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When is an Investigation Not an Investigation, When it is a Bust.

When you’ve had the article in mind to present, only for life to drown the time out needed to putting pen to paper or in this case fingers to keyboard. I would like to bring you in on an experience that occurred in the summer of 2012. Where information was presented to myself of an extraordinary nature that required closer examination. So what follows through is a timeline. There are lessons that came forthwith. Which leads us to further thoughts of the influence of electro-magnetic frequencies and their effects on the mind?

A friend of many years, Mark. Rang me on 26rd July with a voice of excitement, coupled with a tone of somewhat awkward panic. His words were ‘Kris. You’re not going to believe it. We got one! We got a real case. This house IS haunted! We’ve got stuff running up and downstairs, glass marbles going through doors, one of them is being held down at night! The family are scared. You’ve got to come.”

Mark and Ralph had been contacted by a local resident in regards to their experiences in their rented 3 bedroom house in the Rise Park area of the city of Nottingham. House was rented by the daughter we will call her ‘Lea’. Mother we shall call ‘Gail’, who had come to live with Lea a few months prior. Soon after this happened is when events are claimed to have started to occur.

*At night there was apparently ‘someone’ who runs up the stairs, then stops outside of the bedroom door of Gail’s room. Walking around the landing. (Carpet on wooden floor, which creaks at the top).

*Sounds of a marbles being thrown. Blue pebble sized marbles are in a vase, as a bathroom ornament on the window shelf. Sounds of glass marbles hitting against the bannister and off the radiator downstairs - located underneath the stairs. Marbles had found underneath on the floor. As well being found under the settee and around the TV.) (All sounds recorded).

*An event where the marbles were found when Gail and Lea had come home from work scattered all around the living room floor.

*Stacking phenomena on the first step of the stairs. Items found stacked regularly according to Gail. Including a dog chain/lead. Which would be placed in the kitchen on a hook, only to be found spiralled on the bottom step of the stairs a number of times?

*Cold ‘columns’ moving in the house.

*Strong presence in the bedroom at night.

*Dog at 3am, 24th July ‘went crazy’ during a night vigil ‘Went down on all fours ready to pounce, started barking at the corner of the living room with hairs stood on end.’

*Claimed to have a vicar around to bless the house.

From Marks explanation, Mark and Ralph had attended the house on 2 occasions the 14th and 24th July.

With regular contact with the family, in the meantime.

Further events occurring on the 25th July When the Bedroom TV turned on – full blast middle of the night around 2am and being held down on the bed.

On the 26th July – Managed to record a Skype conversation with Mark to cover all the points.

Something appears on the surface to be occurring worthy of investigation.

Was invited to meet Gail and Lea. I invited also Sion-Marc and Mark of sceptical investigation group PIEM to attend. Took the best tools of the trade, notepaper and pencil. Listening to the testimonies of Gail, Lea and those who are partook in investigations at the property.

Surprised to find Gail to be a psychiatric nurse by profession. As words took form, another aspect comes to the fray seems bouts of depression, anxiety and prolonged use of anti-depressants was in use by both Gail and Lea. How to understand a person’s state of mind, when medication and mental states are not settled, is not one to take lightly. An investigator hunting for ghosts ‘off the street’ should not be the people investigating individuals with a history of mental health. It is a danger either leading to further damage of their mental situation or potentially putting you at risk. Perception and emotions are not in a balanced state as they being chemically altered.

In the bedroom, where Gail slept. A very apparent ‘trick to the mind’ was commandingly present. Entire wall of floor to ceiling full length mirrors. Coupled with two further mirrors, one dubiously reflecting the doorway and landing area.

Gail made statements that she always sleeps with the lights on. Repeatedly she commented that she often saw someone and felt an ‘evil presence’ in the corner. Pointing to the corner closest to the mirrored wall wardrobe and a large grey/silver light tower up-lighter. From my notes - Room is stuffy; windows haven’t been opened in quite some time. Clothes piled loosely on floor between bed and wardrobe. Beige, reds and blacks dominate the colours. Very oppressive atmosphere. Large spiral halogen light bulb is in the fitting above the bed.

I did take notes of the ‘pressure on/in the head’ like a pressured headache which was continuing to build. Which lead to an even more interesting discovery, the electromagnetic fields so after in the house were literally off the scale!

In 3 particular places I noted extreme headache onset. Firstly Sion-Marc, Mark and I stood on the top of the stairs waiting to go into the bedroom, as Gail was showing us around. The light fitting power cable was quite low, so low we kept bumping into the lightshade. Being stood just near this was enough to make one nauseous. Which was mentioned by the others?

(The second was in the Gail’s bedroom a little later on.

The third being stood near the television at the bottom of the stairs talking up to one of the guys.

Though I only wrote the latter two down in my notes and not shared this with the group. For purpose of cross referencing at a later time.)

Sion-Marc went to the tool box, pulled out an EM meter [measuring in milligauss by needle] for the reasons of elimination. Normally used for checking cabling, wiring and measuring the flux of magnetic fields. Sion-Marc went upstairs to check the field emitting from light, reaching the top of the stair case the needle was off the scale. I must admit, I’m no electrician and haven’t got my head around what these measurements record. The needle was peaking all the way to the right, off the scale, and thus impossible to gather an accurate reading.

We decided to use the EM Meter in a different capacity - as a measure guide to detect how far away from each of the items the needle was peaking off the scale. Then marking to scale on a map the range of the field in ratio to the room.

As you can see from the illustrations below. The ‘off the scale’ fields surrounding the upstairs light, especially the television (a widescreen silver 40” Panasonic CRT) and more importantly in the bedroom.

I was sat Gail’s bed, looking around the room. When I noticed the sheer amount of electrical devices around Gail’s head, there was 2 wall mounted lamps each with an energy saving spiral bulb (right side of bed equal to 100w bulb / left side equal to 60w). The one of the ceiling did not have a lampshade also an energy saving CFL bulb. In the corner near the mirror was the vertical stand with a CFL bulb, (equal to 100w). Gail also mentioned she sleeps with mobile phone under her pillow.

During this time, Mark had been chatting with Gail, small talk and probing. Found Gail had a love of horror films. Particularly of a paranormal nature. Would always watch the ghost shows. Most Haunted, Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State and the ilk. Regularly has readings and fortune told with alleged psychics.

It was noticed also Gail has become more irrational and a little upset that she would have to call in an exorcist and a statement of “Will ‘Bill’ follow me.” Showing she has already begun dangerously to personify her apparent haunting. “I just feel his name is Bill”. “He doesn’t want me here.” and “Shouldn’t we do a séance, to see who comes through.”

In conclusion

Conclusions the team and those involved had a lengthy meeting. Establishing facts such the EM radiation/Electricity leakage? Her close proximity to the sources especially at night. The mirrored wall created visual disco-ordination and misconceptions.

Her passion of haunting and ghost shows gave her a ‘vision’ of what an investigation would be like. Running around in the dark, with night vision goggles and calling out whilst conducting a séance.

[On the night, we applied some practical steps – we turned around the mirrored wall panels. Took down the mirror facing the doorway. Suggested keeping the phone away from her head explaining how radio waves and radiation could be affecting her perception. We came at this structured advice from her professional nurse capacity. Removed the vertical lamp in the corner.

From the feedback the following day and one after was and I quote “Best night’s sleep I’ve ever had.”]

In reference to the other reported phenomena

The dog chain spiral/stack, we recreated as just letting go off the lead. Through gravity it naturally formed a piled spiral. Potentially it was placed there and no one recalled doing so after walking the dog. When pressed for what other stacked items had occurred. There was no clear answer.

We could not account for the marbles and their apparent throwing, hitting off the stairs/radiator which has an audible recording. Along with an audio recording of running up the stairs – most likely is that it was either Lea or Gail. It has time stamped metadata as being the evening of the day before Mark and Ralph attended. Nor could we account for the alleged appearance of marbles scattered across the living room floor when they returned home from work.

Other than possibly of the blue marbles near the radiator/ television area and the dog playing with them.

There was dispute between 2 reports of when the dog was barking at 3am, Gail had said it was barking in the direction of the bottom / right corner (re: layout map) of the living room. Lea had said in a separate conversation the door was barking at the door at 3am “It was if someone had come by.” The dog reportedly barks when someone approaches and they have a very short front drive way. The said corner is closest to the window. Likelihood of the dog reacting to a passer-by.

The cold column could not be accounted for and did not occur whilst we were present Both Gail and Lea smoke in the house, they have living room top window open and kitchen window open.

I asked Gail where does this cold column occur, her response “Well everywhere.”

Coupled with the mental health aspect, it was clear. A lot of impressions and misconceptions had led to fallible belief of a haunting, driven by her love of the paranormal and horror.

Once we had returned to present the information in a relaxed atmosphere a few days later. Gail also agreed on aspects such as the dog lead stack/spiral, her wall mirrors, and the dog barking during the middle of the night.

We encouraged Gail to check the side effects of her medication – Fluoxetine /Prozac which noted side effects being changes in vision, seizures, trouble sleeping, breathing problems and confusion. Listed as being common. There is a lot of cross-over with the apparent experiences she has been having at home in comparison with those side-effects. With an agreed direction plan to revisit her GP.

Following up.

Gail was happy and understanding with our conclusions. Mark and Ralph kept in regular contact with Gail and Lea.

A few months later. Gail and Lea vacated the property to move to another house, there was no reported continuation of events, after our visit.

Kristian Lander

Kristian Lander

Independent researcher and writer of the curious. Member of ASSAP. (Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena) A.A.S. R.A. (Archaeology, Astronautics and SETI Research Association.) Host of the ‘Rabbit Hole That Is Reality’ radio podcast. Has published approx 140 articles and features on various topics surrounding the unexplained. Maintained the Paranormal Network from 2007-2012. Looking to learn more about life’s mysteries! Filmmaker & observer of the daily tussle.