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loved ones in dreams

Waking up in a daze, I adjust to my surroundings, Unaware that I had been crying in my sleep. It’s a strange feeling, to only be able to see your loved ones through dreams, when you used to spend every day with them.

Going downstairs I can’t help but go to the places where they had been in my dream. Obviously I was greeted by an empty room, but I could sense that my relative was around me.

I don’t think anyone gets over losing a loved one. Throughout your life you just learn to adapt without them. The way I see it is that I will be seeing all of them again, just not for a very long time!

But how do you know your loved one is actually there in a dream? I wanted to know myself, so one time I asked my loved when they came to visit me in the dream. I won’t tell you who my relative is or how they died etc., as obviously it is very personal to me. What I can tell you was they were extremely spiritual, and we used to have many conversations about the after-life and how we would communicate with one another.

I was extremely close to this person, and I am so grateful that they were/are a part of my family. A couple of weeks after they died, they came to me in a dream.

I find that there is always that atmosphere within the dream, which tells us (The dreamer) that our loved one is actually there and that we are not imagining it. Even when I’m not dreaming when they are about I can sense them, I can pick up on their energy and I know whereabouts they are in the house.

Each of my loved ones has a different “feel” to their energy, so I never get confused about whom it is because of that. There is also that angelic look about them when they visit you in a dream; they seem at peace with themselves and with everything.

When I saw my relative in the dream I said to them ” You do realise this is a dream?” and they responded “I know! I wanted to come and see you” I will remember those words for the rest of my life. I thought that was such a beautiful thing to say. Whenever I have had dreams in the past my loved ones have never responded like that before.

However there is one question which I have not been given an answer to. I have asked my loved ones what heaven is like. To which they just give me a loving look, and communicate with me telephonically as if to say “It is the most beautiful place you can imagine” Even though they don’t say what it is like, I can tell by their whole persona that it is an incredible place!

Couple of weeks later the same loved ones came to visit me again, and I asked ” What is heaven like?” and they finally said ” It’s a beautiful place” I find it very interesting that I never get an answer. I have come to the conclusion that we mortals are not allowed to know what the afterlife is life is like until it is our time to go.

When loved ones come to visit me, they come at a particular time. Normally for me, that is the early hours of the morning or the afternoon when I am having a power-nap. I also find it interesting that sometimes in the dream the time of day matches the exact time of day it is on Earth. For example….

One time a loved one came to see me, and we were sitting in my kitchen. It was the early hours of the morning, just gone half past 6 (We have a clock in the kitchen which showed me what time it was) When I awoke I looked at the clock on my phone, it had just gone 7am.

It is a blessing to be visited by loved ones in a dream, regardless of what you are going through outside of that dream, they want you to know that they are with you all the time, even though you can’t see them , they are watching you and will always love you.

Arabella Mortimer Hendry

Arabella Mortimer Hendry

Arabella is a freelance Author/writer. She has always had a passion for writing since an early age. She has currently published one book Love Tie, but is hoping to release more in the future. Growing up in a haunted house only fuled her interest in the paranormal. Arabella has and is still investigating and documenting her experiences. She resides in Horsham Town with her family.