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A Strange Little Place

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A Strange Little Place

The hauntings and unexplained events of one small town by Brandon Storr

Embark on a fascinating journey into Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada, a world-renowned ski destination with a well kept secret (until now that is!). It has a long and very active paranormal history that’s just as breathtaking as its mountain views. Filled with eerie stories of hauntings, UFOs, Sasquatch, missing time and much more, this book takes you into a small town with big thrills on every corner. You will read about first-hand ghost stories from the author and those he has interviewed, backed up with historical information and realistic detail.

Chronicling over 70 years of strange occurrences in his hometown, author Brennan Storr provides thrilling, first-hand accounts of unexplainable phenomena. Explore the storied past and ghost house of the Holten House, the supernatural sounds and lights at the Arrow Lakes and the Mount Begbie Iceman! Revelstoke is a place where the worlds of the living, dead and extraordinary overlap and with this book you will experience things you never thought possible.

Author Brennan Storr grew up in a haunted house in Revelstoke which fuelled his interest in the paranormal and he has written articles for several publications including Diversity Reporter, What’s Up Victoria and the Revelstoke Current.