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Compression teachings within Kundalini by chrism

Sometimes a fearful experience will be orchestrated by the Kundalini in order to teach; it would seem a single subject yet when one looks into it and begins to understand the single subject one discovers many branches of information branching off in every direction of the one subject.

The serpent issue is one such subject, as are the Tigers and the dismemberments. All of these experiences are very compressed huge amounts of information that at first can only be taken in piece by piece. Yet as a person opens and begins to expand Kundalini is an evolutionary energy that is designed for humanity’s next step toward a luminous physical and spiritual expression. The Kundalini is in everyone.

Kundalini often, and in my experience most of the time, offers lessons within lessons within symptoms and within more symptoms. There is so much compression into a single event that the conscious mind is really only concerned about the grossly obvious when there is volumes of information being given to the person inside of these transformations.

the books of these experiences will be experienced and understood with much more memory and application of the teachings given.

This is one reason why it takes so long to really know what is being given and received by the person inside of the Kundalini experience. Divinity has no limits on the amount of mundane physical based information it contains about the human physical interactions inside of this universe. It is divinity giving these teachings with the use of the Kundalini, the sacred circuit, as the bridge and the doorway into these heavenly fields of knowledge.

When a person receives a teaching which often takes place in the dream state I will suggest that they at first take the obvious teaching that is being given and then look beyond that teaching into a deeper meaning. As this is done the compressed knowledge can literally begin to spill into the person pouring into the mind with integrity and a substantive inter-connective-ness that defies the normal linear process of knowledge accumulation.

See the initial teaching and ask the Kundalini giving it to you why this teaching is for you if you do not already know. In many cases the obvious knowledge is instantly understood. Ask it for the deeper meanings and open yourself to its teachings. Sometimes when the information pertains to an individual’s activities or expressions the information may not be comfortable. In these situations I suggest that you broaden your inner reach and expand your egoless expressions and allow the teaching to be given without resistance. Take it in as much as you can with judgment or self criticism. Let it teach you the reasons why it applies to you.

Kundalini doesn’t ever lie to you. It will always be truthful. Your ego on the other hand will lie and lie and lie! It will tell you anything in order to take your focus off of a teaching that is being given to a person that may tell them to retrain the ego. So it is important to make these differentiations. One can do this by feeling the strength of the emotion and its quality of fear or not.

These compressions of knowledge are also contained in the kriya phenomena. As the person is jerked this way or that or they are moved into a specific asana or position the information can flow into the person once that certain position is attained. Knowledge of a spiritual nature or a physical nature can be given and then as you look closer all the bodies of expression will be given a teaching by the Kundalini as the one position is attained! Then you are moved into another position and a whole new university of information is given and so on and so forth through all of the many positions.

This can quickly become overwhelming and the Kundalini will shut down the feed as the human mind can only take so much at one time. The potential is always there for this infusion of knowledge. One must merely be open to it and willing to ask and feel the question and feel the answer as well as understand it mentally. Or merely be able to go inward inside of the Kundalini phenomena and experience it in ways that are not of this dimension. This will also occur.

In our practice and acquisition of knowledge in our five sense body everyday expression it is often best to connect an action or activity to the knowledge that is given. Kundalini and the amount of knowledge it has to give can be so vast and so filled with detail that we will forget huge amounts of it unless we in some way write it down or record it. So I suggest that this be done by those of you at this point or a beginning point in your Kundalini experience.

Do this so that you do not forget and you will remember the salient facts and points about the subject being given. So that this information will not be forever lost. This isn’t easy knowledge to come by so really make that effort!

As you do this and as you read and re-read what it is you have written; your own information base will expand tremendously and your memory of the knowledge will expand as well, because you have connected an activity to the acquisition of the information reinforcing the memory Ingram retention. Do this and you will begin to experience the myriad levels of knowledge and information the Kundalini will give to the conscious physical mind.

This isn’t even counting that which is given from divinity as a direct feed into your five bodies of expression simultaneously. They are all given with jewels of knowledge hidden within jewels of knowledge. These are the compression forms of information, the hidden seeds of information that become exposed on further examination. So chronicle your experience from day one and read and re-read your own words. Do this and you will see the many branches expanding out from the original tree of knowledge. It’s all there for you my friends.



Chrism came into life with a fully awakened Kundalini energy and speaks from his authentic experience. Through his many years of interaction with the awakened Kundalini he was guided to live a life of helping and teaching others that they may have a safe, supported and full expression of their own Kundalini energy and