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Weirdness Of Williamsburg Hill

All over the world there are locations that seem to have a mystical quality. Places of such potent positive power that people make pilgrimages in the hopes that whatever forces exist there will cure whatever illness they may unfortunately haven. From Lourdes in France with its miraculous healing powers to Glastonbury Tor in England said to not only is the burial ground of King Arthur but the doorway to Annwn, the mythical kingdom of of the Fey. These places are special and can only benefit mankind.

As with any places of positive energy there must be locations that are the polar opposite. Places that good energy said bye to a long time ago and negative energy replaced it. One such place that radiates bad feelings happens to be right here in the State of Illinois, the state I call home. A place so evil, very few would dare to tread, Williamsburg Hill.

Rising 810 feet over the central Illinois towns of Shelbyville and Tower hill, Williamsburg Hill is quite possibly the spookiest place in Illinois. Over the years numerous hauntings, strange creature sightings and UFOs have been reported here. No one can pin down why this seemingly innocent hill has such a bad attitude. Some think it has always been negatively charged which could explain why the Native tribes avoided it at all costs believing it to be a home to evil spirits. Others believe the hill got a bad attitude when white settlers disregarded the sage advice of the Natives and set up towns.

In 1839, the town of Tower hill was founded by medical doctor, Thomas Williams. When Doctor Williams rolled into the area and began setting up his town he was approached by the local tribes who sternly warned him that the hill and surrounding area was not a fit place to live. Doctor Williams, listened to their bizarre tales of strange lights that flew over the hill and the evil spirits said to haunt its slopes. But like most white settlers of the era, Doc Williams completely disregarded the words of the tribes and set his town. A decision he would learn to regret.

For over forty years, Tower Hill was a dream come true for Doctor Williams and his family. The town swelled to an impressive population of well over 2000, which at that time was considered a bustling metropolis. And the town’s prosperity gave it’s thanks to the fact that the town was along one of the busiest stagecoach routes in the United States. It was not an uncommon thing for the rich, the famous and the infamous to be found drinking in its saloons and filling up the rooms of the many inns and hotels. But soon that would all change.

By 1881, the prosperity of the town began to suffer when the busy stagecoach line was retired and replaced with a rail road that completely bypassed the town. The good times were officially over for Tower Hill and Shelbyville. No more rich and famous visitors, no more busy hotels and the saloons fell silent.

For many years Tower hill became a virtual Ghost town, a shadow of its former self. Very few people lived in the area until the mid-twentieth century when those who sought a quieter, genteel life far from the big city, began to move back to Tower hill. And it’s at this time that the reports of weird activity associated with the hill began being reported.

Much of the frightening activity that is experienced on the hill seems to reside in Ridge Cemetery, a graveyard that sits near the highest summit of the hill. Ridge Cemetery is the final resting place of some of the earliest settlers of the area. Over time the elements began to reclaim the cemetery and probably would have been completely forgotten if it wasn’t for two things, rampant vandalism of its tombstones and the terrifying hauntings that are said to take place here.

One of the apparitions said to haunt the cemetery is the apparition of a crazed old man. It is said that if you visit the cemetery he will come running out of the woods screaming bloody murder for you to leave. He is said to vanish right before he physically assaults the unwitting visitor. Another visitor of the hill reported seeing a ghostly funeral procession walk up the hill and disappears as it entered the cemetery. And one woman reported that as she drove past the boneyard her little girl in the backseat began to cry uncontrollably as black robed ghosts said to her, “Come stay with us Underground.” According to the mother the little girl didn’t sleep for almost a week after the encounter.

If the stories of ghosts aren’t enough to scare you, Williamsburg Hill has a couple monsters said to make the creepy hill home. A tall, hairy bi-pedal creature has been seen numerous times on the forested hill. Hikers have reported fleeting glimpses of the beast as it appeared to be following them at a distance. He doesn’t appear to mean anyone any harm. One other creature said to live on the hill is a dragon that was reported only once in the early days of the town flying overhead and circling the hill.

Strange lights have been reported circling the hill at all hours of the day leading many to believe that an alien base calls Williamsburg Hill home. One eyewitness reported a bright red ball of light descend from the sky landing on the hill. The witness than reported the red ball lifted up from the hill passing over his car which caused the car to stall and die.

Williamsburg Hill is a location that appears to be a place of high strangeness. High strangeness is activity or a series of activity that incorporates hauntings, creature sightings as well as UFO sightings. Many believe Williamsburg Hill is a vortex area where strange things appear to come and go at will and considering all this bizarre activity, Williamsburg Hill in South Central Illinois is just a bad place.

Rick Hale

Rick Hale

Rick Hale has spent his life in the pursuit of the unknown after witnessing an apparition at his grandparents’ house on the north side of Chicago.

Over the past 20-plus years, Rick has been on dozens of investigations with large paranormal groups to being completely independent.