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Visions and Dreams (New International version of the Bible)

“In the last days, God says, I will pour out my spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.”

As I’ve stated before, the paranormal has always been a part of who I am. More than anyone else in my family or so I thought, my life’s journey was a testament to the fact that the real world isn’t the one we physically live in.

It seems I was wrong.

My mother, a staunch Christian, Bible quoting Sunday school teacher and pastor’s wife has visions. And neither she nor I (nor anyone else who knows her) caught on. To say I’m astonished and perplexed as to why it took so long to see the obvious is beyond me. Maybe due to the “vision” of how she appears to us?

Before I wrote this article I called her and asked for more details on some of the things she’s “seen” and assured her that what she sees is not, in my humble opinion, imagination but much more. She seemed rather delighted to my surprise. What’s even more remarkable is that her visions aren’t only in “picture form” but some are audible only. Both are delivered quickly, in a flash, as she explained.

One of her visions was both!

When my youngest son became engaged he had no money for rings for his soon to be bride. My mother worried this over in her mind one night when she couldn’t sleep. Suddenly she heard my beloved grandmother “Mamga” say, “Kid, (everyone was kid to her) there’s our rings.” Immediately Mom pictured my grandmother’s diamond ring and my great aunt’s gold band in her dresser drawer. The next day we gave them to my future daughter in law. They fit perfectly.

This same son, Cody, was a heavy smoker. As any smoker will tell you it doesn’t matter what the information about smoking says. It doesn’t matter what those who love you say nor when they beg you to quit. Until you decide it’s all for naught. But one day my mother had a vision.

She was standing before a coffin. Everett, Cody’s son and my grandson stood next to her but he was older, probably a teenager Mom said. As they stood before the casket Mom told him, “I’m so sorry, Everett.” It was then she knew that Cody lay in that box.

She told Cody what she’d seen and interpreted that this was a very specific warning. Cody, already having been warned by his doctor, took it to heart. He no longer smokes. If he does pass before his time, it won’t be from smoking.

When my oldest son and his wife lost two children to miscarriage we were all devastated for them and for us. We grieved when we were told the second child was a girl though we never knew what that first little babe was.

One day my mother told me she looked up and saw two little girls running hand in hand, barefoot in green grass. They had their backs to her but she saw that one was dressed in a yellow dress and the other in pink and white. One had tight, light brown curls but she couldn’t see the girl in yellow dress’s hair very well except that she thought it was darker. She could even see the white lace on the bottoms of both dresses. The white lace had “dots” she said. (Talk about detail.) She heard them giggling happily. Her heart rejoiced and so did mine when she told me. This January my first granddaughter was born and our joy was complete. My son and daughter in law finally had their baby! Mom says she never told Michael her vision but that she felt she could now.

My sister kept us informed about the condition of a young man who was burned in a bonfire accident. The son of a church member where my sister attends, the whole church prayed and kept vigil for months. He got better, slid back, got better and slid back again. His pain was great and one day my mother prayed that if he couldn’t be healed to please come and take him home. Instantly she saw three angels lift up a young man out of his hospital bed, one on each side and one at his head. They stood him up and gently “swooshed” upwards and away. Later my sister called to tell my mother that the young man had died that same night.

I believe this was the first time it hit me like a brick that my mother really did have visions. As we talked and remembered other times, I was convinced and so was she. Mind you this is the same lady who played the role of skeptic and de-bunker in my ghost hunting days. The same lady who jumped up and down repeatedly to show us that some sort of vibration made all the battery toys in the toy room go off at the same time. (It didn’t work and we still laugh about that.) The same lady who always said, “No, I don’t feel, see or hear things like Ellen and her father.” Right…

That’s when I remembered this verse. Well, I had to look it up. Even Mom didn’t remember it and I think she felt vindicated and maybe relieved when I read it to her. Its okay, Mom, for Christians to have visions!

The paranormal, the supernatural, and heck the Bible itself is full of stories regarding the mysterious, the not fully understood. Geez, it’s what it’s all about! Jesus himself NEVER said “there are no such things as ghosts.” Look it up. Or read HAUNTED LIES. (Shameless plug)

The supernatural IS the real world. It’s all around us and sometimes in places (and people) that would never come to mind first. Be ready to be amazed, as they say!

Hope to see you on the other side.

One of her first audible

Ellen Newton Driscoll

Ellen Newton Driscoll

Ellen from an early age she was fascinated with the paranormal, supernatural world and read every book she could find about ghosts, angels, monsters and God. She and her family have had many experiences in their lives with everything from visitations from loved ones passed to dreams and confrontations with “angels unaware. In 2010, she and her husband Tom founded “Parker County Paranormal” with the sincere intention of helping people whose stories not many would believe. Ellen also writes a series about kingdoms and dragons beginning with THE DRAGONS OF CANDLEWOOD.