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Signs and Protection of the Mental Slavery known as Psychic Attack

In this time of spiritual awakening we are learning how important energy is to each of us. Along with the protection of our energy and respect for others as well. We are now able to see past the illusions that have been taught to us. We know that we are all connected with everything around us. We can reach people over any distance. For good or ill will unless they are protected, screened, and shielded. This is known to many as psychic attack, it is an attack upon your aura. Without conscious permission by another person, place, thing, or by an entity such as spirit, ghost, or demon. Leaves you feeling open, exposed, and vulnerable and sometimes a sense of danger and with anxiety or panic attack.

Danger signs of a Psychic Attack

- Tiredness, Fatigue

- Headache

- Drained Feeling

- Nightmares

- Icy Cold Feeling Physically

- Anxiety and Panic Attack

- Depression

- Suicidal

- Shaking and Trembling

- Loss of Confidence

- Victim Mentality

- Health Problems

- Astral Repercussion( bruises on body after sleeping)

Psychic attacks can come on at any time, and be a source of psychic stimuli. We may be ignoring a part of our personal life’s that may need to be healed, so we continue to cycle through the same lessons until we learn from the lesson. Also, may be ignoring an important message from your intuition, and with being a spiritual vessel our intuition is the greatest gift we have. We may be in danger and need to learn to listen and feel the signs going on around us. In many cases, these things can have negative effects on our physical and mental health, and is important to see someone very quickly for energy clearing and healing. Also one of the most important things to do is to simply love yourself which in turn will quickly raise your energy vibration.

Protection against Psychic Attack

- Some protection stones are useful Fire Agate, Jade, Red Jasper, and Aventurine (wards off negativity).

- Meditation is an important tool in as well many like to use the White Light.

- Prayer

- Any talisman of personal choice.

- Burning White Sage

- Salt in each corner of your rooms and round the exterior of your home.

Most importantly as an open sensitive just beware of your own personal feelings and body. If something or situation doesn’t feel right to you then it simply isn’t. Pay attention to your intuition and know that there is always a reason for it. Surround yourself with like minds that help you to be inspired and in turn keep your vibration at the highest level possible. Allow the love to ripple throughout your life and heal you from the inside out.

Airanna Blake

Airanna Blake

Airanna Blake has owned several businesses over the years. Recently, she began pursuing her passions in the field of spirituality, mediumship and writing. She would receive angel messages and Christ centered conscientious workings from said messages. She began writing for and helping a holistic magazine called OM Times where she nurtured her abilities helping many in the healing process. Today, she is a researcher in the paranormal field and the events manager for the global organization, Hunt with Holzer, dedicated to the research of the modern pioneering forefather, Professor Dr. Hans Holzer. A non-profit Musuem has been launched in his efforts to preserve paranormal history.