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My interest in energy began very early on, my mother was a healer for family, friends and the occasional stranger in need. I too have worked with this ability over the years and so my understanding of the life-force that we are all connected by and made of has been a very matter of fact and practical part of my life since day one. It is something mum just did well, she didn’t talk about how or why it worked; it just did. I wanted to know more, I didn’t know it was unusual that she could heal, I just found it fascinating.

There was a period in European history known as the dark ages which stretched from the 5th to the 10th Century in which very little written history exists after the Roman Empire crumbled. Druids and shaman were a part of this forgotten world and their knowledge of their natural world, the sun, the moon and the stars would be a revelation if only we could learn from them now. The midwives or witches of the day were the only medical authority in rural communities, working magic with nature whilst applying healing to the people.

Our innate ability to heal and to find the ingredients for medical poultices and herbal remedies has for the most part been lost in the mists of time. Only recently have we began grudgingly to show a little respect to the very few hunter gatherer communities left in the world. As we realise the value of the undiscovered world of flora and fauna in the rainforests, we could perhaps, begin to see the value of a purely spoken record passed down through the generations, their wisdom kept in a variety of forms, including the tradition of poem, song and fable. It is not so long ago that we mocked their simplicity, their presence was at best an awkward inconvenience as we literally bulldozed their world away.

You are connected to the world, your loved ones and beyond on another level entirely. When viewed at a quantum level, the entire universe, our solar system, and all of us are sitting on a planet made of a shimmering vibrating energy, all boundaries disintegrate, differences dissolve, and everything is connected.

I too work in this way observing our world and our lives in an energetic form. I believe that healing and energy therapy is a natural part of our lives which has evolved as our consciousness has evolved over millennia. As we develop as individuals from cradle to grave and see ourselves as separate from our environment, our thinking and emotions develop an energy system with corresponding form. Energetically nothing is forgotten, all your experiences have form and shape and influence the frequency that you meet the world with. It is this encyclopaedia of your experience that sensitive types can pick up on and give you a snapshot of where you are now.

There is without a question a mind body connection, you are a mass of nerve activity and have hormones coursing through your veins along with countless other chemical messengers. Those synapses fire in response to a perceived threat, your body responds with a predefined activation of adrenalin, your heart rate quickens, your blood pressure rises; all in readiness for a potential fight or flight response. We are hard wired to respond to our busy complicated lives with the speed of a quick thinking hunter in lots of unconscious ways. We have developed strategies to switch off from these impulses but we are all different, our internal worlds unexpressed are secret, but all our fears, hopes and dreams are writ large in our energy field.

Running alongside our cardiovascular, endocrine and nervous systems are a network of energy highways or meridians. This pulsing supply of chi or life force energy will flow freely and pool at any location in the body which needs attention. The flow and supply is limitless and unending, fluctuating and changing, it is another reflection of who you are but it is only a part of your energetic story.

Your thoughts and emotions are just as real at an energetic level as your heart and lungs. How you process the world emotionally and what you think are processed and given structure in your chakra system.


Your thinking and your personality shape and colour your subtle body or energy field (aura) and your seven main energy centres (chakras) influencing the organs nearest to them. Your developmental stages correspond to the development of each chakra through life.I have always trusted my intuition, my own experience of energy was my starting point.

Emotionally we can become hard wired to our surges of adrenalin, we seek out new experiences and thrills to bring the same response from our bodies. This behaviour locks a pattern into our chakras, a setting of the energy system, the regular habitual, thinking or activity is literally tuned in to the chakras at a certain frequency. For this client we would work on relaxation through healing and bringing about total a meditative state, balancing of all the chakras. Their focus would be to accomplish this feeling of peace achieved through energy therapy for themselves with meditation for a new found balance.

Another individual can’t cope with the smallest surprise, for them a previous event has locked in the flight response and now it is recorded deep in the energy field and exerts an unhelpful influence over memory and the physical response of adrenalin and in turn the feeling of panic at unwelcome moments. We would work on the specific chakras where the fear and panic has settled, we would if permitted by our client relay the images and events picked up in the energy field and start a cycle of release of energy blockages. The clients focus would be to move forward and achieving the new sense of balance through grounding exercises and meditation.

This is the subtle world that healers work with. We use the minor chakras in our hands to direct energy to our clients energy centres and energy highways clearing pooled and blocked energy and provide extra energy to the areas where needed with a fresh natural flow of the clients own life-force in addition to the healing that flows through the healer. All the people you interact with, your family, your friends and your foes connect to your energy system and leave a pattern which can be detected and interpreted.

Your physical blueprint is set out in your DNA, your energetic blueprint is set out in your chakras. The sum total of you as a spiritual being, including everything you have experienced over lifetimes and brought you to this point is being expressed through your energy system at this very moment, your goal is to find equilibrium, let go of the past and live in the now harmoniously to achieve happiness and balance. Energy Psychology is a snap shot of you at an instant, giving an understanding of how you connect to your life energetically. A reading gives insight to where you are now, with an understanding of the energy centres that hold our past events we can be more cognisant of what we feel, let go of connections that no longer serve a purpose and free our much needed energy for a fresh start.

As I researched I found that healing and the energy system has been known about and worked with for thousands of years. The energy centres are represented in spiritual tradition throughout the world. From the Buddhist philosophy, the Jewish Kabbalah and Hindu religion and meditation practice through to forms of energy cultivating exercises in Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gung and many other forms of martial arts to a range of ancient and Christian paintings depicting the halo or crown chakra, our world is filled with references to our energetic heritage.

The goal of meditation is to let go of your thoughts and be still. The occasional build-up of stress has a natural mechanism for release. It is as natural as life itself, an evolution of thought requires down time. We sleep and we let go, meditation is a cultivation of the mind and body with the natural facility of sleep for a vehicle. With practice you are awake, cognisant and present in the moment with a freedom to see the full potential of what it is to be you.

Understanding that your thoughts have form and you are what you think is a big step. I give a gift to clients of a chakra meditation to work with following an energy therapy session or reading, it is a starting point to understanding their own unique energy signature, I have included it here for you so you can, if you wish begin your own voyage of energetic discovery.

Make yourself comfortable (lying or sitting). Take as long as you like with your meditation each day. Start with your hands on or just focus your attention on the Crown Chakra and see what you notice. Spend 5 minutes (longer if you like) and then move on to the next chakra as you move down. Don’t worry if you miss one, get it the next time. If it feels right to focus on just one for an hour then do so. It’s OK to fall asleep; there isn’t a wrong way only your way to meditate, relax and heal.

Think of the aura in terms of the chakras, so I see the energy flowing out of the chakras and around the body from back to front. The root chakra flows closest to the body, each subsequent chakra flows further away from the body in layers. A healthy body will have a lovely feel of flow

There are differences in these layers and the size of the aura changes in each individual moment to moment depending on how we are reacting to and are influenced by our environment, relationships and past events in our life.

If we have a blockage to be healed in a chakra it will feel to me as if it is pulling energy. I will feel the blockage and sometimes feel the associated emotion and event as I remove the blockage. Occasionally spirit relatives of the client will come in to help. As you move from chakra to chakra make notes on what you experience and see how your notes compare to the chakra system diagram.

You may notice a combination of chakras working together with certain situations. For example the lowest 3 chakras - root, sacral and solar plexus are often linked together. Being aware of this will help you as you balance all of your system.

If you work clairvoyantly look for vibrant colours. The goal is complete relaxation, imagine healing light flooding your whole energy system and into each chakra. Finishing with the root chakra -

(TO GROUND YOUR SELF AFTER A LONG STRESS FUL DAY / AT MOMENT OF STRESS), imagine roots from the base of your spine or soles of your feet connecting all the way to the centre of the planet. Allow mother earth to ground you and take away any unwanted thoughts, feeling or energy.

Stephen Rose

Stephen Rose

Stephen has been developing his system of energy psychology for over 25 years.

From childhood experiences with spirit and healing it became his life’s passion to develop a clear understanding of how our busy modern lives are connected to a supportive spirit world with our energy fields holding the key to all our relationships, experiences and life’s path.