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Elemental Beings

Elemental beings, there is an interesting subject to learn about. Many years ago I was quite sceptical about these beings.

I was looking at pictures drawn by psychic artists one evening at a spiritual church meeting and listened to a talk about the elemental world. I accepted the fact that animals and flora are all part of the elemental kingdom.

Well at times spirit can pull you aside and show you interesting things. I found myself attracted to a small green book in the local book shop and I couldn’t explain why. I picked it up and read the title, meeting the fairies, by Robert Ogilvie Crombie.

So in the end I bought the book, read it from cover to cover and enjoyed the experience immensely. So, I found myself beginning to accept the possibility of these beings.

One morning, I held a meditation circle at my house with a few close friends. I was standing facing everyone and my large family room windows were in the background. Suddenly I became aware of this little being. He then proceeded to tell me his name was Tobias. I then asked the others in the room if they could see anything in the room that was not normally there. One lady said, “Oh you mean that little khaki guy standing guy standing over there?”

A few weeks later, my cat kept looking over my shoulder. I was blocking his view of something so I slightly turned to see what he was looking at. As I turned I saw what I can only best be described as a small version of the big friendly giant from the Roald Dahl stories. This being was unaware of me as he walked passed and suddenly he disappeared.

So, now I had seen an elemental being in my garden and one in my house. The space that Tobias stood in was in the right hand side of the room which is on the eastern side of the block of land the house stands on. It then occurred to me that there must be an energy portal there. This was exciting to discover and I wanted to know more.

I have seen Tobias again in my house and told him he is most welcome any time. It turns out Tobias is a very important elemental being and there is much to read on the Internet on him. From here I have been tuning into the nature spirits in my garden.

My garden is a very peaceful and tranquil place. Many people often comment about my garden being so tranquil and really enjoy being in my back yard where there is harmony with the elemental beings.

Lately, my husband has felt the healing benefits of our beautiful garden for the first time, He was never interested in gardening up until this point. There has been a spiritual awakening and healing taking place with the help of these wonderful Elemental beings that I have accepted as part of my family.

Alex Fulford

Alex Fulford

I have done live on air readings here in Canberra, and being in the age of technology, do international readings, which include well known public figures such as T Stokes the Palmist in England and Tracie Austen Peters, of TV’s let’s talk paranormal. I am a member of the International Psychics Association (formerly the Australian and International Psychics Association)