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The Trend In Ghost Tours And The Paranormal

There is quite a trend for Ghost tours and the Paranormal at present, and while I work with the people on the other side of life constantly, I can understand the keen interest, I do find it a little repugnant also, depending on how the activity is done.

While most tour operators or individual tour guides are sensible and respectful, how many are using any form of spiritual or psychic protection and asking the clients to do likewise? This is what makes me sit up and take notice. As I do believe in the duty of care and respect for all involved, including those on the other side of life. I have been offered to go on these tours many a time, but politely refuse out of respect for those on the other side of life. I don’t want to make entertainment out of others suffering or situation.

It is quite normal for us to be curious about the spirit world and ghost’s, it is after all, part of life.

People in spirit are also just like us and are curious too. Most of them I would say, are as keen as mustard to communicate with the living or should I say physical world beings (us). They are still alive and well, but in a non-physical body, that is the only difference. Personality and ego are still intact from the last incarnation.

I have lived in a house with a ghost or earth bound spirit when I was a young mum with 2 small children, which were little more than babies. It was not a pleasant experience living in that house. We could not get out of there fast enough as the woman’s negative energy was disruptive. I knew when I went to view the house, and the agent said that the old lady had died in hospital that he was laying; I could see her and feel her. But we were in need of a house as our house sold very quickly and this was near our family and work. We left after two years.

I didn’t know at that stage how to move a spirit on, or anything about the spirit world. There was no one we could turn to for help. People didn’t like visiting our house because they felt something there. You should have felt it from our side, it was no walk in the park and we had no end of relationship problems up to the day we moved out.

Fast forward to more current times and I have learned so much and seen, experienced, and had to deal with much in the spirit department. One thing I always make sure I do is respect them. Well, I must admit to being blunt with nasty spirit beings. Some will try to intimidate the living, but these are far and few between. But when it comes to ghost tours etc. Please try not to upset the spirt people.

Many of the locations are in old prisons, hospitals, and mental institutions or orphanages. Now do you think it is the place to find peaceful spirits? Chances are more likely that you will find a spirit that is agitated, distressed and may be even vengeful. Don’t poke the bear in this situation. It can go south pretty quickly and you will not know how to handle the situation. I would like to think the person running the event knows what to do, but don’t bank on it.

A vulnerable person can end up with a spirit attachment and not even know. But people around them will notice. Changes in personality for a start, mental health issues. Now that’s a biggie, there are some people with mental health issues among the community that are unaware they have entities’ attached to them? I am not saying that this is the case in all people with mental health issues, no, just a small number. And I have learned that it isn’t just one entity that will attach it is several. Please do not try and talk to spirit beings that are earth bound, some will definitely try to jump on board. An open crown chakra or a weak aura/ energy field is an open door to them.

So if you really want to participate in haunted tours please Gold light yourself before going into the venue. This is for your own protection. Gold light is the highest of spiritual protection, and it is the power of intention that makes it work. You must mean it when you do it, or it won’t work. Be firm in your intentions. If you are fearful, then this is not the sort of activity that you should participate in.

An added optional bonus after Gold lighting is to smudge your body front and back with a smudge stick. Negative entities will not come near you after that. It is a common practice with psychics when attending psychic fairs and other events to keep negative energy away. I also use smudge sticks on a regular basis due to my home being my work place also. It is imperative that I have the energy clear at all times.

Now when using the smudge stick, the correct procedure is, get someone to smudge you, and then you smudge them. You need an Eagle feather to fan the smoke, staring at the feet, work your way up the body all the way up to the top of the head. Fanning the smoke from the smudge stick gently and constantly. You must do the front and back of the person or you will leave gaps in the energy field /aura. You can buy smudge sticks in a health food shop or a new age shop, eBay or online stores. You will need a lighter or matches to keep the stick lit too.

By the way there are plenty out door places where spirit beings can be found too, grave yards, spiritual grounds such as aboriginal sacred sites, the site of an old building that has been demolished, even places where wars and military battles have been fought.

We leave our energy everywhere without knowing it. An energetic imprint will remain in cases of a sudden death such as murder or an accident, no matter where it is.

Stay safe and take care while doing these tours, no two will ever be the same. I am not the fearful type, but I, in all honesty don’t think I would participate in a haunted tour, but who knows. They say never say never.

Alex Fulford

Alex Fulford

I have done live on air readings here in Canberra, and being in the age of technology, do international readings, which include well known public figures such as T Stokes the Palmist in England and Tracie Austen Peters, of TV’s let’s talk paranormal. I am a member of the International Psychics Association (formerly the Australian and International Psychics Association)