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New Group Unity Paranormal

Welcome to Unity Paranormal Events, we are a small but friendly company who have just started running Ghost Hunts! Whilst we use the term Ghost hunts we don’t hunt them we investigate, while we claim to be a new company the staff at Unity are old hands and have been doing investigations for a long time working with other companies, we pride ourselves in making sure that the night belongs to you, our only job is to guide you in connecting with energy and to be only there for your spiritual welfare, this then allows you to run your own investigation and get the validation you need

We will never lie to you and say that something is here when it is not we do not fake any activity and whilst equipment is provided we will not force anyone to do anything they are not happy doing

We also welcome small groups of paranormal investigators who we will do our upmost to cater for, you can e-mail us for further information

We also as a company work alongside Ghost Hunter Tours a paranormal company that also owns the Psychic Directory and Psychic Gold

We are a non-drama company that only wishes to investigate and stay out of the politics of the paranormal and do what we love doing INVESTIGATE

So come and join us and see if you can connect to the energies of the past, meet likeminded people and see if you have what it takes to be a paranormal investigator

I believe that when we are born we are all born with a psychic ability, but as we get older we push this ability away as everyday life is at the forefront of our minds, but saying this we can if we choose to tune back into this ability.

We all get that gut feel, what do we put this down to? never doubt what you get and if you are working with energy and you are getting words or pictures in your head don’t dismiss them as the first thing you get is probably from spirit, the second thing you get is you doubting that it is from spirit.

If you come on one of our investigations and you are sensitive we would love to help you bring that to the forefront. but we cater for all and it’s your night. No matter your experience you will have a great night under the Unity Paranormal team

Simon and Vicky Hughes

Simon and Vicky Hughes

Reverend Simon and Vicky Hughes are a husband and wife team that have 20 years’ experience of working in the paranormal industry between them, they met while working in a haunted location together, and they travel up and down the Up working with Chris Conway’s mystical ghost hunts team as they are active mediums within this group