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Don’t Mess With The Ouija Board

It’s a message that is frequently heard whenever the spontaneous urge to contact the spirit world through a rectangular slice of hard-backed plastic suddenly worms its way into the twilight of any suburban teenage soiree. Nevertheless, the overriding cries of ‘Don’t be such a coward’ usually drown out this feeble plea, as curiosity triumphs over common-sense every time, thanks in no small measure to a potent mixture of over-distilled alcohol and relentless peer-pressure!

Yes, using the Ouija board is a step into the sordid unknown when practiced in this discourteous fashion, and, should definitely not be messed with. Yet, the fact remains that the Ouija board is nothing more than a machine-manufactured device adorned with factory-printed lettering. So, why does it consistently instil a feeling of absolute terror in the minds of most ordinary-living folk? Well, the answer is actually very simple … and completely logical.

Who remembers those terrifying films of the 1970’s? You know, the one where James Bond was attacked in his bed by a rabid tarantula; or when Roy Schneider and his kids were mauled by a fish the size of Canada, and when scores of petrified American adolescents were diced up by Michelin-starred zombies! The resultant fear factor would inevitably stain the conscious minds of the most avid cinemagoers – and it was all thanks to the skill of Hollywood’s finest. In reality, tarantulas may look terrifying but they are in fact extremely placid creatures. Great white sharks are extreme predators but you’ve got more chance of finding The Titanic the next time that you dip your foot in the sea. And as for zombies, werewolves, vampires, poltergeists and any other paranormal being that you can think of – well, do you honestly think they are hovering around the bedrooms of suburbia, hoping for a chance to gate-crash the teenage party from hell? No, they will be safely locked up in the mind of Stephen King – ready to be let loose in the pages of next year’s literary blockbuster!

Fear stays with us, even though we’ve never swam with sharks, shared a duvet with venomous arachnids, or been on a blind-date with the girl from The Exorcist. Inevitably, it’s the ‘unknown’ that scares the carbon from our bones. What if Jaws really is in the sea where I am swimming? What if an American werewolf is waiting at the tube station for me? What if a ghost tries to contact us through the Ouija board? This uncertainty makes us afraid … and it’s all thanks to imbedded fears that originated through the imagination of scriptwriters and film directors. The truth is that not one of these individuals has the faintest idea how spirit communication actually works … or if it’s even possible! And when you mix fear, uncertainty and ignorance together then it’s no wonder that the Ouija board gets such a bad reputation.

In reality, using an Ouija board in the correct manner can be one of the most exhilarating activities that anyone will ever experience. I’ve used such a device on countless occasions and communicated with spirit people who have been desperate to pass on messages to their loved ones. To date, I’ve never experienced any nasty spirits that wanted to drag me to hell and cremate my soul. That’s not to say that they don’t exist, they most certainly do. But, thankfully, by not showing any fear, I can work safely with my spirit guides by my side.

Hollywood has just released the film ‘OUIJA’. I haven’t watched this movie yet but I’m pretty sure I could tell you all about it. It will be terrifying and it will make teenagers decide to buy Ouija boards to try and emulate the scenes in the movie. And the legend of the Ouija will inevitably continue. Long live the Ouija!

David Shaw

David Shaw

David Shaw is an author from Kilmarnock in Scotland. More commonly known as ‘the spiritcounsellor’, he works as a complementary therapist offering such therapies as hypnosis, past-life regression, massage and psychotherapy. David is also an experienced deep trance medium and regularly demonstrates his abilities through spiritual workshops. David has written many spiritual articles for various newspapers and magazines, and his new book – ‘Ghost Writers’ will be published by Harlequin at the beginning of 2015.