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Universal Connectivity

16 Feb, 2017 Political seasons are always contentious, but this year’s election has been especially so. I’ve been struggling with just how to respond to both...

Celebrity Paranormal

11 Jan, 2017 We live in a society that is absolutely obsessed with fame and fortune. A day doesn’t go by without our senses being assaulted with...


24 Oct, 2016 “There I was in a black dress, fingers trembling on the stand. With a thousand eyes staring at me, wanting me to complete the reading....

My Evening With An Abductee

23 Oct, 2016 Alien abduction is one of those highly controversial subjects in the paranormal that few are reluctant to discuss. When faced with this subject, you can’...

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I don’t have a lot of faith in, or fear of, ouija boards. This... 12 Sep, 2016

The Never-ending Story

The never-ending story was a kid’s film that featured a song of the same... 25 Jul, 2016

The Mandela Effect

…is named after Nelson Mandela, the former president of South Africa, who was imprisoned for 27... 23 Jul, 2016

Ouija Board

The OUIJA board a “game” that allows you to communicate with the dead. The creator... 11 Jul, 2016