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Ghost caught on camera at Stanley Palace? With VIDEO

Alan was alone in the judges court when he took this picture of a man that resembles William Shakespeare, was only when he got home and his son was looking through the pictures he noticed him.

resembles William Shakespeare
Resembles William Shakespeare

This is a still shot taken of a video we captured while waiting for members to finish arriving for an Investigation at Stanley palace Chester.

Aaron was sat having a cup of tea with a trainee co-worker at the time and was oblivious to what was going on behind him.

On the video you can see the three children appear in shot and disappear. The middle child turns her head and looks directly at the camera before moving on.

Sefton Paranormal Team

Sefton Paranormal Team

Sefton Paranormal core team Pamela Mary, Aaron Robinette and Alan Mee have been together since 2009, united together through the same questions does the paranormal exist? Since then we have set out to investigate and document as many “Haunted locations” as possible. The team believes in all aspects of the paranormal, but will pursue all cases scientifically in order to record evidence to back their theories up. Over the years Sefton paranormal have held public investigations in some of England’s most haunted locations. Although based within Sefton ( The North West ) they travel up and down the country holding public events. Private bookings can also be arranged for work parties etc. We really enjoy what we do and would like to share monthly pictures and write ups, so you can also see and read what we have captured and how interesting the night was, but as we always say can’t switch it on or off.

We have also been asked to represent England and Wales in a new TV show coming soon called True Ghost Stories.True Ghost Stories is teams from around the world bringing true non scripted investigations. (Waiting on Dates and network) once a week.