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A Presence In The Kitchen

There was the time when I experienced something strange in my kitchen, (this time it wasn’t my wife’s cooking !) Before I tell the story proper the background to it is as follows. It was the late 1970’s (1978 or 1979) and I was employed by United Glass Ltd a manufacturer of whisky and beer bottles in the town of Alloa Clackmannanshire Scotland. I regularly used to talk about my interest in matters pertaining to UFOs and ghosts to my work colleagues and on this particular day I was in deep conversation about matters ‘spiritual’ with an elderly workmate. We were discussing life after death, did people really survive the death of their physical material bodies? I explained to my workmate, that if he cared to look at the evidence then he couldn’t fail to be impressed by it. My workmate’s reply to my Bible bashing statements was, “Look Malcolm, I’m not too sure about all this Life After Death business, but I’ll tell you this, whenever I die, if it’s at all possible then I’ll come back to ‘you’ and you’ll certainly know about it”. “Yeah right” I replied. A few weeks later I arose at 04:45am to start at 06:00am for my dayshift at the United Glass plant. I was busy preparing my breakfast all alone, my family still being sound asleep, when suddenly I became aware of a ‘presence’ behind me in the kitchen. I can’t really explain it; I just ‘knew’ or rather very strongly sensed that there was someone was standing behind me. It was an unmistakable feeling. I can still sense that feeling now, the hairs on the back of my neck were up and goose pimples raced up and down my body. I slowly turned round only to be met with the usual kitchen décor, ie, chairs, table, etc. No ‘person’ was visibly there. And yet I could still sense this ‘presence’ only feet away from my face. I spoke, “who’s there” ? But my question was met with silence. Gradually this sensation that was with me slowly diminished and was completely gone and everything appeared and felt normal again. I set off for work and upon arriving into the men’s mess room at work, I was met with a room full of sad faces, I said, “What’s the matter with you lot then” ? To which one of my work colleagues said, “I take it you haven’t heard then” ! “Heard what”, I replied, “Wee Bobby Smith died last night”. With these words, shivers ran down my spine. For ‘wee Bobby’ was the elderly workmate who only the week before had said to me, “When I die, and if it’s possible, I’ll come back to you and you’ll certainly know about it”.

Precognitive Dreams.

People have asked me if I have ever had any precognitive dreams, in other words, have I had any dreams which have foretold the future? Dreams which for me have come true. Well I have nothing Earth shattering but nonetheless dreams which for me certainly came true. Here are a few.

One of the earliest prominent precognitive dreams that I’ve had and to this day I can recall it with clarity occurred when I was around 15 or 16 years of age. I was still at school and our class was instructed to go along to a local garage for work experience which entailed the stripping down of a car engine and re-assembling it under the watchful eyes of some stern supervisor. I’ve never really been interested in motor cars and indeed I don’t drive, my parents and my brother (now deceased) drive but for me there has never been that desire to get behind the wheel of a car which would in point of fact benefit me immensely in regards to my Investigative travels around the country, as it is, I rely on public transport to get me from A to B. Anyway, I remember walking into this garage and can still remember the taste and smell of the place. Our instructor was showing us how to strip this car engine then when he had done that showed us how to re-assemble it then turned round to myself and some others and told us to ‘get on with it’. I recall turning round and looking for a hammer and saw that it was lying on the very edge of a workbench. As I walked over to grasp it suddenly ‘jumped’ off the workbench and fell straight onto the floor with a resounding thump. Nothing unusual about that you might say, but where the Twilight Zone comes in was, just at the moment as I turned round to reach for the hammer, a shiver ran down my spine purely because this action that I was about to perform, (reaching for the hammer) and also the room, the instructor, everything I had all seen in a dream a few weeks previously, right down to the dirty brown stain on the workbench. Absolutely incredible. Now, I had never been in this garage before, so one couldn’t say that I already knew about this place. No one had told me what this garage had looked like, but it was mainly the action of reaching for the hammer and it’s ‘jumping’ off the workbench which really put the wind up me.

Another precognitive dream that I had happened in 2001. I woke up one night covered in sweat and my girlfriend actually woke up with me due to me jumping up. She asked me what the matter was as I was clearly in a state. At first I didn’t want to tell her and told her that it was just a stupid dream and for her to go back to asleep. But she knew something was troubling me and pressed me to tell her. Feeling a bit silly, I proceeded to tell her that I had dreamed that I was standing in a field next to what looked like a runway. I looked up into the sky and observed Concorde it seemed to be in trouble and there was a strange noise coming from it. Suddenly if flipped over in mid air and crashed into some buildings and exploded. At this point I woke up. It seemed so real, so vivid and yet it was only a dream, wasn’t it ! We went back to sleep and no further troubled dreams disrupted me. About three days later I walked into the living room in my house where I was stopped in my tracks, for there on the screen was an image I’ll never forget. It was pure devastation. Concorde has crashed into a hotel in France and the remnants of that hotel were girders sticking up into the smoke filled sky, just like I had seen in my dream. The whole scene was similar to what I had seen, the only difference was that in my dream I never saw Concorde trailing fiery smoke behind it. I sat down, my heart was pumping fast and the horrible images that I was looking at looked only too familiar. I had dreamt them a few days before.

“Look At Me Robert, Look At Me”.

I remember my parents telling me when I was growing up that one of my aunts was quite gifted as a psychic medium and that there was a history in our family of certain family members being interested in things ‘supernatural’ and although I never actually came in contact with those members of my family that I was told about, I often wonder if this fascination that I have for those self same things have rubbed off on me somehow. My brother Robert had no interest whatsoever in things paranormal, Robert was more interested in the nature side of life, hill walking, fish farming of which he eventually studied in college and obtained a number of qualifications which eventually saw him being offered a position over in Finland where he eventually settled down to a different style of life, he married a lovely Finnish girl (Maija) and had two lovely children (Marion and Joanna), sadly my brother’s life was cut short in a tragic accident but is fondly remembered by all family members.

I remember a story my father once told my brother and I and I can recall Robert being very interested in this one. As youngsters our parents regularly took my brother and I on visits to see our aunts and uncles (usually on a Sunday) and a lot of these visits were spent quite frequently at my father’s mother’s house (my gran). She was a lovely woman who had plenty of time for everyone and was always fussing around my brother and I. I grew quite attached to my gran and looked forward to those Sunday visits. She was however, getting on in years and time took its course and eventually she passed away. She was a great loss to the family and a good few tears were shed at her passing. Now my father was never a great believer in things ‘spiritual’ and used to scoff at such stories. A few weeks after the funeral my father took my brother and I aside and told us of quite an incredible experience that he had the previous night. He told us that he had retired to bed, had switched the light off; the room of course was then enveloped in darkness. He found it difficult to get to sleep and was tossing and turning. Suddenly he became aware of a ‘brightness’ in the room and then he heard the unmistakable sound of his mother’s voice. She called out, “Robert, Robert, look at me, please look at me, I’m perfectly fine, I just want to say good bye”. Now my father knew full well that this was indeed his mother’s voice but how could it be, he had helped bury her a few weeks previously. The room was still flooded in this beautiful warm soft light and his mother was still asking for her son to look at him. In telling the story to my brother and I, my father said that it was indeed his mother, he wasn’t sleeping or dreaming this, but at the same time he was too frightened to peer over the covers that he had wrapped around his head to look at her.

I Can’t See !

Another interesting event that I can recall from my early teens was the time when my friend and I went back to his home. It was late in the evening and we were surprised when we entered his house to find it in complete darkness apart from a very small red light. Not only that, but we found a number of people all sitting in chairs in a circle in the living room of whom we didn’t know. “This was very strange I thought to myself” Now this was a good few years before my knowledge of Spiritualism came along. So here was I stood watching adults in a circle and wondering what on earth was going on. The silence was broken when my friend’s mother spoke up and said, “Malcolm you are still bothered with asthma” ! I looked at my friend and just smiled and I said “yes I am”, to which my friend’s mother replied “Well then, would you like my friend here to help your condition” ! I looked to where she was pointing and in the faint red light I saw an elderly gentleman dressed in a white coat. To all intents and purposes he looked just like a doctor which indeed as I later found out ‘he was’! But not in the normal sense! Anyway, my friend’s mother sat me down on a small stool and I remember that this gentleman in the white coat approached me and as he did so I became apprehensive and wondered what on earth was going on. He came over with outstretched hands, and then proceeded to place his hands above my head; at no time whatsoever did he actually touch my head. Seconds later I felt an intense heat which for the benefit of the reader I would liken it to a small electric 2 bar fire. At this point I became quite alarmed and I remember shouting out, “It’s hot, it’s hot” then, much to my complete surprise if not alarm! I found that I couldn’t see. My eyes were open yet I couldn’t see. And although the room was in semi-darkness before hand in which I could see the faces of those assembled; now I couldn’t se a thing. I then fell to my knees and screamed out, “I can’t see, I can’t see, someone help me I can’t see”.

I sensed movement in the room all around me and soon people began moving down towards me trying to assist me in my predicament. I was clumsily crawling around all on fours. In a matter of seconds though I regained my sight and decided that I had had enough of this and wanted to get out of there and quickly made my exit and left. In my later study of psychic healing I found out that this feeling of intense heat is very common amoungst those who have said that they have went for healing. But what I did find surprising is that nowhere through the vast literature on psychic healing (at least that I came across) could I find any reference to people to people who had suddenly lost their sight whilst being attended to by a psychic healer. Now I’m not saying that this hasn’t happened, it may well have done, but at this point in time I am not aware of it. I am a Spiritualist myself and I think that Spiritualism is a wonderful Religion, which brings so much comfort to so many people from all walks of life the world over. A certain amount of bad publicity has been generated towards Spiritualism, much of which has been totally unfounded, and many psychic healers and gifted clairvoyants have found themselves at the end of countless inaccurate press stories to revive flagging newspapers. My interest in such Spiritual matters will no doubt make way for another book, for now though let us continue our journey through my early strange experiences.

A Negative Experience !

The following incident proved very frightening to me and I would say that out of all the strange incidents that have occurred to me throughout my life, this one was probably the scariest! I was around 16 years of age and I was still living with my parents in Tullibody, to be honest, this is quite a personal experience but one I feel I should still relate here. I remember that I was arguing with my mother about a meal that she had prepared for me. I said that I didn’t want this meal but she was insistent that I eat. Anyway, this arguing went on for a couple of minutes and was starting to get very heated. I must point out to the reader that I got on fine with my mother, still do, but this was my young rebellious teenage years and boy did I have some! Our argument was by this time now getting out of hand and it was at this point that something quite unexpected happened. Suddenly, and very unexpectantly, everything around me that I could see, the furniture the television set, the curtains, household ornaments, the walls all turned to black and white. It was exactly like a black and white negative. I immediately fell down on my hands and knees rubbing my eyes furiously and crying out, “What’s happened to me, what’s happening” ! My mother at this point was very concerned, she knew something was wrong with me but couldn’t understand what it was and was talking about phoning a doctor. However, deep down inside me I somehow ‘knew’ that what I was experiencing was somehow connected to this argument. Because during this argument I had, for the very first time in my life, swore at my mother something that I had never done before, and I felt that in some peculiar way I was being punished by God for swearing at my mother. I know this may sound silly but I honestly felt that at this time, such was my belief in strange experiences, that I actually started praying inside myself to God to life this horrible black and white vision. Seeing in negative was unbelievably frightening, incredibly frightening. I have no words to adequately describe it.

I began to pray inside myself to God saying that I would never ever swear at my mother again. I had no sooner finished saying this, when suddenly my vision was restored back to its full colourful glory. The joy and relief that I felt at this point was immense for I really honestly felt that I was going blind. I would point out that I have never ever had any problems with my eyes, I have clear and perfect vision (well for the time being anyway!) Of course one might say that my action of furiously rubbing my eyes perhaps had the effect of clearing this strange effect, this is quite feasible. And looking back now this perhaps would seem to be the more logical assumption. Still, I would like to believe that my cry for help in this (for me) perilous situation was answered. Sounds corny I know but who knows. Needless to say, I never swore at my mother again.

Malcolm Robinson

Malcolm Robinson

I’ve been interested in the strange world of UFOs and the paranormal for as long as I can remember and in 1979 I formed my own research society entitled, Strange Phenomena Investigations, (SPI). Since forming this society, I have moved down to Hastings in East Sussex where I have started up a sister branch to SPI, entitled, Strange Phenomena Investigations England). SPI Scotland is now in the hands of a fellow researcher.