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Paranormal and Supernatural World on Facebook with VIDEO

There are lots of groups on Facebook and YouTube to do with the Paranormal and Supernatural…

Why is my group different? Most groups try to put Paranormal and Supernatural into a box. I don’t think you can… I’ve been a member of so many groups who say they are paranormal but If you dare post any content that is outside there re-mite then you upset the apple cart.

What me and Exit Light from YouTube have tried to not be so rigid in our content. Exit Light is brilliant at her storytelling and is open to people posting their own stories and experiences she’s also happy to look into true crime and the strange side of that.

We also put our heads together and started a Paranormal and Supernatural News. Which is a real hit.

So why not drop by YouTube and look for Exit Light or find her on Facebook on my group.

The Group and YouTube Channel are for anything that is strange and Supernatural. From UFOs, to Fairies to nightmares. Here is the link to our YouTube channel

Exit The Light Trailer

Robert Burns

Robert Burns

Robert Burns. I’m from Manchester but live in Cornwall now, my love of the Paranormal and Supernatural World came from sleeping in my grandmother’s cottage. I was about 15 years old and my biological father died when I was 2 ish. I’d not seen my gran since then so it had been 11 or so years. I had no memory of sleeping in the bedroom but my grandmother had not changed the room.