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Pennhurst Asylum

22 Jul, 2021 As a former Special Assistant to Pennhurst’s Superintendent has said, “Pennhurst was a mistake from day one, but it was a mistake made by...

Signs From Loved Ones

06 Apr, 2021 After the daily chores I decided to sit down at the kitchen table and do some writing. From the corner of my eye I could...

Orbs: A Load of Balls!

20 Jun, 2020 At last definitive evidence that orbs are not paranormal Recent developments in digital camera technology has finally permitted an experiment to be undertaken that demonstrates...

The Night Marchers of Hawaii

04 Jun, 2020 If you are or have been a visitor to the Hawaiian archipelago and you’ve managed to make the acquaintance of a few friendly locals,...

112 Ocean Avenue

18 Feb, 2020 It’s every newlyweds dream! To move to a picturesque quaint town, with a friendly community. This is what George and Kathleen Lutz thought they...

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