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I don’t sit there communicating with the other side, passing on messages to living loved ones. I work in other ways; I have various abilities. I am awake, but my waking up was not an easy or pleasant process. Not everyone understands me, but then it took a very long time for me to understand myself

Retro cognition is one of those gifts, the ability to see things from the past. Rooms, objects and places can hold on to sparks of past energy.

I have a passion for History and very old things and find myself and my family holidaying in old and historical buildings. If I dream about a ghost, if I see what happened to them in their lifetime and have a vision of how they will reveal themselves, then I know that it will become reality.

My holiday to visit Battlefields and Cemeteries of the Somme in 2019 was no exception.

I had a dream that I was in a long barn, Prussian and German soldiers were walking through it carrying wooden chairs. I could see a nurse in the kitchen and she was boiling a kettle, an old fashioned one placed on the hob. She had a candle holder. I could see an explosion; it shook the barn but I believe she died because she became unwell.

We arrived at our accommodation in Contal Maison. We had booked to stay for a few nights.

When we arrived as I had seen in my dream, there was a small grass path across from the farm entrance that led to a small military cemetery. I had seen ambulances there in the past. The change in time is shown to me in black and white.

There was rubble, a building crumbling, heavily bombarded and soldiers were inside it sheltering. I went in there too.

As soon as I walked into our accommodation, I recognised the long barn roof, and I recognised the dishwasher tablet box hooked onto the very old beams to catch the drips of water coming through holes in the very old wood. I knew that I had seen this building before and that someone would reveal themselves. And sure, enough they did, but not that night, but the second evening.

My youngest daughter had a visitor. Her brother went straight to sleep, but she lay there, finding it a bit more difficult. Everyone was in bed, but she heard the kettle on in the kitchen and someone moving about in it. Then a lady walked into the bed room and stood next to her, holding a candle over her looking down at her in the bed. I knew she was caring for her, doing her job and she was not a threat, but my daughter, was understandable frightened.

Being a budding artist, I told her to drawer a picture of who she had seen. The woman was wearing a nurse’s uniform and my daughter was very specific about what she was holding.

In the bedroom next door, I was lying in bed watching a battle scene, via a portal. It was black and white and I was watching as soldiers loaded a gun on big wheels, like a cannon and fired it a few times. Then there were soldiers marching along a dirt path. I lay there in bed watching these scenes in a circle, it was like a film was being projected. It only lasted a few minutes and then disappeared.

That was not all though, I had had another dream before we went there about a mother and a daughter who were visiting an allied soldier grave and they had placed a china book with an inscription on it, on his grave.

They travelled along way to visit their brother/son’s resting place.

We had visited many Cemeteries, and I was tired. Being a Cardiac Arrest Survivor, my body gets fatigued easily and being an Empath, I was feeling very drained with all the burial areas I had visited. For some reason though I decided to join my husband and son around one more Cemetery after insisting I was going to stay in the car.

It was a small Cemetery and I was wondering down the rows, reading key words on the headstones in my bare feet, alone as I liked to do. A Somme battle field and cemetery might not be everyone’s idea of a good place to ground themselves, but it is something I did a lot over there.

A particular headstone made me stop. The name meant nothing to me, but there was a china book placed against the head stone, that had been inscribed on. It said across two pages


I sat down on the grass that covered him, flip flops off and I said to him “your mother and your sister have asked me to check on you, they want to know that you are ok and sent me to come and visit” I tingle inside as I write, I was glad to do what the two woman had asked of me.

Precognition is the gift that I use the most and it happens mostly through dreams. Premonitions, that I use to protect myself and other souls. When I can’t, and destiny is in play then I send reiki healing and acknowledge the suffering and sadness that I felt. I did use to think that I was crazy, and I was especially frightened as a child. The nightmares that I suffered and as I started to realise that actually yes, my dreams were actually coming true, it was all very weird and scary. My heritage was a secret after all; I didn’t know what I really was until after my death in 2017.

I have had a few premonitions, when under great stress. The information that I needed to access came to me quickly to help me make the right life path decision. I see deaths of people, some I know and some that I don’t, but when I watch the news and the headline reads…. I know exactly what has gone on. These dreams are an article in themselves.

I am very empathic as I have just mentioned can feel the emotions and pain that other souls, do in my dreams. Some deaths have touched me so deeply that the emotion floods back over me, when I think of it.

I get bored easily; I don’t like to be still. I do something and then after a few years of doing it, I get restless and decide to try something new. I like to travel, to see many beautiful places and things, So, the fact that I have been able to successfully Astral Project a few times is not surprising. Lucid dreams, places that I found myself in, whilst asleep, some abroad, but I then found myself actually visiting them in reality a year later.

This happens to me all the time. I often feel as I live my life twice over, firstly in my dream and then in reality. I don’t just see humans either; I see animals too. I don’t always know where or when, or why I am witnessing something until the event happens in reality. When it does though, it’s a lightning bolt strike moment. This week I literally had that dream come true.

A dream where there was a lightning bolt that struck the roof of a house, it travelled through the electrical circuit of the house, sparked a fire in a little girl’s bedroom. It became a reality. I am happy to report that everyone escaped.

A friend of mine, said to me, afterwards, you knew that was going to happen, didn’t you? Truthfully yes, I did, and I knew already that she was going to ask me that very question on the bus. I had dreamt it.

This has been my reality, since I was a little girl. I was quiet and shy as a child; I always had my head in a book. I was afraid of the night. At night I would lie awake for ages, afraid of monsters. The monsters were visions in my dreams when I went to sleep. I would see horrible things like grown up women being attacked and bombs exploding on trains under the ground. Then there was the dream when I woke up on an alien ship and aliens were stood around me, I was convinced they were keeping tracks on me. After that I hardly slept for weeks. I used to gaze out of the window, looking out for them in case they decided to come back.

Why was I like this? I didn’t know. No one else around me was like it, none of them looked like me either. With lots of black thick hair, my face used to get lost under the weight of it. My mum was my mum, but my dad was my step dad. Lorna screamed that out to my me whilst we were playing at the park. She had obviously overheard a very interesting conversation.

I didn’t know who my biological father was, I didn’t know until after the beginning of 2018, when my mother finally gave up the secret. At the end of 2017 one night whilst I was just about to settle down to sleep. I received a messenger message from my half-sister, and it said she had just been talking to my brother. She and my mother had made contact with him through Facebook, trying to find out about if there were any hereditary heart conditions in his family. The cause of my Ventricular Fibrillation resulting in my Cardiac Arrests was Idiopathic, unknown.

I had a message from him a little while later. I had questions to ask, one of them was about how I looked. “Why when I go abroad, do people thing that I am from that place?” I have been mistaken for Italian, Spanish and Turkish. When I was little and before I had hair straighteners, I used to sleep with a pair of knickers on my head to try and flatten my hair, it was all over the place. Why is it wild?

I was the granddaughter of a Romany Gypsy. The family were bare knuckle fighters. That was my secret truth. There was Gypsy magic in me. Things started to make sense. Like why Bev, used to tell me to scatter Gypsy dust around me.

If my Cardiac Arrests had never happened, then I would never have known. I died for a reason. I believe that.

Christmas 2016, I kept thinking and feeling that this was going to be my last Christmas. When I was younger a Fortune Teller predicted that I was going to become very unwell half way through my life. She was right.

I dreamt of my death. I could see myself in a country cottage, surrounded by trees. I dropped to the floor and my daughter was the only one with me, and she stayed that way until my family returned later that day.

In reality I Cardiac Arrested on the 05th April, we were going to Belgium for a couple of weeks and had booked to stay in accommodation close to the Scots woods, associated with World War 1, but luckily, I never got there.

We left a few days earlier and went to stay with my Father in law before planning to drive to Folkstone to catch the Euro Tunnel train across.

I woke up in a cold sweat before we left Plymouth, I had another nightmare. I was seeing the inside of my body like a map, and something inside me was moving. I could trace its movements on my map, it travelled all the way up and collided straight with my heart. When it did, my body was jerking up and down, being electrocuted?

Even Facebook was trying to tell me something. I came across an article that I have never been able to find again. Signs of a heart attack was the title. One of them on the list was passing Urine Crystals. I have never seen that as a symptom on any other article, brochure or information leaflet. Yes, well I had passed a load of white crystals but I had a hotel to oversee and my GP would laugh me out of his consultancy room if I went in there and told him about my dream and that Facebook says there is something wrong with my heart. I was 35 years old, skinny as a rake, not a once of fat on me. Besides I didn’t have time to be ill. I had packing to do, work and food to cook.

The memory of my journey to London is lost, apart from one scene. We stopped and pulled into McDonalds for food, but we were too early for what we wanted, they were still on the breakfast menu. That is all I remember from it.

Then came death, my memories of that are very real and clear to this day.

I experienced a violent hiccup and I jumped out of my body. There was a white beam and I was slowly swimming up it, in my favourite overstretched blue and white woollen top that I loved to wear when I was fourteen years old. I was floating, as light as a feather. As I got closer to the top, there was a white oval just underneath the ceiling and white light shaped people were looking down at me from it. She was telling me to go back. I didn’t want to though, I was fed up, I was unhappy on Earth, I didn’t belong and I didn’t fit. No one else I knew was like me. Had I not screamed out loud whilst alone in my kitchen “I can’t do this anymore” just two days ago.

Something powerful hit me and I fell back down, into my body. I played this game a few times, in hospital too, I was dying and fighting. In the hospital I remember trying to escape out of a window. It was ridiculously hot.

There had been a voice, a female voice telling me that I was going to write my book and that M needed me. Write my book, what was she talking about? Yes, M needed me as her mother, she is my youngest and the one who appears to have inherited most of my gifts.

There was a man appearing to me in photographs, which he was and what did he want. He had black hair. A year or so later, I got my answer. He was my biological father and those were the photographs that my half brother sent me of him, to show me what he had looked like years ago, at the time when I was actually born.

I was grateful to my eldest daughter, who would not let them cut my hair whilst I was in a Coma. Thick black hair, it was in a tangled mess whilst I was in intensive care and the nurses were talking about cutting it, but my daughter told them no. I fought hard, I still remember the pain as they brought me round, the flashes of people and colours. Now almost three years later, I am writing this article, and trying hard to get my children’s novel published. A book about a physic child who is on Earth to do something, but there is a problem, she has forgotten why she came and there is a deadly problem with her heart, just waiting to happen.

Bev sent me some meditations to listen too; I was suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and was undergoing EMDR Therapy. Things started happening, I started seeing things. I closed my eyes and for weeks and weeks, horrible tortured looking faces, were coming at me. Desperate looking souls. One night I woke up to coloured lines, dancing about in the hallway outside my room, bright pink. I lay in my bed watching and was completely amazed when my son came walking out from his bedroom and crashed straight into them. The pink shot out in every direction and filled my hallway.

I then found Reiki, or perhaps it found me. I tried a twenty-minute session of it at my local spiritual, mind body and soul fair. I felt something. I went to her at home where she works and had an hour’s session. My whole body was lifting, on one occasion so did my soul. I was upside down above myself. I really react to it.

I could do this, I decided. After all I already know when people are going to die, and Bev tells me to send them light and energy. Reiki one and Reiki two is now under my belt, and some magical and mysterious events have occurred. As I type this, buzzing bees’ noises fill my head. I am attuned. The secret ceremonies also activate this in Reiki training. After my first one, later that evening I took my dog for a walk and the sound of the wind was amplified in my ears. My head was buzzing.

I often see clients before they physically arrive at my door. I will see things about them before they arrive. I had a dream about a woman and just before her session, a glass dish fell and smashed. I knew that someone was coming and that I was going to help them. The big black bird that was hanging over them was ancestral.

Even Eucele, my Bird Man was not keeping him at bay, and my man is no weakling. He is a giant of a being, though I do admit freely that he has his work cut out with me. Which is why he is not my only guide. He is my keeper, but I have a solar system of spirits around me. Some I know of, some I don’t. I have walked this Earth time and time again, and I feel no shame in saying so.

Crystals and intentions were set, my poor client was lying back, having her Reiki and black feathers were constantly falling over her. She would start flapping her hands around her face to wipe them away. It was relentless, it was even trying to whisper in her ear and was blowing cold air over me during our session. It needed to go.

I watched as he flew away, it flew across the room. She could see it, sat in a dark mountain area, perched on the branch of a tree, just watching. He keeps his distance now.

She is a regular client and quite recently something very funny happened. I wear a red PVC raincoat and she calls me Little Red Riding Hood because of it. She sat up and said” he won’t shut up; I’ve tried ignoring him but he won’t stop. Eduardo and the Thistle, he says You’re a ball of energy, a pocket rocket and one stare from your eyes, people drop dead” I could not believe it, she was talking about my dream.

She said “I thought you were little Red Riding Hood, but you’re not, your Egyptian. Cleopatra, you’re not her but your something to do with her”

A bird tried to whisper in her ear and she yelled for it too go away, it stank like sewage and we both lost it and could not stop laughing. We had a cup of tea and I had to remember what I could about Eduardo.

In my dream Eduardo was visiting Egypt, where I sat on a bench with Cleopatra people watching. Alexandria was still under construction in parts. I was telling someone off, I was high up in cleopatras staff, and I stared at the woman I shouted at, and as I did so, just like I had done in this lifetime, she dropped down dead. Eduardo, was a sailor, I believe a merchant. I accompanied him to the Quay as he left to depart on his boat and I gave him an Egyptian Thistle, a thistle that I had touched his body with. I never sore him again, but in my dream, whilst out on the open seas, he unfolded a cloth and inside it was dried out dead bits of thistle. He kept it and use to look at it.

Egypt is quite prominent in my dreams, the country holds a great fascination for me, and I seem to have more than one life wrapped up with it.

My past lives were very much a theme for me a few months ago. I went through a phase of them, and I came to the conclusion that they were from the past as others were in them and seeing them too. We could discuss the details and they matched

I had the dream where I was a Viking Valkyrie and flew down to swoop on the injured Vikings, choosing which ones would die.

I was preparing for battle on the outskirts of Rome. The sky was orange

I had a sword fight on a large wooden vessel and I ran my male opponent through with my sword, because I could not let him live.

I was tortured to death, on a wheel of stone and hanging on a rack.

I was taken hostage in the 1950’s in an American Bar.

In the Viking era I see I had a daughter. I saved a mans life after he was washed up injured on a boat. We became enemies and he attacked my village.

I rode through the woods on my horse wearing a purple gown, and a man, servant or other was riding behind me.

I was a Moulin Rouge Dancer and I also worked as a prostitute. I also believe I have drowned as I have seen myself as a skeleton at the bottom of the ocean near a ship wreck and been burnt as a witch.

My past seems to very much effect my present, you are a Shaman I have been told. You are a Master. I am to be a Reiki Master in April and Reiki Crystal Healer. There are plenty more tales I can add if anyone has an interest in reading them. I find it quite difficult to believe my own life sometimes.

Lisa Snopek

Lisa Snopek

I am a 38-year-old Cardiac Arrest survivor. My name is Lisa Marie Snopek. Back in April 2017 I dropped dead, and had to be given CPR, defibrillated and resuscitated. People tell me that I am stubborn, because that is what annoys them about me, but I think it is the best thing about me.

I was born with gifts that I didn’t understand, there were secrets about who I really was.

My life is lived twice over, once in my dreams and then in reality. And if I don’t like what I see, I then have to change it. I am a Reiki Healer and writer and I am working on finding a publisher for my first children’s novel.

I write very differently, because I am very different