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The Emperor

As The Emperor sits in his position as a ruler it depicts the success, authority and drive that this card represents. Solid and stable and an unmoveable force to many this man is a strong leader, perhaps a father figure and certainly a man who commands respect as his drive and determination and ambition have earnt him his place in society. Hard work and determination along with a strong vision and the energy of ambition are all represented here in the form of this man and it could be a man, someone coming into your world, a man who is mature in heart and mind even if not in body, a man who stands in authority and rules around you or it could be that you yourself need to step up into the energy of this man, the ways of being that he represents now if you wish to succeed in the things you ask about.

In the background the mountains show us that through this determination and drive he is able to put the hardest paths behind him and sit proud once again in his kingdom, the kingdom he has created. The sky is clear, there are no grey clouds looming and the winding road leads to where to he sits. His appearance is usually depicted as a man sat on a throne in robes. To me the purple robes show a man who is on purpose and the green garments show the love that he has for what he is doing even if he is a little too closed, too focused to show it at times. His throne is built of solid rock or marble showing the solid form that this man. His beard shows his age and therefore his wisdom and the crown upon his head depicts his mental thoughts ruling in order to achieve this success. Both feet poised on solid ground and pointing forwards in the direction of his life.

When this card appears in a reading it speaks of success but success that is to now be earnt or the rewards that come now from all the work that has been put in, this depends on where it appears in the spread.

In situations this card represents the need for drive, ambition, an almost dogmatic disposition as you pursue your desire, a time of being organised and structured, action, rational thinking and being in complete self-control as you do these things. A time where romance and love have no place in your life as your focus will be completely on achieving this success, just as it needs to be at this time, during this chapter. There is no love lost here when it comes to dealing with others either as enemies or rivals may be lurking and the need to challenge them simply through taking steps for success are dominant. This is not a time to sit and rest a while this is a time to push forward, push forward your vision and use all your ambitious energy, all your dreams, visions and desires to bring this into your reality. A journey not for the faint hearted. When times are stressful this card is warning about dealing with those who are against or blocking your vision someway and the need to not be too dogmatic after all it is about the result, the end result and doing whatever it takes to get there. So watch for being too closed along this path for sometimes this in itself can make the job much harder.

Recognition, promotion, achievement, success are all yours in the making as long as you give this everything you have now. There is no time to waste.

Samantha is a fifth generation Romany Tarot Reader, Psychic, Physical Medium, Spiritual Tutor and the Author of several columns in various publications. She has appeared on Sky TV, radio and has been interviewed numerous times about her work. She is a published Author of a variety of self-coaching manuals and has been providing workshops and training as well as private tarot readings for over fourteen years. For information about private readings and training with Samantha please go to



Samantha is a fifth generation Romany Tarot Reader and Psychic and has appeared on Sky TV, radio and interviewed numerous times about her work. She is a published Author of may self coaching manuals and provides workshops and training as well as private readings for over fourteen years.