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Reincarnate Responsibly

There are many different views on life after death. What would be the effect from a belief of living one life versus being reborn into many lives? As a society we are guided by our religions to accept that we have one life to live. Subconsciously this is a destructive viewpoint as it has given rise to many morality issues. A knowledge of returning to live again forces us to face many of our actions and thought processes with integrity and responsibility, and removes the ability of others to control our actions through a fear of death.

We as a society do not invest in our children or our future generations due to a madness that causes us to develop programs and institutions that control, restrict, and rob our fellow man and our future peoples of the abundance and growth that our beautiful planet has to offer. We pollute our planet and destroy our resources in a mad grab for wealth and power because the results of such will not be our problems as we have only one life to worry about. Many of us just have to say I am sorry to God at the last minute and we will be whisked away to paradise without a care in the world.

This is a very beneficial viewpoint for anyone who seeks to control the masses with fear. You only have one life to live so you better take what you can, keep your mouth shut or you will lose the one turn you get. If we as a society removed this fear of death then we would not be afraid to do what is right, because you will not be able to stop us even if you kill us. There is a responsibility to this knowledge and bound by the laws of Karma we would be born into the very systems of control we seek to create. Born again into the very poverty and human injustice we helped to build, even if we just remained silent about what we knew to be wrong. Inaction is action.

We are the only species that destroys itself, that works against our own evolution. As all of our personal action is created through our belief structures and thinking processes, it seems to be evident that as a collective we have a flaw in ours that creates sickness of mind and allows for corruption to flourish. We need to address what is possible and what we can create together. The knowledge that we will be investing in not just others but our own future lives is something that can reach even the most selfish of individuals.

What kind of world do you want to be born into? Personally I believe in the good in people and the ability of mankind to move away from war and poverty. I believe that we as a society can flourish and grow together as nature intended. Evolution is about what is best for the species not the individual, although the individual benefits the same. Responsibility and integrity are two missing ingredients in our collective lives that are necessary for the survival of the species. This world is full of so many intelligent and compassionate people. We can create a new world if we just challenge our beliefs.

David Lawson

David Lawson

David’s writings cover varying subject matters broaching a wide range of topics on the unknown from spiritual to ghost hunting to the occult. He is one of the lead empaths and researchers with the global organization, The Hunt with Holzer. Through reflection he is able to share his perceptions to help others look at their own. His writings and teachings come purely from the desire to give back to the community and to inspire others to do the same. For further details about this writer, please visit: