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Teleportation occurs when a physical object is transported from one location to another location without... 18 Mar, 2017

Astral Projection

What is a dream? Why do we have them? On a daily basis we dream... 07 Sep, 2016

Boxing With Shadows

It is finally time for bed after enduring one of the worst days imaginable, a... 04 Sep, 2016

The Pangboche Hand

I have a bit of trivia for you. What does a Texas oil man with... 16 Aug, 2016

The Grass Lake Horror

High strangeness is phenomena in the paranormal generally associated with UFOs and related phenomena. However... 04 Jun, 2016

On Wings Of Terror

​Since the 1980s, residents surrounding the majestic slopes of Mount St Helens, and those who... 18 May, 2016

In The Seas, There Be Monsters

In 1997 the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration detected a strange extremely powerful ultra,... 06 May, 2016