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The Hierophant, Master of Faith and Commitment

The story, the chapter that the tarot is showing us has already begun. It began with a powerful beginning that required a leap of faith and as we travelled down the path it lead us to needing to find the courage and understanding to follow our intuition as we took control and started the journey. A journey of living a life that suits us better than ever before. Here though our path now brings us to the Hierophant.

The Hierophant, a man who oozes power and presence, sits in his robes, his hands raised, his eyes gazed upon those who bow before him. A master teacher, committed to his faith as he guides others on their path. The robes he wears are usually depicted in golds and reds to symbolise the wealth of knowledge he has gained from above as he points to the sky to represent that spiritual knowledge. His bearded face represents the wisdom that only age and life experience can provide and the pillars that his throne is placed between are to show the strength and support of him in his role as a spiritual teacher.

This card is a strong representation of faith, spirituality and the keys in the bottom of the image represent that this is the key to all things, to have faith. To have trust within that faith and to listen to the teachings that whilst can come from others such as the Hierophant, can also be felt in the depths of your soul. It is about all things spiritual and therefore its message can be applied to religious as well as spiritual thinking dependant on the person who is asking for guidance through the cards. Spirituality is such a personal journey and all roads lead to the same source and what is required of everyone, on every path possible, is faith. When this card appears in a spread know that its strongest energy is the need to have faith in the things that this person is committed to or about to become committed to.

Commitment is a strong element in the message of this card also and in tarot reading work it is referred to as the marriage/divorce card. It can literally mean that a marriage or a divorce is imminent or that the relationship could lead to that level of commitment. It also represents the choice now to be made and again that whichever path is chosen, what is key is to have faith in that choice. Sometimes commitments are in our mind only and have formed over months or years of habits of thinking a certain way or doing certain things. When I am reading the cards on a subject that is not related to a specific relationship I find it links more to the need to reassess those commitments. Are you really committed? Is your heart and soul engaged? Or are you just going through the motions out of habit or the pressure to not let others down through your choices. Are you doing things because they are what you have always done? Are you frightened to let people down and therefore continue to do these things out of habit? All these questions lead us to a re-evaluation of where we need to put our time and our energy. After all life is short, too short to be wasted.

This card may also represent someone in your world or even yourself. As it depicts a person who is either a priest, a teacher, a counsellor. They have the ability to soothe a situation through their words and advice. A time of peace and harmony in the midst of a crisis comes through listening to the words of such a person and taking on board the teachings that they offer right now. However it can also be a warning that either yourself or a person that you encounter may be too stubborn, too fixed on their own beliefs and views and therefore there may be issues within this connection, this union. Key values and principles feature so strongly and the relationships we are in whether personal, work, family or friendships will only survive if there is either acceptance of each other or a shared view of the world.

If this card appears in your tarot reading today know that you are being asked to take a little pause, a time to reflect, a time to choose what you wish to put your heart, soul and energy into. A re-evaluation of the relationships you are in and whether they are serving you well right now. Whether it is the merging of lives or the merging of businesses know that there is a need for faith in the outcome.



Samantha is a fifth generation Romany Tarot Reader and Psychic and has appeared on Sky TV, radio and interviewed numerous times about her work. She is a published Author of may self coaching manuals and provides workshops and training as well as private readings for over fourteen years.