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The Average Medium Does Not Have an Average Day Out

When I go somewhere, I don’t always recognise what is going to happen right away but my thoughts will be triggered by something specific, and I suddenly think to myself, I have seen this before haven’t I? It tends to be key items that really stood out in my precognitive dream or an event of some significance, and sometimes it is actually someone.

Trips out, and holidays are never dull, especially a place with a past. Many of these places have great history and its walls have born witness to many emotional events. Do buildings hold on to energy, and souls?

The dream that I had, I was in a very old room where stood a very wooden cradle on the floor in the corner of the room, there was an original old wooden sashed window nearby. I went up some old stone stairs and entered a derelict room where a cradle was rocking side to side all by itself. It was rocking quite violently, and it was empty. A man came into the room and he was wearing a long blue coat, tails at the back and a tall top hat. He was gazing out of the window at the water and boat in the harbour, he was not very happy, I felt that he had money worries.

Two little girls then entered my dream, they came into the room, one I connected with more than the other, she had long orangey red hair. I could see myself on a small boat, a rowing boat with them both and we rowed with the older man and a well-dressed older lady out to Plymouths breakwater. We were going there because there was a large wooden vessel moored not far from it and we wanted to go and see it.

When we reached the breakwater, we set a picnic out on a blanket on the concrete structure. The girl with the red hair, aged between 8 to 12 years old was walking about looking down at the giant black boulders that protected the area. We looked out at the large vessel that was the main point of our visit. It was a nice picnic, the last nice thing the girls experienced, I believe. We went back to the house in the rowing boat, nothing unusual about that but why was I dreaming about a ship sail in one of the rooms?

The feel of the dream started to change, I felt it, I shiver and felt cold as I recall, two little girls were really sick, I knew that they were dying. They had excruciating pains in their stomachs; I was experiencing them in my sleep and they were both being sick, the well-dressed woman, she had passed over already.

I was so angry with the man; he was ordering the girls around to do things for him. They should have been resting, they were seriously ill, not running around being shouted at by him. The other girl, died first, leaving the red head alone, laying in pain. I tried to comfort her, I held a cup of water to her lips, tried to get her to sip, the man, I could hear him shouting out orders.

She died alone, no one looking after her, but I was glad for her when she went, the pain had been horrific. I was also glad she didn’t have to run around after him anymore. He was selfish and unkind and all he cared about was his money, he had suffered a financial downfall and cared about nothing else.

When he contracted the illness afterwards, he was then alone, the last one to go. He had no one to shout and scream at. Towards the end, I could not feel sorry for him, I was very angry with him for allowing two young girls to die like that way.

The letter M, that’s what they had died of M, a condition that would give you pains in the tummy, what was it?

The time period of the dream then changed, it was all still very dark and cold, but there was a ghost in the fireplace of one of the upstairs rooms. Some lady was looking up the chimney and I was thinking, oh my goodness, she has no idea what is up there. I could tell it wasn’t nice.

The time period changed again, model people and information boards were then in the room, and there was a picture of a historic ship called The Mayflower. I was wondering what it was all about, but I got the full picture a few months later.

My husband booked us onto on to a guided tour of The Elizabethan House, a derelict house that had once upon a time been a museum. It is a listed building and will be reopened soon as part of the Mayflower 400 celebration activities. The Pilgrim Fathers left Plymouth via the Barbican Steps and rowed out to meet the waiting Mayflower Ship to take them to America.

Our visit got off to a dodgy start, we went to The Merchants House at first on the other end of the Barbican and had to run back the way we had just come as we didn’t want to miss the start of the tour.

Not only was the tour about the historical past of the house, the tour guide also told our group about the ghosts that haunted the house. About the cradle that they used to have on the upstairs floor, that used to rock all by itself, and about the gentleman who wears a top hat, who had been seen wondering about. A medium visited and told our guide that the man had money troubles. I was even more astonished about the mummified rat, he told us about that they had found in the window wall. I stopped in my tracks. The little girls, they had lived here, the rat in the wall told me exactly who was here.

The house had been owned at one point by a Shipping Merchant, the wooden pole in the centre of the stairs, on the winding staircase was actually the mast from a ship. Though when it was a slum building, the rooms were just filled with people.

“This next room is the most haunted one in the house “our guide informed us. I walked through the doorway; the temperature dropped.

“There are no such things as ghosts” some woman was saying rather obnoxiously, bending her head and looking up the chimney. I had a flash back, you have no idea what is up that Chimney, do you? I thought to myself.

We took some photos, reminders of what the house looked like before it opens restored for the Mayflower Festivities. I then discovered that there are some past residents can be clearly seen hiding in the walls. As well as in the room corner and the fireplace. This room was definitely the most haunted room in the house.

I am looking forward to its re opening, the Council were thinking about organising ghost tours.

Bev looked at the photos, I said to her “M they died from M, what is M?”

“Malaria off the ship” she told me, Of course, now the plight of the two little girls made sense.

“They said thank you” Bev messaged me

“Who did?” I asked confused

“All of them” she replied

Lisa Snopek

Lisa Snopek

I am a 38-year-old Cardiac Arrest survivor. My name is Lisa Marie Snopek. Back in April 2017 I dropped dead, and had to be given CPR, defibrillated and resuscitated. People tell me that I am stubborn, because that is what annoys them about me, but I think it is the best thing about me.

I was born with gifts that I didn’t understand, there were secrets about who I really was.

My life is lived twice over, once in my dreams and then in reality. And if I don’t like what I see, I then have to change it. I am a Reiki Healer and writer and I am working on finding a publisher for my first children’s novel.

I write very differently, because I am very different