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The Fool, Where Beginnings Dare to Find Us.

When my long term relationship with the Tarot cards first began we did not get on!

Many evenings the cards would be strewn across the floor along with the little printed book of explanations and reams of paper and I would march out of the room defeated. It was not until one evening when I found myself in a communication dream when my Guide and Great Grandmother Gypsy Rose Ball came to me and all that I heard her say to me was ‘listen’, ‘listen to the energies of the cards’. I have been listening ever since. In this article I share with you the guidance that oozes out of the imagery of the card and not necessarily out of the printed words in the guidance leaflet that came with your beautiful set of Tarot cards. I hope to inspire you to read the cards intuitively.

For over fourteen years now I have worked with the tarot cards as an intuitive reader, using the insight revealed to me through the energy held within their images and their magical connection with the energy of the sitter to translate into the words needed from the spirit world, guides and angels to assist those who sit before me with their journey.

Tarot, which translates into the word trumps has a long and speculated history with very little truly documented. It is also claimed that the word Tarot is said to be the word ‘Rota’ disguised which means wheel, because the images with the set of cards represent all the experiences we walk through, the wheel of life.

Tarot is used and has been for centuries as a form of divination, communication and guidance from those we seek comfort from as we face the cycles of life we inevitably pass through. The images on the cards depicting scenes and insight, numbers, zodiac signs and all manner of things to point the reader into the emotions and energy of the experiences the sitter is currently in or about to face. This blended with psychic ability and that sense of ‘knowing’ that readers have can bring huge comfort, insight and guidance to many when most needed.

Tarot is about the journey of life. Life is after all a journey of moments strung together through our thoughts, actions and expectations. So let us being with the first card of the major arcana, the fool.

The Fool with its image of a man setting off on his travels with his loyal dog beside him portrays beautifully that this card all about the start of the journey. All of life’s journeys, whether short or long, meaningful or simply pleasurable, must begin somewhere and whilst clearly stating the obvious about the risk of being a fool or being fooled in the actions, this card also whispers of unlimited possibilities and it can indicate that you have all you need to do what you need to do, that you can achieve whatever it is that you desire so much or that you can be anything you want, you have only to stop, have faith in yourself and in the universe, take that deep breath once and for all and get on with it.

A new outlook on life and the beginning of a new cycle are indicated strongly whenever we see The Fool within a tarot card spread and when it appears in our future sections in any tarot spread you can be sure that you or your sitter are on your way to a brand new beginning. A new path in life is opening up for you. Is it the one you have been dreaming of or perhaps it is the one you would never have dreamed of could happen!

Whilst our traveller indeed has his head held high, is dressed in fine clothing and the sun is shining behind him, it must also be considered though that there may be the need for him to stop and think for a moment, to not get lost in the dream and possibly even to stop daydreaming completely, to not be naive and to pay attention to where you are heading so that you do not end up looking the fool. That the experience you are in is likely to lead you back to the start line ready to start the whole process or journey again whether in a relationship or a career path. For when we look again at The Fool as he is depicted in the cards, he is after all stood on the edge of a cliff and appears clueless to the fact and is definitely unaware that he is about to step off the cliff. Perhaps his loyal dog is not so much pleased to see him after all but instead is jumping up to alert his master of the perils that may lie ahead of him? Perhaps we should pay more attention to those who are loyal to us and have good intentions. Perhaps we should look before we leap after all.

The whole energy of this card is a youthful one that projects the energy of feeling young, free, happy and care free as you move forward now in life. Life can be so grey, so draining and so monotonous that any one of us can yearn to feel alive again. To feel inspired. To feel fulfilled. To feel connected.

This first step may be seen as a chance or even a second chance may be presenting itself, giving you the opportunity to learn more about life, people and most importantly yourself as you continue to move forward down this new path. As is often the case though in order to grab this opportunity a risk must be taken, a risk of being a fool in the decisions you are making but is it so wrong to wish to feel alive again after all the recent trials and tribulations?

If The Fool card sits in the place of advice in any reading spread then it is calling to you to take the risk. Risk being the fool and choose to enjoy the journey wherever it may lead you. Life after all begins at the end of your comfort zone and whilst you may be feel the need to look again in order to be a fool, ultimately life is about choices, chances and taking risks so that we may not make it our destiny to live in the energy of ‘what if’ or ‘if only’ as we sit beneath the stars in our twilight years.

Over all the years of reading this card has mostly spoke of positive beginnings, fresh starts, new chapters, feeling alive again, regaining the desire to live. This is after all just the beginning.



Samantha is a fifth generation Romany Tarot Reader and Psychic and has appeared on Sky TV, radio and interviewed numerous times about her work. She is a published Author of may self coaching manuals and provides workshops and training as well as private readings for over fourteen years.