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Spirit Guide Sister Marguerita for Pascale Mergenthaler

This beautiful soul has stepped forward to work with you. When on the earth plane she lived a life of servitude, helping and healing others. She has continued with her work following her transition through the doorway that we call death. This is her message to you.

Follow your heart in all things, knowing that you are making the right choices and decisions. This knowing comes from deep within and the absolute certainty of who you are, and why you are here.

Smile from your heart, and it will be seen through your eyes. Others will be able to feel the love and sincerity that flows freely from your soul.

Act from your heart and you will know that you have done the very best that you possibly can.

Love with all of your heart and you will feel the love surround you in return.

Keep your thoughts positive, seeing the light that is always there even in the dark. Where there is night, there is also day, and where there is the moon, there is also the sun. This is the balance of things. Surround yourself with people who will support you and you will continue to thrive in a positive way.

I am here to help you on your spiritual journey with a healing mind, healing heart and healing hands. Call on me for guidance and I shall be there, working alongside you, helping you with your work. You are helping many others along your pathway and I will walk by your side.

Sister Maruerita

Jackie Dennison and Steve Furlong

Jackie Dennison and Steve Furlong

Jackie Dennison is a Clairvoyant Medium and Psychic Artist of International Status and co hosts the popular and successful TV show ‘Rescue Mediums’ which airs in over 30 countries around the world, including CBS Reality in the UK, Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Channel & W Network in Canada & WE in the USA. Jackie has been involved in TV shows and other media over the years including radio interviews in various parts of the UK, Scotland, Ireland, Canada & USA.