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Who put Bella in the Wych Elm? the untold secrets - Official Trailer 2017

When human remains were found hidden in a hollow tree during WW2, one of the UK’s greatest murder mysteries was born.

This documentary explores Nazi Espionage, Witchcraft and the Supernatural in an attempt to finally piece together this sinister jigsaw puzzle once and for all.

With previously classified MI5 information now available and people breaking their 75 year silence maybe the mystery of “Who put Bella in the Wych-Elm?” can finally be put to rest?


You can book tickets to see this Documentary by Jayne Harris at:

STOURBRIDGE TOWN HALL Friday 4 August - 8pm

Jayne Harris

Jayne Harris

Recently described in VICE’s Broadly Magazine as “Britains Foremost Female Paranormal Investigator”, Jayne is Co-Founder of HD Paranormal and Chairwoman of the Midlands Society for Paranormal Research (MSPR).

Jaynes fascination with the unexplained and specifically spirit attachment began in 1998 and she has spent the last 18 years studying, investigating and experiencing the phenomena first hand. As a qualified Psychologist and member of the Parapsychological Association, Jayne loves continuously learning having also studied Demonology, Theology and Medieval History.

Jaynes writes for a number of paranormal publications including Haunted Magazine and The Spectral Times. Her debut book “What Dwells Within - A study of Spirit Attachment” was released in October 2015 and received the Readers Favourite 5 star award. Jayne is a regular on TV and Radio worldwide.

HD Paranormal are the caretakers of Peggy The Doll, currently recognised as The UK’s most haunted doll and one of the top 10 most haunted objects in the world