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Chupacabra Road Trip

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Chupacabra Road Trip

Those familiar with cryptozoology will enjoy this book as will readers of travel journals although I would not recommend searching for the “notorious goat sucker” alone after reading this.

This book takes you to the rainforests of Puerto Rico and the backcountry of Mexico & Texas in search of a creature three feet tall with spikes along its back and a mouth full of razor sharp fangs - not your average travel expedition but it does appear that some of Nick Redfern’s trips were “all inclusive” with a free bar!

Nick is readily likeable as the hunter and his down to earth approach is equally readable and, dare I say it, page turning. He is an adept of “hands on and research for yourself” in terms of determining facts and not an armchair “internet pundit”. In fact he says of the Internet ” It is a great resource tool .... but it cannot provoke or provide the unique sense of wonder from sitting opposite someone who tells you of their face-to-face contact with something terrifying and inhuman”. So there you have it - Nick goes out and does all the dangerous “hunting” for you so that you can “buy the book” and read all about it whilst sipping your favourite drink in the safety of your own home - unless of course you live in certain parts of Texas, Puerto Rico or Mexico.

As with all subjects cryptozoological there are conspiracy theories and this book is no exception - the Loch Ness Monster even gets a brief mention - however where this book differs is that it offers a chatty approach to a difficult subject and a serious debate as to the conclusions of Nick’s personal research.

As the “puff” on the back cover says - “Nick will make you wonder just what’s put there lurking in the night”

TITLE: Chupacabra Road Trip AUTHOR Nick Redfern

247 pages ISBN : 978 - 0 - 7387 - 4448 – 3 PUBLISHER: Llewellyn Publications, Woodbury, Minnesota