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Ouija Board

The OUIJA board a “game” that allows you to communicate with the dead. The creator Elijah Bond released it to the public on July the first 1890. It was advertised as a harmless parlour game! However as we all know this was/is not the case.

As some of you know my book Love Tie was published earlier this year. One of the characters, Emma plays with an OUIJA board and in doing so allows a demonic spirit to enter her life, and eventually possesses her. I have never played with an OUIJA board before and do not intend to.

I strongly believe that if you play with an OUIJA board, you are inviting bad spirits into your life. Whilst researching about “Talking boards” for my book I came across various videos of people that were having an exorcism or were possessed. I even watched a documentary about the Vatican and how they have a room for exorcisms.

In some cases people play with OUIJA boards to contact their loved ones. Very rarely people actually do communicate with their loved ones. I think this also encourages people to try the “harmless parlour game” But I advise going down a different route if you want to contact your loved one.

For example going to a spiritual church where they have a medium is a very good idea. I often go to a spiritual church and I have had many messages from loved ones. I know it is them coming through because the medium tells me particular things about them for example, how they used to dress etc.

You would never get those answers from an OUIJA board, so how do you know it is actually your loved one contacting you? The spiritual realm is a beautiful place but it can be a very dangerous place if you don’t have the correct knowledge. There are countless of horror movies about OUIJA boards and ghosts etc. and to an extent I think that adds fuel to the fire.

I say this because I saw a video on YouTube of a person playing with an OUIJA board for fun. It is not a toy! And that’s what I try to express to the people who will read Love Tie.

It’s very common for a demonic spirit to pretend that it’s your loved one if you play on a spirit board. They try and gain your trust so that they can enter your life and wreak havoc. I cannot stress enough how dangerous playing with a spirit board is.


Arabella Mortimer Hendry

Arabella Mortimer Hendry

Arabella is a freelance Author/writer. She has always had a passion for writing since an early age. She has currently published one book Love Tie, but is hoping to release more in the future. Growing up in a haunted house only fuled her interest in the paranormal. Arabella has and is still investigating and documenting her experiences. She resides in Horsham Town with her family.