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Momentary Ripples of Release and Alignment

We are feeling so much on a vibrational. More so than we have noticed prior to this very moment. Emotions running high for some. Much coming to the surface to be acknowledged and to then release. Metatron guides us at this time very much to “be still and know, that whatever ripples we are feeling that they are shifts into the higher vibrations of light, that run through us and align us with source”.

We feel these very much so in our emotional and mental state and we are so ABLE to look at whatever is occurring within our vibration and let it pass through as if it comes to us on a holographic screen, some energies trying to perturb and bring us out of our divine aligned state of being.

We are, more and more so, able to rise above and out to be from the higher aligned frequency as we feel this as a different, yet sublime state of being to what we have been used to in the past.

Moment by moment, ripple by ripple, wave by wave, we release and are uplifting in line with the planetary harmonics and vortices of divine light that move us, up and up, higher and higher, through the circulation/vortices of eternal illuminated presented light.

For we are vibration. We are electromagnetic energy Beings and we are feeling this more and more and being brought to a level of understanding how the frequencies affect and effect our very being, Being. In our observation and trusting we can see beyond what is occurring, be beyond what is transmuting as we surrender and become that which is aligned to and as Source.

Anything outside of this is fragmentation, misaligned vibration. Aspects of the dense silhouette of who we thought was our small and limited Being are being lifted and removed as we no longer require them. Being transmuted into immortal, eternal, omnipresence as we expand beyond any weights and measures.

The old fragmented frequency of being is no longer a vibrational match for our new garment of light that is forming, beneath the waves of transformation. As the lesser thought patterns, memories and frequential trappings ripple to the surface, we see, we sense, we visualize for a moment, we feel the vibrational thoughts and emotional patterning and residue and we let go. As it rises and releases from our being.

If we give rise to reaction and give way to acting upon the old ways and methodology we are keeping our Being stagnated in the old vibrations. This will enhance the fragmented and “incompleteness in Being” process until the vessel begins to align through non-judgment and surrender processes.

The key is in the simplicity of being and becoming non-reactive to triggers and giving way to the Way-Shower, the Strengthening and expansion, through experience, of the human vessel. Release of the stories and embracing the simplicity in Being.

Mankind is evolving and shifting into a whole new level and way of being. This is not something we can escape from, as it is not something to escape. It is our evolutionary journey and awakening. The more we open ourselves up to a little understanding of this vibrational evolutionary process, the easier it is to journey.

We are being assisted every step of the way on our journey of light. As we embrace the density release and the awakening to light within. The universe itself knows and assists us every step of the way. Metatron guides and is with you and especially at this time, asks that we trust in this process.

“The imaginary light and illusion of a higher order, as the veil grows thinner you are being shown much within yourself, as the divine vibration that you are. You are awakening to the Source vibration and empowering frequencies that are drawing you closer to the truth. Awaken, dissolving, embracing, becoming, aligning to your true vibration. And in this journey of becoming and awakening you will feel that which is beyond words or explanation. It is your becoming”.

Embrace the ripples, see them as passing waves. Feel the vibrations, and align with that which knows deep within, that this is an energetic alignment phase. That underneath the fragility, the light empowers you and assists your vibrational shifting into the realms of divine order. Matching like with like vibration to bring you to the frequency that will uplift, awaken and align you.

Tammy L Majchrzak

Tammy L Majchrzak

“Tammy is a Scribe and serves as a link between the Divine Universal Coding vibration. She is a Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Alchemist, Archangel Metatron Messenger/Scribe and the Founder of Metatronia Foundation of Light (MTFOL). Her work at this current time is involved in assisting those who are on their Ascension Journey path of enlightenment and to know for themselves, the divine truth itself through the light of the One Source and Universal Coding.