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We are all one. Such a small sentence but an enormous statement. I have been pondering this lately, and I know the answers that my mind automatically puts up for my approval… but I am not satisfied anymore with them. Somewhere in our ideal beliefs we all can agree that these bodies are vehicles and we are here to experience love and fear, to learn to choose consciously and responsibly.

In this arena I would be safe to assume that some here believe in some form of reincarnation. That this is not our only life, the inborn knowledge that our souls cannot learn what they need to in one turn at bat. This is not born out of a fear of death but a knowing that inside you are so much more. So the concept of having lived another life in another body is not that far of a stretch, as we see it as an evolution of our own soul.

If we can then free ourselves from linear time perspective then we can see another view… that you are but one branch of the tree of your soul. Your soul nourishes you and you grow towards the light… thereby expanding in every direction the whole of your soul. You are not a procession of lives but all living at once, helping each other. You are just a part, a branch, just like all the other branches, or incarnations, each branch unique but adding to the growth of the whole, while being supported and nourished by branches and roots that you are not even aware of, as your whole purpose is focused on your journey to the light.

Now let me offer a new perspective. WHAT IF the people you encounter daily, in fact every one of us going through the same transformations here and now are actually incarnations of the same soul? That every person you came across is actually another you learning lessons. That every deed that is done, good or evil, is actually done to another aspect of yourself? How would you treat an incarnation of yourself if you were to come face to face with them?

Decide for yourself if this is Truth, regardless of your choice, this perspective has power to it. I liked to think I have my own soul, and my own group of “other lives” but the truth is that this is just a fear of losing my individuality. My mind instinctively resisted this idea, so I delved into it. I could never lose my individuality as it is necessary for free will, which would mean that it flows from the soul not the body. The fear is an illusion.

David Lawson

David Lawson

David’s writings cover varying subject matters broaching a wide range of topics on the unknown from spiritual to ghost hunting to the occult. He is one of the lead empaths and researchers with the global organization, The Hunt with Holzer. Through reflection he is able to share his perceptions to help others look at their own. His writings and teachings come purely from the desire to give back to the community and to inspire others to do the same. For further details about this writer, please visit: