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A dream is defined as: “a succession of images, thoughts or emotions passing through the mind during sleep.” It’s also defined as “and involuntary vision occurring to a person when awake.” Sometimes their presence is entertaining, other times terrifying. What purpose do dreams serve? How can these images, thoughts and emotions invade both our subconscious and conscious existence?

In order to understand the purpose of dreams, it’s necessary to explore the different types of dreams: ordinary, recurring, lucid, telepathic, premonitory, daydreams and nightmares. Ordinary dreams are the unconscious mind’s reactions to something witnessed or experienced by the conscious mind. For example, if you planned a vacation during the day, you might dream about tropical islands that night.

Recurring dreams are the unconscious mind’s way to try and teach a lesson that needs to be learned. If you repeatedly dream about driving in circles, passing the same sites at every turn, yet you never seem to get anywhere; your subconscious might be trying to encourage you to pay attention to and change up your routine.

Lucid dreams occur when you are actually aware that you’re dreaming and you have the power to control your dreams. You might decide to dream about dolphins before you go to sleep, and end up dreaming about swimming with a school of dolphins.

Telepathic dreams open the door to communication between loved ones who’ve transitioned and your unconscious mind. It is called telepathic because communication with those who have passed on occurs with mind-to-mind communication. If a loved one shows up in your dream, pay attention to their presence. The easiest way for them to communicate is in dreams.

Premonitory dreams are premonitions but they can also allow the dreamer to travel into their future in a dream state. By doing so, they can witness things that could happen in the future. You could have a dream about the color pink; which you decide to wear to work the next day. And, the moment you walk in, you notice that everyone else at work seemed to have had the same dream; everyone has something pink on. Premonitory dreams are often the source of Deja vu because the soul recognizes what it’s already witnessed in dreams.

Nightmares are a response to fear and often stem from both childhood and past lives. They can be brought on by a trigger during the waking hours. The soul houses all memories of its existence and, since we’re always learning, sometimes something we experience during our waking hours will perpetuate the soul memory of a similar situation. Warnings also can be perceived in nightmares: “if you first see a frightful event in a dream, you can prevent harm from happening in waking life. For example, nightmares can warn against acting on impulse, as well as show that certain feelings and emotions are unhealthy.”

Daydreams tend to occur when the body and mind are in a relaxed state, and are designed to distract the mind. A recent National Geographic article suggested that daydreaming turns off the analytical part of the brain and makes you more creative. This occurs because the mind seeks an escape from the task at hand, and therefore the creative side kicks in.

The interesting thing about all types of dreams is that it all involves the subconscious mind; which is where the logical, rational part of the brain is shut down and the creative part of the brain takes control. What is the purpose?

We are truly a soul in a body having a human experience; whose entire purpose is to learn. Your soul already has the knowledge of the universe within, and often wants to share this knowledge with the brain. The brain tends to reject this information while conscious and operating in its usual analytical state. In dreams, the soul can open to share knowledge, to communicate not only with the body in its resting state, but also with others who have transitioned on. Often times, this is the best way to learn and grow.

This also explains how these images, thoughts and emotions enter into our dream state. There is no conscious, analytical brain barrier preventing the flow of knowledge and learning. And, when daydreams occur, the mind is often relaxed and in a form of meditative state. It is during this relaxation that the soul can outreach, often times resulting in pleasurable images and feelings that help to calm and relax the body.

We all dream. It is the soul’s domain. Often, we do not remember our dreams. Why does that happen if the soul’s purpose is to learn in the dream state? Regardless of whether or not you consciously remember your dreams, your unconscious mind remembers; your soul remembers. Healing often happens while the body sleeps, especially when it’s unwell. The conscious mind doesn’t need to remember the healing received in dreams; it only wants to feel better.

There is no need for the conscious mind to have memory of dreams; there was no homework assignment, no lesson to remember once awake. Those dreams that do carry through from one state to another always have something to learn or pay attention to. Before you even get out of bed, write down what you remember. That is your soul speaking to your conscious mind. It could be pretty important.

This also includes writing down any experiences with transitioned loved ones, angels, or any other kind of visitors you might experience. Loved ones will come to express love and often have a message for you as well. Since communication is telepathic, they could give you that message in a number of ways: memories, visions, colours, feelings, or by simply just telling you. Pay attention to what you remember and always write it down.

Another fascinating thing about dreams is that they always seem to have a language of their own. Dreams are symbolic. A quick online search indicates that there are dozens of dream interpretation websites. Symbols can be anything from an animal to a memory; and often include something intriguing. Your soul knows how to get your attention. If you dream about driving fast on a never-ending freeway, it’s quite possible that your soul is trying to tell you to slow down and figure out where you truly want to go.

As a medium, I’ve come to rely on my dreams as a very powerful tool. I often receive messages from loved ones, as well as guides, angels and all sorts of animals. It amazes me that, just by allowing my subconscious to take over, that my soul is able to connect to the higher realms.

Dreams are an incredible reminder of just how connected we are to the universal consciousness. They are a door, a portal that not only allows us to learn and grow but to also receive guidance and love from the worlds beyond this one.

KJ Hamilton.

KJ Hamilton.

KJ is a published author whose short stories and poems have been published online and in print. Her first novel, Fanatical Betrayal, was published in November 2004. KJ is also a natural-born medium who has spent many years studying and perfecting her natural spiritual gifts under the tutelage of many teachers and mentors. Her goal is simple: to bring love and healing, to build a bridge betweeen the planes and to provide continuity of life beyond all doubt. As such, she strives for excellence in her work.