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Interview with Renee Kendall

“I’m able to smell cancer”

“David Bowie helped me get out of a bad situation. He’s my special Spirit Friend and helps me with readings”

“I’ve chatted with John Lennon from time to time”.

“I’m in touch with many dead criminals including Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy and Ted Bundy”.

“All I have to do is say a persons name and I feel their vibrations and energy.”

Renee, could you tell us a bit about yourself, and when you first realised you had psychic abilities?

I didn’t realize I had this gift until January 2016. When David Bowie passed away I connected with him using a Ouija board. He told me I had the potential to be a psychic and at first I was very sceptical about the idea. And then I looked back at my life from when I was a kid to a teenager to an adult and came to realise that things that had happened to me in the past now made perfect sense.

When I was six years old I made a connection with a wild rabbit in Massachusetts at our family camp. This wild rabbit would come running up to me for four years and I was able to pet it and to connect with it. When I was a teenager I had my first premonition at the age of 14 and it came true a week later. I’m also able to detect life and death. When I was 16 years old my grandfather passed away of a heart attack in front of me and the week prior to his death I didn’t want to leave his side. I didn’t understand at the time what was happening but I didn’t want him to be alone. It changed my life forever. In 2013 I started to investigate spirits, celebrity death photos, scary ghost videos, going on ghost hunts and even watching death videos. I look back on my life and it makes perfect sense for me to become a clairvoyant and to work hard with my abilities.

How did your friends and family react to your gift?

My family and friends didn’t take it too well and it really started to bother me. Even to this day they’re not great with it. It was almost the equivalent of coming out of the closet. It was like waking up one morning and having that epiphany that this is what I do want to do. My family and friends have sort of came to terms with it but acceptance is really hard in their eyes. Spirit says later on down the road everything will change for the better.

Do you ever wish you didn’t have your gift?

The thought of me not having my gift scares the crap out of me. If I woke up and didn’t have it I would feel lost and confused and very scared. There are times I wish other people would be able to see spirits so they wouldn’t think I’m going crazy. Especially my family, they find the idea of me being connected to David Bowie a weird concept but David Bowie helped me get out of a bad situation. We connected when we both were at our lowest point. We bonded and became friends and who wouldn’t like the fact that David Bowie is connected to you! He helped me get away from drug addiction and to wake up and realize I had a true potential and gift. And now we work together when I do my readings. Spirit likes to match people with a spirit friend so you can learn and practice your gift with someone that you trust. Mine just happened to be David Bowie. I most likely wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for him.

You claim to be able to communicate with dead animals, can you explain to us how this works?

Absolutely! It’s the same concept as connecting with a human spirit. You’re connecting with an energy that has crossed over but still had a life and still has information and still has a story to tell. Connecting with an animal is a beautiful thing. Having my client ask me about their past pets all I need is the name of the pet, the breed and the sex to make a full connection with the animal. The right eye I always try to focus on with animals and people because that tells me the true connection to be made. When I do my readings online I always look at the photo of the person that I’m reading. It helps me make a strong connection with them. Animals have the same voice and opinions that a person does. They have a sense of humour and they have. I have a cat who is my emotional support animal. And I’ve had her since she was a little baby and she’s five years old now. We understand each other and it’s such a beautiful thing. Helping my clients to reconnect with their past love ones and animals helps them be able to live life a little bit easier.

You also advertise that you can perform energy healing remotely, can you tell a bit about how you do this and how people have been helped?

With energy healing I use the chakra method to be able to channel what is going on with that clients life. The chakras use the basic colours of the rainbow it starts from the top of the head and you can go all the way down to the feet. There’s the basic colours of the rainbow and then there’s the shades of the colours of the rainbow. Every colour represents a function. I visualise that all the colours wind up in the centre of someone’s body and then if there’s a specific situation one of the colours pops out of line. For example, red is negative, orange is health, purple is full potential etc. and it gives me an idea as to what’s going on in the persons life all the way down to if they’re having sleep issues. If there’s any problems I can give people ideas and tips on how to help better themselves especially if it’s health related. I’m also able to use my sense of smell to smell disease I’m able to smell cancer and diabetes quite easily.

One area I am personally very interested in is your ability to help solve crimes, which I recently read about on your page. Do you work with any law enforcement agencies and can you tell us a crime you helped to solve?

I don’t work directly with them no, but I have tested the theory with it and am convinced I can do it. Back in May 2017 I was living in a motel room because I went through a divorce last year and I was waiting for my apartment to come about. Across the street from the motel that I was staying at was a casino which was the site of a robbery. I went into the place the next morning and I felt the vibration of the casino the walls were like they were shaking, The environment was different and I was able to grab a pen and a paper and give some vital information to the police. The spirits that were connected to the casino were Indian. They gave me descriptions of the people who acted out the robbery, where they were headed and as much information as possible with tattoos and all in between. When I got in touch with police I first had to make them believe I wasn’t crazy. The cop I met with had tears in his eyes because he had a bad situation at home which I was able to help him out with. I’m also in connection with Lizzie Borden and I did pick up on a lot more information than what other people has been able to pick up. I am also in connection with dead criminals that have made headlines such as Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy and Ted Bundy. I even recently connected with the Vegas shooting criminal. I treat them with respect and they treat me with respect.

I think possibly one of the areas people will struggle to accept is your supposed ability to communicate at will with any celebrity of a persons choosing. Quite a claim!

Do you find people ask for certain celebrities more often than others?

There are 4 celebrities really that people ask to connect with. They are David Bowie, Paul Walker, Freddie Mercury and Jim Henson. These four people I call my “go to spirits”. . I even have a tattoo with their names on my arm of my go to spirits names. When I opened up my psychic ability and my family took it very hard to understand the concept of my abilities. These for spirits connected with me and became part of my family. Even my family members that have crossed over are now considered my spiritual guidance family. I’ve been in touch with ‘Good Morning America’, ‘The Today Show’ and TV’s ‘Dr.Phil’ as I really want to tell my story. Spirit says hopefully within the next couple of months I will be able to make more public appearances.

How do you make connections with those in the spirit world so easily? Do you have a particular method?

Once you connect with spirit for the first time, which I did by Ouija board, its quite easy when you’re gifted. I now use automatic writing. It was quite scary the first time I knew I could see and hear spirits whenever I wanted to because very quickly I couldn’t turn it off. Think of it as a constant CB radio hearing spirits chat!. All I have to do is say the persons name and I feel their vibrations and energy. Sometimes I cannot make a connection only because the spirit is busy or if they decide it’s not the right time to do so.

So are there some spirits you cannot connect with?

Because of my ability, my talent and my understanding that spirits are kind hearted, very rarely can I not make a connection with someone. The only time when I cannot make a connection is if the spirit chooses not to communicate with their loved ones.

Finally, I’d like you to connect with the spirit of John Lennon and pass on any information you can for our readers!

I’ve chatted with John Lennon from time to time and he always loves being able to connect with people to talk about what is happening in today’s world.

I connected with him a few months back with one of my clients and she had a question about music today. She asked him “how do you and George (Harrison) feel about today’s music?”. John and George’s answers were as follows:

“Nowadays it’s not about the music it’s about a box that has buttons that create music, it’s not about the instruments or even the voice it’s about auto tune and a box. They’re forgetting the original concept about music that there needs to be musical instruments; drums, guitar and an actual voice”.

They do make their rounds from time to time especially during the time of their passing, they feel the love and joy and remembrance of the times when they were alive. They like that they can communicate with their fans through me. So if there any Beatle fans out there or anyone that would like to communicate with a past celebrity connect with me and it’s $10 for 10 questions for celebrity chat!

Well I’m sure our readers will have lot of opinions on your abilities Renee, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions - I wish you well!

Jayne Harris

Jayne Harris

Recently described in VICE’s Broadly Magazine as “Britains Foremost Female Paranormal Investigator”, Jayne is Co-Founder of HD Paranormal and Chairwoman of the Midlands Society for Paranormal Research (MSPR).

Jaynes fascination with the unexplained and specifically spirit attachment began in 1998 and she has spent the last 18 years studying, investigating and experiencing the phenomena first hand. As a qualified Psychologist and member of the Parapsychological Association, Jayne loves continuously learning having also studied Demonology, Theology and Medieval History.

Jaynes writes for a number of paranormal publications including Haunted Magazine and The Spectral Times. Her debut book “What Dwells Within - A study of Spirit Attachment” was released in October 2015 and received the Readers Favourite 5 star award. Jayne is a regular on TV and Radio worldwide.

HD Paranormal are the caretakers of Peggy The Doll, currently recognised as The UK’s most haunted doll and one of the top 10 most haunted objects in the world