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TIME: In Afterlife and in Life

With the ringing in of a New Year, time is a thing that, in one way or another, is on everyone’s mind. A time for us to reflect after Thanksgiving and Christmas, in gratitude and family, and now some of us have our eyes on things we can improve upon or change…and next up, Valentine’s Day…and more reflecting, with what love we have or have not. We can fall from grace and return to it; lose our minds, our freedoms, our honor, and perhaps get those back. We cannot regain youth, nor have time back though, and in a season where trees and plants go barren and days grow dark, we do tend to reflect…and for some reason see more the things we’ve lost than appreciate what we still have. Since I am always and ever hopeful, I have come to fervently believe those who we have lost in death may indeed be ultimately recoverable.

I came upon a unique interpretation of the afterlife years ago. Following an accident which leaves me forever in pain, and fresh to the new and harrowing life sentence, more than 15 years ago, I was not at all adjusting well to the cards newly dealt me, and I so wanted to die. I begged for it, pleaded, prayed for death, in continuous study…hoping for something to save me, give me the will to go on, and my saving grace was the last thing I’d expected. I began seeing dead people, usually strangers, and hearing them. I did not think I would be capable of such things, though my Wife had been raised in a haunted home and we would do investigating, but in open fields, or outdoors mostly…and I did marvel at mediums like John Edward, yet never thought it a thing for me to do, talk with these dead. Some were suicides, some natural deaths, some murder victims even…but all were strangely nurturing. I was, at the time, on their level…sad, despondent, regretful…yet what they gave me was the last thing I would think them to have, which was hope. Naturally, I was rather confused at all this, and thought I was going a bit mad. So I asked for some sort of proof that I was not having some psychotic break…and they began telling me things…about them, and about living people that I knew that they knew. As it turns out, these things they told me about some specific living people were true, and applied to these living people in a way I could not have possibly known otherwise. I called these things ‘affirmations’. Unfortunately, I lost many friends because of these affirmations…these friends were more creeped out than appreciative, and eventually I left behind the ability of communicating in earnest with these dead. I cannot get back that crispness, ironically, for the same reason I came to have it in the first place….pain. Now several years older and more infirmed because of these older bones cannot bring myself to empathize in their pain. Yet when I had that clarity, I learned a lot, and had asked the deep questions, and learned in these dead a few things, including some very unusual things about how they interpret their energy, their fiber, and how they are affected by time. Of course, these things I learned are laced with my own perceptions and beliefs, and though I believe in them with every fiber of my being, know well it would not make sense to everyone…and who’s to say it is correct or not…yet it was very consistent through the years I had this ‘capability’ of speaking with these dead There is more with regard to time that dictates how they feel about emotional things than most any other factor, which can leave a large gap in our understanding, because we as the living are also dictated by time, and if affects us in a completely different manner. So when things are so vital to us, especially in emotional terms, and so much less vital to those in afterlife, therein lays the difference, and tremendous voids or gaps can be left in the ether. Allow me to explain what I mean.

First and foremost, we have in us living, a heart which beats on average twice a second. We then incorporate, from this rhythm section, a consciousness ever built around time, and perhaps we are even enslaved to it. Youth to old age, the past forever behind us, the future always ahead, and we then see everything in moments, and these moments have schedules. There’s a time to eat, time to sleep, time to work, to play…and now almost always in a hurry…to get to our destinations…on time. These schedules carry on in our perceptions, our beliefs, and our emotions. Everything has an urgency, because of our greatest unknown…how long we have to engage or enjoy these things, before our time is up. Because of that we want answers, and we want them NOW. That, I think, was the most differing in the dead I came to know…they knew when their time was up, and lost that beating heart and the urgency and schedule that accompanied it. Even if they were unhappy with whatever sealed their fate, they had some peace to them, in that the greatest mystery for them was over, and the knowledge we always and so greatly wanted was now known to them. Excepting, perhaps, those who did not believe they were dead, yet even in those people there was something slowed down and less urgent, imperative, manifold. Seemingly, in these dead, though the core of their personalities or spirit is not altogether different, there is a vastly different approach to the things they saw so vital…relationships they had or had broken, for example. In things still so vital to us, the relaxing of their perceptions of time has them taking thousands of urgencies down to one bottom line. They wish to see those in their lineage and those they connected with when alive to be well, to prosper and grow, even if, on the surface of it, they disliked these people when alive. If there is one thing that carries a seemingly unilateral regret in them, it is the failure to say a proper ‘goodbye’, and they will try to send ‘signs’ on that. Perhaps mementos, pictures or property may be found in a different place than we remember leaving them; sometimes smells that we identify with only them, found in small pockets of air throughout a room on occasion. Sometimes there may be whispers of our name, a sense of being watched, seeing someone out of the corner of our eye, or a clear and distinct memory of them that comes to us out of thin air…strange yet remarkable coincidences…numbers, patterns and related abstracts repeating on certain days. All these are somewhat passive in nature, as are their urgencies in relating to us now and a malicious intent is much rarer than we may think.

Last article here I spoke about my childhood best friend who visited me at the moment of his death, two decades prior to the encounters with discarnates I speak of here, and I also mentioned he has visited since. Once, he told me that if he so wanted he could visit me today, and in his ‘tomorrow’ could visit me thirty years AGO…which I initially had a real tough time with. Yet he said he sees himself as some sort of energy smaller than an atom, with the propensity to travel faster than light, as some sort of accelerated energy that is in union with the energy of consciousness. In many ways, his current belief in this regard is set upon a kind of science we have not yet become familiar with. There has been some research, at CERN in Geneva, when studying atoms and their particles, indications of particles like ‘neutrinos’ or tachyons which may indeed travel faster than light, but this science is still young. Though all this may seem ridiculous, I remind you that even a hundred years ago we thought of our solar system AS the universe, and no way would there be anything beyond our Milky Way galaxy…and any reference to things perfectly acceptable now could provoke scientifically-minded people to get burned at the stake in centuries prior. Since, we have had Einstein and his Relativity, discovered the codes of DNA and learned of atoms and the properties of their particles and the world of physics has its own interpretation of time, and vastly different than ours.

Astral physics, quantum physics and how everyday people think of time are very different. Our time is based upon the time it takes for the earth to rotate, or revolve around the Sun, and incorporates those limits when considering the time it may take to travel in space. The top speed of all things in these aspects is the speed of light. Even then, it takes eight minutes for the light from the Sun to reach Earth…the light from our nearest star other than the Sun takes many, many years to reach us, and that’s the closest star, so every star we see when we look into the sky is a look into the vastly distant past. Even a horizon or a sunrise is, if you think about it, a mirage, as what we see is eight minutes older than it appears, and some of the distant stars may not even still be here, what with thousands of years gone by once we see them. Another really weird thing is the concept of spacetime, via Einstein’s relativity, saying that time and space are interwoven into one dimension, and gravity can warp space and also warp time. There is also the concept of black holes, generally found in the center of each galaxy, and with such heaviness and mass (enough to form billions of stars, planets, moons, asteroids, comets, space dust, gas and debris in a spiral forming around that center black hole) that even light and time cannot escape it. Inside these black holes is a point called a singularity, where all time and space both fully stop and exist all at once. So the concept of ‘as above so below’ which is often used in metaphysics to speak on the dead in afterlife could also be used in theoretical terms here. The thought that if it takes a thousand years for light from a certain star or planet to reach us, who’s to say that active time may still exist on the way…in other words, somewhere in space on the way to that distant star is the ‘present time’ from 10, 100 or 1000 years ago…meaning that we are younger and alive in that ‘present time’ or those who died are still alive…a living history, still existing, somewhere in space. It also may even mean that in some instances where we find what we assume to be ‘ghosts’, ‘hauntings’ or paranormal activity on properties thought active or ‘haunted’ might be some sort of interdimensional activity instead. In other words, rather than experiencing what we think paranormal activity from some kind of spirit ‘stuck’ there may rather be living history in a time warp. Astral physics seems to back that up…perhaps then, it is the living, but from 1860 or 1920 or whenever.

Yes, of course, all this speculation might sound utterly ridiculous, and I do get that. Yet we have a tendency to think that whatever science we believe for that period in history we think of as correct and indisputable. We said that about the Earth being flat…that anyone disputing that was seen as ridiculous. Just saying. But should you ever have the chance to believe you are having some sort of dialogue with the dead, picture them not being in the same kind of hurry as you, or the same kind of emotional urgency as you have, and also, if you could, treat the encounter respectfully…just in case. Also, treat whatever time you have in life to make a difference, and if you could, do it with kindness. Your remaining time here will then be enhanced with a good karma, and as you reflect on time past, you can then do so with a smile. May this coming year bring you all the time of your lives.


Chip Reichenthal

Chip Reichenthal

Chip Reichenthal is a published Author, Lecturer and Radio Host who’s been fascinated with afterlife sciences since ‘seeing and speaking’ with his best friend at the moment of the friend’s death in 1979.Chip has hosted radio shows on four networks, appeared in films, and hosted or worked with many of the greatest minds and talents in paranormal , parapsychology, metaphysics and physics.Chip has a book currently available ( and Hosts a radio show called “Beyond the Norm” on the A1B Radio Network, Monday Nights at 9 pm Eastern ( with podcasts of previous episodes readily available (