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The Black Eye Kids

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

The Black Eyed Kids or BEK’s as I will call them from here on in is a subject that has garnered a lot of attention world-wide. I have been asked on many occasions to cover this subject, so here are my thoughts and theories on these BEKs.

So let’s start from the beginning, BEKs are a childlike entity that, by eyewitness accounts looked between 8-14 years old, nocturnal in nature and as the name suggests have piercing black eyes that have no discernible pupils or iris. These BEKs visit people in their homes or cars late at night, knock on the door or window and ask to be let in or to use the phone to call their mother so she won’t worry. The more the victims resisted the more of a sob story was told to them. All eyewitnesses tell of an uncomfortable feeling when encountering these entities but also have a compelling urge to help them, until that is, they see the black eyes become scared and shut the door or drive away quickly, and one witness in particular stated they had almost telepathic communication with each other when she asked those questions. Although there is one account that describes letting the BEKs in and said to never do it because as soon as they are it feels like they are ‘ripping out your soul’ if not for someone arriving home and interrupting them who knows what would have happened.

The first worldwide documented encounter was made by Brian Bethel from Abilene, Texas back in 1998 stating he was approached in his car outside a movie theatre by two BEKs asking to be let in the car upon seeing their eyes locked his doors and drove out of there.

So where do they come from? What are they exactly? What do they want? The fact they keep asking to ‘be let in’ smacks of vampirism, only being seen at night is a strong indicator as well as their persuasive nature but why appear as a child? Another explanation could be extra-terrestrial. The first known case of alien abduction was in 1957, a farmer in Brazil named Antonio Vilas Boas told of being taken on board a ship and was experimented on before relations with a female extra-terrestrial, that was 62 years ago, I am sure by now they have learned a thing or two about us, as a species we protect our young fiercely, this could be seen as a weakness and used against us by creating hybrid beings and trying to infiltrate us but their creepy behaviour still needs to be worked on although by all accounts they are quite polite, please and thank you, sir and madam. The Black eyes are reminiscent of the eyes on the popular alien sightings the ‘Greys’.

Upon researching these topics I came across a Native American legend specifically the Iroquois Indians where a dark power named the Otken would mate with female tribe members to produce black eyed, chalky skinned children to destroy the tribe and harvest their souls, however these ‘children’ were killed and burned at birth to prevent resurrection. The Otken (great devil) were deemed as evil and a good spirit named The Uki (great angel). This would explain the uncomfortable drowsiness experienced when in the company of the BEK’s, with the influence of westernised civilisation and Christianity over the Iroquois tribe over time these legends have changed to what is now more commonly known as Witchcraft.

Is that what the BEKs are? The surviving children of the Otken trying to steal souls from the unwitting public. One witness account mentioned before stated exactly that. So what do you think the BEKs are? Let me know your theories.

Thanks for reading.

Steve Wood

Steve Wood

A.K.A The Paranormal Theorist

Having a keen interest in the paranormal for as long as I can remember and finding a somewhat small talent for writing I initially was going to write a series of short stories, my early writings stuck to this idea pretty well but over time it evolved into researching origins and witness accounts for factual accuracy I found myself more interested in this side of it and it led me to write these theories and origins for others to read or use as a reference, this was the initial inspiration to create The Paranormal Theorist persona.