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Spirit Guide portrait for Diane Barton

This very spiritual guide gives his name as Kai. He is very gentle and wise. His last incarnation on this earth plane was his most enlightened. He lived in simplicity and was mindful of all things. This is his message to you.

We may not notice how much we have progressed and yet when we look back we are amazed at how far we have come. Just like the bamboo, which if watched daily you would not notice its growth and yet it grows fast and strong through all conditions. Moving with the slightest breeze, never fighting against the wind, as even the strongest wind will eventually lose its strength. It stays flexible as the bamboo shaft is hollow allowing it to move. It is strong as its roots are well founded.

We can learn much from nature, and just as the bamboo is hollow it reminds us that sometimes we fill our minds with too much that is not necessary, which means that we have no space for the things that are important. For us to grow, we need an empty mind that allows room for knowledge and wisdom. If we go with the winds of change, not resisting, but flowing and moving in the moment, happy in the knowledge that we are well grounded and protected, we will forever progress.

We are always growing and learning even if we are not aware, but we may not see it until later.

Jackie Dennison and Steve Furlong

Jackie Dennison and Steve Furlong

Jackie Dennison is a Clairvoyant Medium and Psychic Artist of International Status and co hosts the popular and successful TV show ‘Rescue Mediums’ which airs in over 30 countries around the world, including CBS Reality in the UK, Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Channel & W Network in Canada & WE in the USA. Jackie has been involved in TV shows and other media over the years including radio interviews in various parts of the UK, Scotland, Ireland, Canada & USA.