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Meditation: The Human Element

These days you hear a great deal about meditation and mindfulness as a spiritual practice, or prescribed as an exercise for greater health, as it has been proven to have such results. What is meditation and mindfulness? How does one integrate it into a daily life or employ it as a necessary tool during investigations? The study of the paranormal is a quest into the realm of the spiritual, and must be evaluated from a place of spirit within us. The human element is the most important tool at the researcher’s disposal. Psychics, mediums, empaths, and HSP individuals have access to further gifts, but we all possess the key to true power and spiritual authority. Meditation is the key to unlocking your hidden understanding.

Meditation is a practice of disconnecting through observation. A simple technique is to focus on your breathing, the beating of your heart, the grass under your feet, the smell of the trees, the wind on your face, and as you become aware, the static noise in the mind clears. Meditation is just another word for listen. As the mind slows and relaxes we access our Alpha waves which are our collective mind. It is here that inspiration and understanding is birthed within us. If we meditate just twenty minutes a day, the health of our mind, body, and spirit receives the nutrients it needs to grow into your full potential. We expand ourselves into our environment while being still. A connection we feel inside us to the whole of the universe. If you have ever stopped and admired a sunset, then you were meditating.

We can turn on our television and watch how the field of the paranormal is guided through fear and the thrill of experience. However the approach is very disrespectful and the intention behind are not to understand, but to catch evidence and then leave the problems unsolved in an attempt of personal glory. However if we can enter the veil with a quiet respect, guided by a peaceful mindfulness for understanding then the results might just prove itself. Meditation during investigations puts you in the space, in the moment. Such phenomena might just need a certain energetic environment for manifestation. So it would be a good idea to have some managing instruments and equipment but it is also necessary to have a group using the intuitional instruments found inside each of us.

Group meditation creates a united energy, an environment of compassion for those gone and for those being abused presently by such phenomena. Instruments will do what they do best which is catch evidence. The human element creates the environment for contact through group meditation and focus, which creates a safe support network for any mediums, psychics or empaths during communication. Paranormal experiences can be dangerous and every care should be taken when delving into the unknown to protect those that directly communicate, and any of the group that might not be as strong willed as needed. Together we create strength and further clarity of mind.

It is now the days of merging spirit and science. The study of the paranormal is a study of spirit. The approach to unlocking the mysteries must be done with a mindfulness of this fact. Meditation is a skill everyone can do, and the benefits extend far beyond our field of study. Group unification, fear management, reducing noise pollution, awareness of activity greatly increases and environmental energy management can all be accomplished by adding group meditation to an investigation. Let us work together to explore this horizon with all our gifts and questioning minds

David Lawson

David Lawson

David’s writings cover varying subject matters broaching a wide range of topics on the unknown from spiritual to ghost hunting to the occult. He is one of the lead empaths and researchers with the global organization, The Hunt with Holzer. Through reflection he is able to share his perceptions to help others look at their own. His writings and teachings come purely from the desire to give back to the community and to inspire others to do the same. For further details about this writer, please visit: