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Looking For A Demonologist; Concerning Information, Experience, & Help.

For those people out there who truly suspect a location is demonically infested, an individual (or family) is cursed, or someone is being oppressed or possessed by malicious or diabolical forces, & want to talk to someone who studies & understands the ramifications & principles that apply concerning these things, finding the right person who can help can be like finding a needle in a haystack, especially if one doesn’t know what to look for in a credible & respectable professional, in this case, a demonologist. So let’s define what a demonologist is, some of the variations thereof, & the necessary simple research one can do to attempt to find that right individual to help you or point you in the proper direction.

Basically put, a demonologist is someone who studies & understands the workings & intentions of demonic principalities & activity. They are usually well versed in paranormal phenomena as well. Because of differences in religious beliefs & practices, there are many variations thereof.

First of all, we should note that the title demonologist is not an academic one, as one cannot get a degree or doctorate in demonology from an accredited college. No one can quantify or reproduce consistent results concerning demonology in a scientific setting, so it is technically considered a pseudo-science. However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t very dedicated & educated demonologists out there. Some theologians, for example, are versed in the unique field of study.

There are also certification courses & mentorships offered by those qualified or educated individuals who would teach others. Some are quite respectable & we personally have no issue honouring. However, if the certification one claims doesn’t involve a respectable time period of education & study or a test at the end of the course, & is not taught by someone who is established &/or credible, then we personally choose to not honour that particular certification. That is because some certifications can be bought without any training or education. So don’t be afraid to ask a demonologist how they came about their title & how they came to be educated & experienced, or certified (if they are).

Certification is not necessary to be a good demonologist. Neither is a theology degree. When present however, they can hold weight. But we should state that there are amazing demonologists out there who aren’t theologians & amazing theologians out there who aren’t demonologists. Because demonology is practiced by many different denominations & is not regulated by any public academic institutions, there will be a very wide range of diversity. Therefore, it is all the more important to look closely at the individual who you are inquiring about.

Although demonologists can also be deliverance ministers or exorcists, this is not always the case. Some demonologists just diagnose hauntings to determine if they are diabolical or not, then find a holy person, deliverance minister, or exorcist in the area of the oppressed to help if they deem the situation warrants it.

Although there are many different kinds of demonologists, they can all be divided into two simple categories; the ones who appease demons & the ones who oppose demons. We personally believe the best way to alleviate any demonic issue is to oppose the demonic instead of the appeasement thereof, so let’s look at what one should look for to make the distinction between the two. Let’s start with the latter.

Appeasement of demonic entities can involve anything from using different kinds of magic in rituals, to straight up devil worship, & anything in between. Thus open sin will be evident for those who practice appeasement, hence those will be signs to look for when one looks into a possible candidate.

Recently we needed to do a social media check on a potential demonologist regarding a matter. There are times we need to help someone find a demonologist close to their own location. In this case, the first post with photos we came across were of this particular demonologist playing a poker game, in a strip bar, with a stripper dancing around a pole right in front of the collective card players. Other posts also promoted sinful behaviour, which is akin to appeasing ones demons, hence is appeasing to demons. It was clear to us that this was not the right individual for the presented challenge. Would you trust your spirituality & soul in those hands?

The same principle of character holds true with those who oppose the demonic. There should be a general overall absence of sinful material present, replaced with positive intentions, love for creation, praise for God & the greater good, & things of this nature. So we suggest a simple background check & social media search of the individual to determine their personality & character before trusting them with your wellbeing.

Any demonologist who opposes demonic forces & is experienced in these matters knows the importance of wearing the spiritual Armor of God, despite what greater good denomination they belong to. This involves practices like daily prayer, going to church, striving for grace, charity work, etc…It is important for the demonologist to stay protected as well as to keep peace of mind & a healthy disposition. It will be evident in their words & deeds, & should reflect such wherever you decide to look. If you inquire about their spiritual practices, & they have nothing to relate back to you, avert course! If a demonologist is truly needed, then the situation may very well require spiritual warfare. Spiritual grace is thus important.

Because demonology is not regulated, you will run into all types, so if you notice anything you are not comfortable with, & you act in accordance with good common sense, that may likely prevent your overall situation from becoming worse down the road.

But what about religious preference/denomination? We recommend your best bet is to try to find a demonologist who is either the same religious denomination as the afflicted, or at a minimum (regardless if networking is required) has respect for one’s spiritual belief system. However, one denomination can help someone from another, as long as all parties are okay with this premise. Technically, denomination is just a label created by man to define practices of worship. This is a rift God can easily traverse.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask for various references. Many demonologists work with or are affiliated with an organization &/or can produce names of individuals who are willing to come forward to exert their faith & belief in the prospective demonologist. Some write books or articles which can be referenced as well. These references will attest to their faith, dedication, & understanding. However, without any kind of solid references, one may want to consider continuing the search until they find someone who fits the bill & can really help them out.

A good demonologist should also be plenty able to provide general information on the states of a demonic haunting, as well as suggestions on how to improve the situation for the individual or environment. There is spiritual counselling involved in a demonologists work, so you want to find one who you are comfortable communicating with, because without that you are missing out on the full benefits of having a good demonologist on your side. Remember that second opinions also never hurt, especially if you aren’t comfortable with the answers you were given to the questions you posed. A good demonologist should be able to give you plenty to work with. A shady demonologist should give you plenty to be weary of.

It’s important we note that aside from those demonologists who believe that all paranormal activity is demonic, most paralogians & demonologists believe only about 10% to 15% of hauntings are severe enough to be deemed demonic in nature. Our own research over the past decade basically concours, finding our number to be slightly higher at around 15% to 20%. Either way, the point is that the majority of paranormal professionals believe that demonic hauntings are relatively low, & true possession is even lower yet. A decent demonologist would also want to rule out all other possibilities before assuming anyone is afflicted with demonic activity, so they will look at other things which might simulate such experiences. Know that this is standard.

Many claims of paranormal phenomena can come in the way of intelligent ghosts, residual imprints, psychic kinetic activity, psychological hallucinations, earth energies, accidental mis-identification, etc… (Which can also be simulated/caused by demonic entities). But of the 10% to 20% that are consitered demonic (the most severe of all paranormal situations), only 1% to 2% are truly full blown possession cases. The rest of those are home infestations & oppression situations, which although aren’t quite as serious as a full blown possession, are still serious enough to evaluate & treat.

To top that off, someone who is fully possessed will almost never seek out a demonologist or holy person on their own accordance. So when people assume they are possessed, in truth they probably aren’t, or at least not yet. But one can consult with a demonologist to find out what the criteria are & what can be done to treat & alleviate the situation so it doesn’t continue to escalate.

Although it may or can be difficult to find a good demonologist, it’s not impossible. There are many paranormal directories out there that not only list paranormal organizations, but many times will also mention which team have a demonologist on their staff. Many teams, who don’t have a demonologist know which teams close to them do, so don’t be afraid to ask the local teams who seem credible & experienced or your local paranormal professional. There are also ministries who do this line of work. Location is usually relevant.

If you truly feel you (or someone you know) need to find help with a potential demonic situation, don’t be discouraged if you do meet resistance along the way. Odds are you will. Half of the demonologists out there likely won’t be right for you & half of the holy people out there don’t want to (or aren’t equipt to) deal with paranormal issues.

So in closing, it is like anything else… there are good ones out there & there are definitely many people to be weary of in this field, so do your research & look for the following; experience, references, good moral structure, good repore for communication sake, networking abilities (if applicable), & absolute dedication to their higher power (God) & the greater good…& always trust your instincts. This will be a good place to start. Good luck & God bless.

Kevin Malek and Jennifer Malek

Kevin Malek and Jennifer Malek

Kevin Malek is a Paranormal Historian & Founder of the Northern Wisconsin Paranormal Society Ltd. He is also a Ufologist with the UFO Wisconsin Research Team & a former Certified Field Investigator for Mufon. He is a Conspiracy Analyst for Ultimate Conspiracies & Apocalypse Nation.

Jennifer Scelsi-Malek is a Psychic & resident Demonologist with the NWPS (Northern Wisconsin Paranormal Society Ltd.). She is also the Wisconsin representative for the PWSM (Praesidium Warriors of St. Michael) & a Remote Viewer for the Project PSI Institute of Chicago, working on missing persons & cold cases.

Kevin & Jennifer both run the Northwood’s Paranormal Resource Center in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. They are contributing writers for The Supernatural Magazine, & are the hosts of the terrestrial (AM/FM) & internet radio show Paraversal Universe produced by WBHM(db), also heard on WCET FM, The RIFT, & Amelia Pisano Productions.

They have been interviewed & featured on such shows as Coast to Coast AM, Fade To Black, Beyond Reality, Demonology Today, Late Night In The Midlands, Skywatcher Radio, Monster X, Paranormal Zone TV, Paranormal Soup, Darkness Radio, Campfire Tales, Bail & Beyond, Dogman Encounters, NBC News, & many others.