, it does not correlate intelligently to what the research and experiments are for.

When we use one form in experimentation, like the Ouija for example, we are to be mindful of our thoughts. Something we usually let run ramped when conducting these sessions. But, if we clear our minds and allow nature to take it’s course, the information will soon be received by you prior to the oracle moving. It’s all there already. The data is swirling around our heads, we just have to understand how to reach it more efficiently from within ourselves. Ourselves? Yes. We too, are a tool!

Alexandra Holzer

Alexandra Holzer

Second Generation Ghost Hunter and Writer, Alexandra Holzer, is no stranger to the world of the supernatural, publishing or art. She attended The Fashion Institute of Technology following her mother Artist Countess Catherine Buxhoeveden (related to Catherine the Great), who also attended. She follows in her late famous father’s (Parapsychologist Dr. Hans Holzer) ghostly footsteps (Original Ghost Hunter, NBC’s In Search Of, Amityville Horror, WOR Radio with Joe Franklin.) Hans Holzer was also an Assistant Professor of Parapsychology at the New York Institute of Technology, Research Director of the New York Committee for the Investigation of Paranormal Occurrences, and a member of the College of Psychic Studies in London, as well as a lecturer at leading colleges. Alexandra is co-founder of her global organization, The Hunt with Holzer, in which her research continues into the unknown. For further details about this author, please visit: