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Vabrationel Intention a choice.

The living does so from a source of Intention, We as Individuals divide to create the whole separately, some create lower realities some higher, this somewhat and when dictates where we remove to after this experience and what happens to us in this experience, we are incredibly strong as individuals but that strength is designed to support lower frequency’s as well to move ever higher, those who abuse this power to oppress others that operate at lower reality’s cause reality’s to collapse in on one another and/or to forcefully cross- purpose, this distortion causes stresses that hold the individual in a perpetual state of static manifestations of negative energy’s, causing seemingly bad experiences, nature manifests conciseness at lower frequencies to maintain restraint (time) so those individuals who operate on ever extremely high plains are checked and balanced within the ability to create across dimensional borders prematurely.

Material manifestation requires guidance not limitations, restraint and a letting go; however such powers of collective experiences must be ordered in such a way that the individual does not become grotesque or disfigured within the plain of existence being expressed/experienced by a collective and/or individual movement of consciousness.

For example: We have express genes-N-A that dictate what becomes what part of the human body and R-N-A subscription that dictate the process and so on and so forth, this is similar to higher and lower frequencies or plains of existence, the multi states of manifest destiny if you will but held together by not the end result but by the process of use (multiples of one).

Simplicity not complexity operates and governs growth, every experience is necessity, this is cause and affects (sub-synchronicity), and this is in addition what connects one individual to another or a group to one another.

This knowledge is not esoteric in nature but accessible to all who seek purpose or betterment there are stages to be mastered that act as stepping stones to higher ability’s and understanding. Focus is key, what one needs, wants and produces how one receives and what one gives matters and will produce experience within self and across those you share time with and those you do not, there is such imbalance that drives stress causing force, (negative energy’s) intention is to embrace those energy’s or migrate to a higher purpose overcoming the negative energy force that has caped growth and limited life experience.

It would indeed be less intense to place each circumstance within metaphor; however traditional philosophy’s and thinking are just a manifestation of where one is on his/her journey through the endless dimensions of what we call Life.

Mark Varricchio

Mark Varricchio

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