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Technique Reveals Something Hidden in White Noise: ROAR technique

Paranormal researchers around the world have caught on to the latest technology, using spirit boxes to receive radio frequency energy and detect spirit voices in the breaks between the static. A recent discovery changes the way researchers might approach their scientific study of the paranormal, and change the way they observe their recorded data. One might wonder how detecting the paranormal has come down to an exact science, and what new discovery will have them doing things a little differently.

An exact science is just what paranormal research has become. Days of sitting in the dark with candles has been replaced with high tech devices, such as electromagnetic frequency meters, laser lights, night vision cameras, infrared detectors, electronic voice recorders, and spirit boxes. The standard procedure of setting up might vary as much as which equipment is employed, but the most important details come down to the actual recording, and how the data is analyzed and edited. Generally, the recording is uploaded into a computer and imported into audio software, such as audacity, to amplify, normalize, and slow down recordings for the average listening untrained ear. This is where it gets interesting, and where most communications go unnoticed.

When the recording is listened to the first time around, a researcher will slow down the audio on a sliding scale, matching the pitch with the speed of the audio to prevent the audio from being deepened and distorted with the slowing of the speed. Then the audio is amplified to its maximum loudness within the app, and normalized before playing it back. This brings the voices out of the static, and shrinks the overall volume back down to normal. This is the point where clear audible responses are usually caught, understood, and sometimes repeated for the courtesy of the listener. It is at this point where researchers usually begin creating a video with captioning, and go on to publish the amazing phenomenon; however, a new discovery has proven another and additional technique reveals more than just the typical one or two word responses which most researchers discover. Yes, full and complete sentences between spirits, and with the communicator, can be revealed, and unfortunately missed if this technique is not performed.

There is an entire spirit world for us to respect and learn about, and a new technique makes that possible. After the final audio is ready for sharing, stop, and play the audio back in a quiet room using good quality speakers. Then record the audio as it plays back through the speakers into the room. Capturing the sound in this way is tricky. The speakers must be placed in an exact location and distance from your computers mic that enables a clear recording without distortion. Playing back the recording of the recording is something quite miraculous. The static or white noise does not sound so much like static anymore, and will sound more like echoing tones and places of silence where voices can be heard. The usual one word responses that researchers capture are nothing in comparison to this new discovery. Complete sentences can be revealed in the place white noise previously filled. As it turns out, the white noise is really where we find the important communications.

This new technique allows for better communication that is clear, audible, and complete. Rather than one word responses, spirits and beings are able to convey clear and complete thoughts, teaching us about our preexistence, our afterlife, and their current state of being. Humankind’s search to understand the meaning of existence, God, and the mysteries beyond, might finally meet with discovery with this new technique being coined ROAR, recording of a recording, by a very unique organization made up of paranormal research scientists and spirit communicators, Magik Smoke, Inc.

Jenna Alatari

Jenna Alatari

Magik Smoke, Inc. is a non-profit organized to provide spiritual guidance and awareness through psychic readings, education, and paranormal research. I am a psychic medium and paranormal researcher that communicates directly with the spirit world, documenting and sharing my work with recordings.