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Interview with Chris Fleming at Phenomenology 107

When asked what sort of medium he is, Chris Fleming’s reply is “I’m really a large, not a medium.”

Jeffrey B. Roth, a reporter and journalist and I attended Phenomenology 107, in York PA on Saturday, June 20, where we conducted our interview with Chris Fleming. Chris, who appears much younger than his 48 years, has a quiet and contained presence and a dry wit.

The son of Reggie and Patricia Fleming. Chris spent most of his childhood in the suburbs of Chicago. As a child, he had encounters with ghosts, unexplained entities, angels and a variety of dark forces. He has also felt the presence of the divine.

Chris explains his mediumship this way.

“I don’t hate it. It is a part of who you are. I wonder how different my life would be if I had not had these encounters as a child with entities and ghosts. Would I now have a successful business or a family? I probably would. You become very compassionate towards others.”

“As a child I alienated myself from others. My friends used to think I was nuts. But now, things are different. Old friends reach out to me now who remember who I was then and tell me that they believe in the supernatural now, because they have had their own paranormal experiences. They are now supportive of what I do. It’s comforting to know that and it’s a relief.”

Chris holds a degree from Beloit College in fine arts, with a minor in psychology and music.

He also has a gift for technology and innovation when it comes to paranormal investigative tools. Chris introduced his K-II meter and innovative ways of communicating with intelligent spirits on the TV show Ghost Hunters. This innovation changed how investigating is done with EMF devices and electronic equipment. Chris named this technique the “Direct Response Method”.

On Ghost Adventures he introduced yet another device, the SB7 Spirit Box, which he co-developed with Gary Galka. Paranormal investigators now use this device as the standard in the field of spirit communication.

Chris worked as a graphic designer for a newspaper for six years. In 1997, he used his design experience to publish his own magazine and document his spiritual experiences in Unknown Magazine: Real Experiences of Unusual Phenomena, which he published from 1997 to 2001.

Regarding his mediumship, Chris has learned to trust his own instincts. “You have confidence that the universe will support you. Experience helps to gain confidence.”

As he receives confirmation of his abilities it gives him increased confidence as a medium. “When (his readings) becomes true I gain confidence. I know that feeling when I get a message. You recognize it as truth. “

Chris describes the feeling he gets when he is doing a reading and is receiving messages from “they”. He refers to the spirits he communicates with as “they”.

“I get an overwhelming sense of awareness that this is of a higher quality and sense of knowledge different or other than what I was thinking a moment before or a moment after. I get a sensation of a cool static electricity sensation up through my head and down my back and in the back of my neck.”

In a car accident in 2009, Chris’s neck was injured. “I don’t feel that (the sense of tingling in his neck when receiving messages) anymore because I have pain there. I don’t rely on that anymore. I’m thinking that there were other forces at work. I feel it other ways now. I will hear a voice in my head to tell me to do this or not do that, a yes or no.”

Chris describes his style of mediumship as often very spontaneous, reading people on flights, in hotels, on the street.

Chris is a frequent speaker at colleges, universities, and paranormal conferences, speaking about the paranormal and his experiences as a medium.

Sometimes the message Chris gets is very strong. Sometimes he tells someone and they do not accept it and will walk away or get upset.

“There is a girl here today who is very shy. I received a message for her. I approached her and asked her if I could tell her something…tell her to do something. She thanked me, and told me I was right. She is better today. It is nice to do that.

“ I will be in an airplane and I will get a message for someone next to me. Most of the time people thank me.”

Chris has control over his mediumship. The messages will often come sporadically. He doesn’t always have control over when they come, but he does control the messages during a formal reading.

“At the conference during my lecture, they told me to have everyone hug each other because someone needed to feel love, so, without warning, I stopped everything and told everyone to hug the people around them because someone was in need of feeling loved, and they did that. “

“If I do readings for people, I will ask for and receive messages. I have some control. Sometimes a message will give me confidence. By telling me someone has a black cat, for instance, and they confirm that I am right, it gives me confidence to continue and helps me to know I’m getting correct information, that I’m connected. Now “they” are ready to give me the good stuff.

When asked if he ever receives messages that are negative, Chris admits that, yes, he does receive negative messages. “It’s part of being a medium since I have to be so open. Yes, stuff will come into my head, negative stuff, even violent stuff, telling me to do something negative, like hit someone. I didn’t understand what was going on when I was younger. I understand it now. I recognize negative messages and voices and have learned to ignore

them, or do the opposite, like “Step on your cat. “ I will always do the opposite. I will pick up my cat and hug her.”

“You have to pay close attention to and control your own thoughts at all times.”

Chris read a book by Napoleon Hill, titled, Outwitting the Devil. The author describes the experience of what he believed to be the Devil putting thoughts into our heads.

“It is our responsibility to control thoughts at all times, and prevent bad thoughts. Some people are not able to tell the difference between their own thoughts and these outside thoughts telling them to do bad things. Criminals, serial killers, will claim to hear voices telling them to do terrible things. They get these negative thoughts and do not recognize that they are not coming from their own mind, but from an outside negative source. That is when you get into the possibility of psychological disorders.”

Chris believes that there are certainly psychological, mental and emotional disorders and illnesses, which can cause voices and negative thoughts. However, weak or ill people who are not balanced will be attacked by negative spirits, or get attachments due to their psychological weaknesses. They are more vulnerable.”

“In most possessions you rarely hear of someone that is of sound mind and body getting possessed. They have problems already.”

The Roman Catholic Church gave classes on exorcisms. One-hundred-twenty-seven people signed up; teachers, doctors, psychiatrists, engineers, scientists. They have decided that there are outside forces that are affecting their field that they cannot explain. They now believe that there are evil, outside forces that they need to understand. This is an amazing admission from the professional community.

Chris feels that we are seeing more evil forces manifesting today than ever before. For instance, kids with guns. He believes it to be caused by demonic influence. The experts deny that it is evil spirits.

“Then you tell me why they (kids with guns) are doing it? What is making kids do that? You cannot explain it. They cannot tell the difference in the voices telling them to do things. No one can prove how or why this happens or explain why people do these things, or where these voices come from. These voices are coming from somewhere. “

In 2001 Chris co-hosted a popular TV show out of the UK called Dead Famous, which ran for three years. After Dead Famous, Chris made guest appearances on Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, and Zak Baggin’s Paranormal Challenge. He was also a member of the cast of the TV show Psychic Kids.

During the filming of Dead Famous, Chris was to try and talk to celebrity ghosts. To hone his skills, he would leave and walk around the streets of New York City and talk to homeless people, go into bars (he does not smoke and rarely drinks) and read strangers. In NYC, he read a woman who does not believe, so he read her and she hit him in the face really hard and stormed away.

“Oh my God that hurt, that really hurt.” She came back and apologized and told him he was right. “Now I have to watch what I say. I want to see what I can do, hone my skills, not get smacked in the face. Sometimes people need to get their feelings out. “

During a Ghost Box reading Chris talked to a woman who was told she could not let go of her boyfriend, who was killed in a drunk driving accident in which she felt responsible and suicidal. She recognized his voice on the Ghost Box. He told her that he is not OK and that she would not let go. He had not crossed over because she was thinking of suicide. He told her it was his fault, not hers and she needs to let go of him. She broke down crying and admitted to thinking of killing herself. Chris advised her to get into counseling immediately. She is doing well now.

Chris will do formal follow up of his readings when there is something very dangerous going on. Then he will email and ask how they are doing or keep in touch over social media.

“If it is a house haunting, yes, I will follow up because it is an actual place I can go visit to help. But when I tell someone they need to do ssomething it is up to them to do it. I can’t make them do it.”

When asked what he thought of so many people claiming to be psychics today, he responded with a quick “It’s ridiculous.”

“I personally know of psychics who are amazing. They have strengths in certain abilities.” But those who loudly claim, “I’m psychic now. I do readings and I’m great, I’m so accurate.” I would say to them, “What are you talking about? So, what you are saying is, I really want attention, and you are getting confirmation to make yourself special?”

“ If they say they are special or always accurate, run away from them. I really hate that. If anyone says they are accurate all of the time, run away from them. “

“To use myself as an example, I will ask someone if they have a brother. They answer with a no. OK. I’m wrong. Do you have a dog? No. OK. I am wrong again. You must admit you are wrong. I have to have three correct hits in a row. If I am not accurate, I tell the client this is not going well. I often have to reschedule because I am not getting anything.”

“Some things people are not ready to hear, or not meant to know. For instance, a psychic told someone they were going to get very rich publishing a book. So the guy cashes in his 401K. He had to file for bankruptcy. This person spent all of his money and was so busy doing other things and spending money that he didn’t yet have, that he was not at the right place at the right time to get the money, so he went broke.”

“If you expose too much to people you may prevent someone from doing something they need to do.”

A woman asked Chris if her sick dad was going to die soon. Chris received a message that her dad had about eight months to live, but he didn’t tell her. He told her to spend more time with her dad, go on a picnic. Go do something you used to do as a child. Talk about your wonderful memories, reminisce. He died six months later. Now, because she did what was important and was living in the moment she was allowed to enjoy the moments he had left.

“I tell people you must do this, this, this, and this. They have to do those things. I cannot be responsible if people do not.”

When asked if he could recognize psychic abilities in others, he told us he can see “untapped potential” in people. As a young student a teacher told him to develop his writing ability. This teacher gave him a low grade in her class and sent him to summer school. He now realizes that 30 years ago she told him to do what he needs to do now, which is learn to write well so he can write his book. So, sure, I am having a few problems now with my writing. Why didn’t I work on that when she told me?

Chris has a book coming out, which is planned for release sometime this fall. The title is Caught Between Heaven And Hell.

Go to Chris’s website is for more information. He can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.

Interview conducted by Jeffrey B. Roth and Pam Wellington. Written by Pam Wellington. Photos by Jeffrey B. Roth. Biographical information from

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